Dealing with pressure


@Paramisery Fulgore is one of the strongest fighting game characters to exist PERIOD. He has a DP, extremely strong normals, a damn near invisible teleport and absurdly strong mixups and zoning. However if you pressure him he gets little to no meter and I feel like that is what you’re missing. A meter starved Fulgore is a weak one.If Fulgore had as much meter as everyone else then it wouldn’t be fair to fight him

If you feel like Fulgore doesn’t cut it on defense, YOU have to take it upon yourself to make YOUR defense better. Fulgore has defensive tools better than a lot of other characters in this game. YOU have to take them and use them the best you can. Don’t rely on your character for defense because that makes you a weaker player.


One of the strongest characters to exist, PERIOD? I’m sorry, I know he’s good but that’s a stretch. If he’s that strong, why does no pro player use him? Do KI players hate winning tournaments and don’t want to use one of the strongest characters ever? Remember in vanilla sf4 when nobody used sagat? Or in AE when nobody used yun? Or better yet, in year 1 injustice when nobody used superman?

I really am starting to believe he’s a scapegoat who people overexaggerate so that their characters can fly under the radar. Your statement makes it seem like any given top 8 should have 5 or more fulgores in it, yet there’s rarely one, and if its Nicky, (which it will be), he’ll probably be playing Mira instead.


There are over 25 other characters that are extremely strong to use
People may not find Fulgore fun to play while others do

The people that usually make top 8’s don’t play Fulgore


There is truth to the fact that Fulgore by design is the best character ever created, however that is on paper. People don’t play him because his skill cap is as far as I’m concerned, the highest in the game. You can do very well but never reach his full potential probably. There are characters that are less skill required and preform about as well under tournament circumstances which is why people opt for the more “reliable” character is how I like to put it. Or they can rely solely on gimmicks and whine when nerfs happen to their characters and hold vendetta’s against the character they can’t beat. Fulgore is still by far my favorite character to play. I played this set last night, against Kan and Rash which are 2 of the characters people hate to fight the most. My best comeback by far too. All it takes is 1 hit and Fulgore can take a bar from you.


Fulgore and Mira are both high-ceiling characters who dunk the rest of the cast on paper but require a serious investment in multiple strategies and their interplay to truly unlock in practice. It’s not all that surprising to see Nicky move from one of those kinds of characters to the other, especially with Mira being the newer and likely more degenerate of the two.

Fulgore is never going to get an improved meter situation, so the best we can do for you is to help you come to grips with the fact that a character with legitimate zoning, powerful vortex, good normals including plenty of strong plus buttons for pressure, a safe mid-screen wind kick that can be charged for plus frames, special-special cancels allowing things like fireball xx DP and blade dash xx DP for a pittance, and the ability to switch between zoning, vortex and pressure in a heartbeat, probably needs to be weak in the meter gain department, lest someone like Nicky who’s willing to master all of these things just dominates tournament play forevermore. For the rest of us, that might mean that we underperform with the character because we only have some competence with one facet of Fulgore’s gameplan – say his frame trap pressure, or his zoning – and find shortcomings like a lack of damage or meter to work with to be substantial obstacles. But “I don’t use tool Y to the fullest, give me better X because I use things like X a lot” comes undone when someone comes along who gets good results with the character because they can do X and Y, and so they become too strong when you make X better.

Not every character is meant to be accessible – some are going to only be good when a dedicated player invests a lot of effort over a long period of time. That kind of character obviously isn’t for everyone, but it gives those players a mountain to climb. Bluntly, you may just be incapable of unlocking Fulgore’s full potential, at least with the time/effort you currently invest. That’s okay, it took Nicky years. But accept that you’re not going to get the ample amounts of shadow countering meter you’re asking for, and either learn to DP/backdash or choose a more accessible character with a better meter situation.


Alot have started using him. I don’t use him be cause he bores the ■■■■ out of me. But here’s a thing. All the stronger fulgore players out there whether it be Nicky rico suave lemonhunter etc agree that he’s stupid as hell.


Like who? And why would they start now after 6 or so rounds of nerfs?

I really would like to see how others play the character at high level.


Cupcake. Grief. Dayton just to name a few. Cupcake was going to play him full time…but he got bored I think.


Not to change gears too much, but what do you think of Raam? I’ve mained zangief in every SF game, but never really got into him in ki, I guess now would be as good of a time as ever to branch out and try someone new and he seems similar.


Raam is close to top 10.


That’s interesting and pretty awesome, I might spend a week with him and see if that’s what I need. Thank you.

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I mean, Fulgore is one of the few characters that always has an option on wakeup thanks to the DP. A lot of characters have no option but to block on wakeup, even with meter. So the meterless reversal already puts him in a relatively good spot, even without easy access to shadow counters.

Plus, if he really wants to he can zone you out to make it so you can’t start pressure in the first place. And if you start to close the distance, he has options for dealing with you. DP through your attack, punish your attempts with a combo, teleport to the other side of the screen and make you run the gauntlet all over again…

And so what if his defense isn’t the best or if it doesn’t compare to , say, Jago’s. He has some of the best offense in the game. Plus, he has an option that makes his DP much safer or to catch punish attempts thanks to Air Beams, which is really damn good.


I have mixed feeling with Fulgore. I love how he looks and I love the things he is able to do in this game (he is ridiculous xD ). Nostalgia has to do with it because he was my original pocket character (specially in KI2). But whenever I find myself playing him for a little… I get easily bored and then back to my main.
Take for instance you asked about Raam, I just labbed him yesterday and I found him entertaining. In the end, even Fulgore being great on paper, I’ll play the characters I have more fun with.

Oh by the way. A guy made a comeback against me using all Fulgores mix ups and zoning. I recommend that to beat the Wulfs. Even you make them scared of your dps when they press buttons or zone them out while confusing them with teleports (on point). Really hard to deal with this. Gosh, I had that match TT_TT …

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In the case of characters, I try and find the things that messed me up in a match, and do my best to replicate them in Practice. From there, I try and find a solution to counter it. Maybe it might help for you too?

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That’s what I do. Actually I lost because the “should I break or not mind game” in that match at the very end. Because working against all that zoning and guessing was totally stressing, making that closed match (lost) even harder. Haven’t faced a Fulgore like that before. Despite having played Lemonhunter’s Fulgore (with his Vortex gamestyle) this one played quite different, but yeah, pretty much a lot of guessing game combined with insane zoning plus other little things.


Who was it if you don’t mind me asking?


Sent you a message.


Who was it?


Okay, so if i’m Fulgore and have less than 4 pips and i’m getting heavily pressured by Gargos, what do I do? Also, once he pops instinct and constantly jump punches me, what do i do? Heavy attacks aren’t fast enough to come out and there’s no way to get away from him.


Also, vs. a very aggresive arbiter, what do i do when there’s a grenade on me when I can’t ever count on meter to shadow blade dash? Is there something else I should be doing? Or just hope I block right through multiple mix ups?