Debating picking up Sadira

My main is Jago. I’ve done a bit of Thunder, Kim Wu, and Fulgore, but mostly stick to the monk. Since I’ve started playing again:

  1. I’ve been called trash for doing the same combos even though I won against the player
  2. That I don’t play clean(ly)
  3. That I try too hard… which was like… what?

So, I’ve decided to become everything they hate: Sadira.

My main worries are some of her unsafe approaches and getting my mind and muscle memory out of Jago-mode. So I look to the forum for a bit of advice before I dive in. Juggles and shadow cash-outs reign? Favorite approaches? Bad habits to stay away from? Is the frame data in training up to date?



I’d also suggest checking out some stuff on Youtube from UA|Kalypso’s Sadira as well. Guy can do some crazy things with her.

I’d discuss strategy myself, but I’m a lower level player. I enjoy juggling with her, and obviously you want to get the opponent up in the air as much as possible. Salticidae and Widows Drop are great while the opponent is in air. A lot of her launching, juggling, relaunching combos involve those two moves, along with her combo trait, of course.

Shadow recluse is one of the bigger weapons, as it does a good deal of damage and cashes out. I don’t personally use her damage ender a ton, but that’s just me. I think that there are more useful ways to end a combo.

Again, this is from a lower level player. @SoSRaGnArOk is MUCH more informed when it comes to Sadira (as was suggested above).

Hooray more Sadira players!

@STORM179 can also give you good insight about Sadira

Keeping losing and learn to win and overcome any obstacle. Never EVER lose replay footage!

You’ll be just fine.

It’s always nice to see a new Sadira.

Just a few things, although it is tempting to start trying to master her areal game plan, I do advise starting out with mastering her ground game… I know I know, playing a grounded Sadira… that’s crazy, but learning how to defend and attack on the ground greatly help your game.

Many Sadiras I fight are completely terrible with grounded footsies and or defense of which is sometimes needed especially when facing characters that can AA her with a blink of an eye.

The next thing I’d focus on, is using Widow’s Bite (especially LWB) to make Sadira’s areal approach safe. Double Jump + LWB can help you interrupt some dps, and allow Sadira to start her shenanigans.

Also get familiar with double jump as it is a great mix up tool.

Just get familiar with her mobility and use it for your advantage.

Is Sadira even available? She strikes me as the kind of woman that doesn’t hold much interest in relationships…unless she has something to gain.

Sadira is the type that would sleep with anyone and anything.

I need some rotten tomatoes and heads of lettuce to throw.

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…for shame…

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :sunglasses:

Hey… it’s the way she is… she’s messed around with half the KI cast, Orchid twice if I remember correctly. It’s her fault that Jago became a whiny ■■■■■.

She even made Sabrewulf a “good dog”. So evil…

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Lol proof?

Our last match… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it was a great game!!!

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It was bro… But I kinda want that run back :sunglasses::facepunch:

While this isn’t the ggs thread, I have to say GGS for our epic yet interrupted set. Oddly enough after the last bought of lag, I lost the ability to block low. I guess I was a few frames behind… I dunno. A lot of wonky craziness has been going on since the last patch.

Hopefully IG will fix this stuff. :smiley:

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Just when the fights were getting good to lol ggs brother. We will definitely continue this again! Those crossups were serious lol

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First things first. Ignore salty idiots making excuses for their losses.

2nd if you want to learn Sadira learn to use her ground tools as well as her air game. Getting good at that will make it even easier to open them up with your air game.

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Completely agree. As a Sadira main, learning to master her ground game is imperative to staying alive.