Dealing with pressure


Depends on what the pressure looks like. A lot of Gargos pressure though (especially of the minion variety) isn’t DP-able. By the same token though, a goodly chunk of it isn’t shadow counterable either, so Fulgore’s disadvantages there are basically moot. Sometimes you’re just going to have to block it out - a lot of the nastier pressure options in KI shut down reversal attempts of all kinds.

Block. Once Gargos pops instinct and has advantage, you’re forced to deal with him. Well timed backdash might work too.

See the above.

EDIT: You can also DP Arbiter out of his pressure if he’s being extremely aggressive. You won’t even be punished for it so long as you do it early enough that the grenade doesn’t explode while you’re airborne.


I feel like that’s all I do now against good characters, block and hope something will work out for me. I know its really considered ridiculous to ■■■■■ about fulgore, but yeah, I can’t tell you how helpless I feel since 3.7.


Not sure exactly how negative j.MP is on block, but it’s definitely punishable.

Just block and grab him out of recovery.


grenade will most likely explode while you’re recovering, trust me on that.


the advantage on jumping mp (according to training mode) is +12 on hit, +5 on block, good luck throwing it.


Use light DP - same invincibility, stays in the air for considerably less time, and much tighter punish for your opponent even if he blocks it.


The frame data for jumping normals doesn’t take into account landing frames. He’s actually closer to -9 on block +1 on hit. You can definitely throw him if you block it.

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I wanna say most air normals in the game are very positive on hit and block, but i certainly could be wrong. It does probably matter where in the jump arc you hit your opponent.

Also, it might sound lame, but there’s nothing bad to be said for being both good and proficient at blocking. In my opinion anyway. When the game is geared to offense as high as this one is, where 50% combos are normal, blocking is a sweet tool to have.

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Most are, but Gargos’ jump+MP instant air is a special case where this isn’t true. That said, throwing after a blocked one often isn’t viable just because of spacing. A lot of times you’re just going to have to hold it if Gargos is in instinct.


I just did frame step on Gargos’s jump MP.

On hit: -2
On block: -8

In Instinct:
On hit: +2
On block: -4

So, if you block it in instinct, always press fierce (for a 9 frame fierce, he cannot avoid getting hit no matter what, even assuming point blank jab). Normally, just punish with your best 8 frame punish. If he hits you in instinct and tries to do another one, fierce will also work there (jump MP is roughly 15 frames of startup, including the pre-jump).

Basically just always press fierce until your opponent proves he will hit you with one, then try to counter hit you with crouch MP. Practice the timing in training mode to make sure you know when reversal fierce will come out.

Mashing backdash is also not a bad idea, but you won’t really be able to punish. If all you want is space, then that’s fine.


Take the hit. Cr.hp. someone kept trying that on my Raam earlier.

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As far as I know all Jump normals are + on block.


Most are, not all. Shago’s pizza cutter is negative, as is Gargos’ jump+MP.

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I thought I said most my bad.


Yeap, when using a little of Gargos I got away with the overhead (specially in Instinct) more than I expected :confused:
To stop that I just used a c.HK, or s.HP normal with my character. Either they would spam it (show them you can stop it, if it’s without Instinct it’s punisheable too) or they might mix it up with a crouching low (or MP) or try light grab.
Still annoying…But let them know you are ready to punish them after training a bit how to counter those options in the lab =)


Gargos is definitely a problem for me, I lost to 3 different gargos players yesterday. I’ve been blocking the jump mp though, so thank you guys for that

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When I get put in the grenade flip out pressure loop in the corner there’s a couple options that I have success with. Like others have said throw out a light dp. If you see them anticipating the dp and blocking dash forward and grab. Fulgore has a great range on his grab. And like others have said sometimes you just gotta hold block. I don’t do that enough myself. Remember arbiter only has 1 low attack when your trying to block the mixups. I think I’m right on that. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Cheers!


c.MK is his only viable low, and I believe it’ll only combo for significant damage with a grenade setup for the recap, or with instinct cancel to use the reversal grenade for the recap (probably only in the corner? not sure about that).

You should block high 95% of the time against arbiter, and only look out for the command grab startup, to jump out on reaction.


What’s your GT? I was playing a lot of Gargos yesterday. Trying to learn him.


So I’ve played Fulgore since season 1, I’ve felt all of the changes and overall I sympathize with you on your struggle.

Unfortunately the cold hard truth is it’s a skill issue not a deficiency with the character. And in your defense I struggle with it just as much as you do. The thing is Fulgore is a monster with pips he’s got arguably the most oppressive offense in the game. But if you’re like me you struggle to play at that pace, you like to slow things down and play defensively. This is where the skill issue comes in guys. A DP is a great tool, his is terrific but hitting the window in which to DP is in my opinion much more difficult than hitting the window in which to shadow counter which is where this skill factor plays a roll.

I was playing a high level Aria the other day and he was locking me in one of her frametraps, the truth of the matter is I don’t know her frame data which is a deficiency on my part so I was struggling to identify where the gap was in her pressure. With a DP defense you really need to know where those gaps are and be able to execute within them. Contrast that to shadow counter where you can get away with a lot more by just making a read as to when the pressure is going to come, the frame data isn’t as important.

Ultimately my friend it comes down to a deficiency with us and our skill levels. It’s also important to note that strictly patient defense does not efficiently cater well to Fulgores mechanics he’s rewarded for pressure and has great pressure tools and mixups, if that’s the style you want to play and again I sympathize with your desire to play in such a way I’d suggest using a character whose skillset is more focused around defensive/reactionary play.

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