Dealing with pressure


I get that, but once he has both minions and I have less than a bar of meter, I’m pretty much stuck. The risk/reward for even attempting a DP is so in his favor. If he blocks I’m screwed, and if it hits, a minion will probably hit me on the way down and I’m screwed. Add in the fact that he always elected to steal meter after every command grab and you’ll see that combined with his pressure I never once during the entire match had the ability to use a shadow move or counter EVER. A shadow blade dash would’ve been a Godsend, but this is the new (still way OP) Fulgore…


Like I said, have you tried a blade dash, not shadow just a regular one. At the range he was at, light blade dash would have hit the minions, and give you tick throw, or tick dp option with minions knocked down.


We can try it when we play later if you want, but I’m not super optimistic. 3.7 has pretty much sucked the fun out of the character, despite what anyone says, his instinct is awful now, and anytime I ask for advice from the opponent who just beat me they usually just laugh and say “fulgore > (their character)”

I don’t want to give up on the game, but I don’t really feel super motivated to learn a new character when the game is on its way out and I’m really, really no longer enjoying Fulgore.


That’s why I chose to have a lot of pocket characters. Fulgore has always been on the chopping block. People look at hard numbers and do nerfs based on that rather than the effectiveness of human interaction with said options. I’m available now to play if you wish.


GGs man, and for the record I agree with everything you said when we played.

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