Debating picking up Sadira

Both you and @MnTLetalis suggest learning her ground game. As a low level Sadira player, can either of you elaborate a bit on what that might entail? Certain moves or buttons or defensive options to focus on and really try to get good and comfortable with?

I mean, what would you guys say really makes up the core of her ground game and if you were a newer Sadira player, or simply a lower level player, what would you try and expand to once you feel comfortable with those more basic / integral parts of her move set?

Just curious. I’ve been maining Sadira for probably over a year now and while I can do some fun juggles and I have certain moves that I tend towards, I’d say my strategy is more reactive than active and I’d kinda like to change that up a bit, so any specific help or insight you guys could provide, either on the basics, or more intricate stuff, would be very much appreciated! As much or as little as you want to provide, as I know your time is valuable.

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Her standing hk is probably her best button it has very good reach and it’s fast. Using it to poke and frustrate people is key. There’s a long road a head for anyone trying to pick Sadira up at this point.

Far as defensive options she doesn’t have a true wake up. Most people don’t realize shadow recluse can be stuffed. But far as things like anti airs heavy recluse should be sadira’s go to anti air. I’m not a Sadira player. But since me and kaylpso pretty much have an even number of wins over each other in tournament I know how her ground game works.


Fang (F-HK) is also a great AA, but it takes time and practice to use it. It also leads to an areal combo upon launch.

As @MnTLetalis has said HK is quite possibly your best friend on Sadira’s ground game. In fact, if you are playing against Glacius, if he Cold Shoulders you, you can immediately hit him with standing HK. HK has great reach, and while it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as it used it, it still hurts.

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Thank you both! Really appreciate it. I enjoy using standing HK a lot as a sort of spacing tool / poke, but I wasn’t aware it a good tool for frustrating opponents or stuffing certain moves. Even better! I just tend to throw it out there if I’m at a certain distance and I’m looking to throw the opponent off with something that’s not my usual approaches.

Do you guys think that she needs some type of wake up game or would that make her too good? I tend to use light recluse if the opponent is on top of me just because it’s quick, but obviously it’s not particularly reliable. Maybe that’s a hole in her game for a reason?

I’m honestly terrible with using Fang as an anti air because her leg seems to come out and retract so quickly. Definitely need to work on that timing. Are there any other buttons that either of you can think of that help round out her ground game and make you feel confident staying on the ground and not jumping around? I’m still at the point where a halfway decent Gargos destroys me lol. I know it’s a relatively bad matchup for her, but most people seem to advise staying on the ground against him, but to my untrained eyes, she just feels so limited on the ground.

Sorry to keep buggin you guys, I just figured it’d be nice to have a discussion about her basics if you’re up for it. If not, no problem. :slight_smile:

Blade Demon is your best friend in a Gargos matchup, as it quickly gets you away from his portal punches. In fact Demon Blade is a great tool for closing distance as well.


Thanks! I’ll try to keep that in mind. My first reaction against a Gargos is usually to jump since I’m most comfortable in the air, even when I know that’s almost always a bad idea against him.

Could we have a FT5 or FT10? Your best advice to me while playing as Sadira is to"play more lame"…I want to see if I can do any better…(I would usually lose 2-5 in our FT5 sets Sadira v. Raam).

You have to train the Gargi player to not AA you. Generally I will jump, but instead of attacking do a delayed double back a bit. His attack misses, and I can use a WB to strike him. I try to stay as close as possible to Gargos, as he isn’t as safe as he used to be.

In the end though, it is still an uphill battle, but not nearly as difficult as it used to be.

I may remember you. If I told you that it’s because you were trying to beat raam at his own game. Which alot of Sadira players I fight try to do and end up killing themselves.

Update: the struggle is real.

Sadira is much harder to win with than Jago, but for me she is MUCH more fun.

I don’t know, man. Not much beats the teeth-smashing sound of an uppercut.

One tip.
If you ever lose make sure that it was a ■■■■■ to do so for the opponent to make you lose.

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Your tip doesn’t quite make since, but it sounds fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Missed this thread completely somehow.

I like Sadira st.MK actually, as well as her cr.MK. Both are faster than HK, and the latter in particular hits at deceptive ranges where people won’t be crouch blocking. Other tools of learning her ground game are just an appreciation for Sadie’s walk speed (she’s much faster than most people realize), and the ability to check certain things with blade demon. It’s very fast, goes far, low crushes, and is safe on block. It’s a good way to get right on top of someone quickly, even if you do have to hold a bit of pressure afterwards.

For anti-airs, either recluse or fang will do. Heavy recluse hits quite hard, but it isn’t fast so you’ll have to have good reactions to do it. Fang is the better midrange AA in my opinion, but you’ll want to use recluse if the jump-in is deep.

My other piece of advice is that you don’t always have to be super fancy in the air with her. My juggles are still quite basic, but I win most of my matches because I know how to open you up regardless. Empty jump->lows, empty jump->grab, and non-cross up widows drops will get you all the mileage you need against most opponents. And as always, capitalize on lockouts - Sadira doesn’t hit hard enough for you to be leaving damage on the table.

Just put up a good fight. Even if you lose as long as it’s close you are doing fine.

Instant air specials are really nice on her.