Dealing with pressure


This was a more recent video for me, one of my better comebacks as the bot. All it takes is the right few hits and the match is yours. I got lucky that I conditioned him for medium and light linkers that I was able to get away with 3 heavies. This is why the bot is good, this type of play works in almost every match up. Only Glacius can kinda subvert it with puddle but, if you’re on point even that can’t stop you. Nicky has proven that.


Sullen, I’m Paramisery for everything, xbox, psn,, you name it. Also thanks for the videos too!


Ah, I didn’t come across you then.


Let me know if you’d like to play some, I could use the practice.


After Cinder does shadow clap, I can’t dp after that? I swear I was mashing like crazy and went from blocking to now I’m opened up.


Yeah we can play anytime, my GT is the same as my forum name. No spaces no numbers Cap S Cap M.


If you got hit there, you likely fudged the DP input w the crazy mashing and got dash fwd button instead. No biggie, just remember to keep your cool next time.

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Shadow clap is, I believe, +5 on block. It’s a true block string into a jab, and he can press a heavy button and counter hit anything you do that isn’t truly invincible.

If you tried to DP and got counter hit, you likely messed up the execution, which can actually be pretty easy to do if you try to DP after moves with lots of block stun like this. You end up trying to DP too early, at which point your motion partially gets eaten by the block stun, and then when the game actually lets you act, the game interprets your now-messy inputs as something that isn’t DP.


You can. Shadow fission leaves Cinder crazy plus though, so the timing for it is a little wonky.

I’d recommend input shortcutting the DP so that you can just “mash harder” and make it more likely to come out in reversal situations. :arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_right: :arrow_lower_left::arrow_lower_right: + P.

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Please tell me this in quotes because of 801Strider.


Lol. It was not, but I am familiar with the reference :joy:

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I was doing the input shortcuts, but it didn’t come out for whatever reason, I had to watch the replay frame by frame but I was able to see that a crouching mp came out instead of dp (granted, it happened so fast in regular speed you couldn’t really tell what move came out. While I’m frustrated I got that move instead, at least I know why I got beat.


There is a shortcut input for dp?? What? Since when? I just hold forward and do a fireball motion. Did we finally get the double tap down right that Street Fighter has?


I don’t know if we do have that, but diagonal directions are basically two adjacent inputs at once so can fulfill input requirements. Down+forward contains a forward input and down+back contains a down input so these two inputs satisfy the requirements of the first 2 inputs in a DP motion.


We’ve had it as long as I’ve been playing, I think. Tap Down-forward twice or something like down-back, down and down-forward.


The SF shortcut for DPs works in KI (:arrow_lower_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right:) which means you can DP from a crouching position.


I thought the shortcut was down+right x2 nothing else. I’ll have to mess around with it later.


I use the one I put above, because I find it works the best for getting DP in cross-up and deep jump-in situations.


So I know I’m horrible and everything for losing with an OP character, so would someone be kind enough to explain what I should’ve done here? I acknowledge that I dropped a combo after my medium manual at the start, please critique the rest.!AkccZX6sxdtAhu12J5cgUk8oe1zv5g


Blade dash is good on wakeup if Gargos isn’t close enough to meaty you with a normal. It will hit the minions and if he doesn’t jump and blocks it, kinda slows the pace for a second. You’re safe enough to block after wards, or could DP their turn attempt. Gotta time your pokes on minions, block something, then jab. Or use specials that cover ground that way you can hit minions and avoid portal punches kinda. Once he has minions out, you gotta play patient. I’ve been working on my Gargos if you want to play against it. I only will be able to play really late or on weekends though.