Dear IG. What would it take for us to start a community fund for Mira to have her own stage?

Title says it all. I don’t really care if Rash or RAAM don’t get stages, I couldn’t care less about RAAM, I personally hate him, Rash’s stage I can imagine would look very cool but I really do think Mira and Eyedol NEED a stage. Maybe not so much Eyedol as he can easily share Gargos’ and get away with it. But Mira just feels incomplete without her home.

EDIT: Here’s a question for everyone. Would you be fine with a possible Season 4 including only (lets just say) 4 characters, but it also comes with stages for all characters that have yet to get one, including Season 4 characters.

Personally, I feel the game has plenty of characters and by the end of Season 4 (assuming Season 4 has 8 characters) the game would get very hard to manage, not only for newcomers but also existing players as well. Everyone would have 34 characters to memorise animations and playstyles for if they’re planning to win matches. I would much prefer Iron Galaxy cut down on characters and focus more on the core game, adding things like ultimates, stages, stage ultras and polishing this beautiful game up.


Wouldn’t be fair to just give Mira a stage without including others…



I guess you could say it isn’t fair right now as only 4 characters have a stage in Season 3. I mean, if the developers our up for it, I’d happily support a community fund for ALL characters to have a stage! I just really, really, really… REALLY need a Mira stage.

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I’m kind of with you on this one, the KI characters should take priory over the guests in terms of who get stages IMO.

I don’t care if the guests don’t have stages, but I would like to see Mira get one.

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Delete rash & RAAM & Aganos too

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How many threads is it gonna take for people to get it through their skulls that it’s probably not happening through community fun…?

I don’t even know…


Aganos?! I’m sure you meant Arbiter right?

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Sorry man. Rash can stay.

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Hahaha. That’s very rude to Arbiter players and me… XD

Appreciate you thinking of us. I think that’s something to bring up to @rukizzel or @TempusChaoti


As for me here, I think all S3 characters who currently don’t have a stage should get a stage.


Rash, Mira, raam, and eyedol all need their own stages!!! Gargos is fine with the astral plane. PLEASE, I would pay a lot of money for those 4 stages !!!


I’m usually against the “I want X in Killer Instinct” threads, but I have to say I’d be on board for this. Or, at the very least, I’m excited at the prospect of being able to help fund further KI Content.

If only we knew what exactly a stage cost. Not sure why that information is always alluded to, but never mentioned with a monetary amount.

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Not all stages cost the same. I can see it being difficult to tell how much exactly they would need since that depends on how much effort they want to put into it. What do you think costs more? Thunder’s stage or Arbiter’s?

Though it’s widely accepted that stages are NOT cheap. The devs flat out said that to make ONE stage would cost about (if not more than) five times the amount of the Shago fund (and that one was 100K). Now multiply that times the remaining four (and that’s not even counting if they decide to do more stages than that).

I also wonder how many people would actually contribute to a community fund for a stage…somehow, I doubt it’d be five times more people than contributed to shago. I think they would be lucky for it to be roughly the same number of people; I know I wouldn’t be interested in contributing to a fund for something I’m indifferent to.

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Same. Don’t get me wrong it would be absolutely fine if the rest of the cast got there own stages, but at the same time I dunno about going through all that trouble just to have another area to fight on and nothing else.

I agree, Mira doesn’t feel complete without her own stage.
I would help the community fund.
Btw, Mira is on of my favorite characters, so it makes me kinda sad that she doesn’t have a ‘home’. :wink:


You should probably have lead with this in the main post.
But yeah, I agree. All they would have to do is release Halloween costume accessories or colors and the revenue they relieve from them would be more than enough for funding to create more stages.
Cough @IronGalaxy Cough

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The devs said it cost 500K to make one stage? I don’t recall hearing that 5x Shago cost point, but I could certainly be misremembering.

Man… Four stages is two million dollars? That seems awfully high to me. I’m trying to picture an online only game built by Double Helix in its first season spending four million dollars on stages alone and it just seems odd to me.

But… Then again, I have NO idea how much anything costs as it relates to video games so who in the name of Fulgore’s metallic backside am I to wonder at such things? :slight_smile:

@rukizzel or @TempusChaoti, would either one of you be willing to chime in and let us know if something like this would be possible? This keeps coming up and while I don’t mean to speak for anyone else, the general public sentiment seems to be largely in favor of it.

Personally, I’d love to see Mira get her own stage, and I’d certainly contribute to a community fund to get it, as I think contributing to tourney pots is a good cause to begin with.


I wouldn’t be too surprised. That’s probably what it costs to put, say, 10-15 developers onto a project for 4 months, support costs and all?