Dead or Alive 6!


The deluxe demo is available now until the 24th, was playing a bit last night and I felt it was better than 5 in some aspects.

What I liked:

Music is so much better, absolutely blows DOA5 soundtrack out the water.

Some cool mechanical changes mostly for show.

Presentation overall is better than 5.

What I hated:

Jann Lee STILL sounds like a strangled chicken, like someone is trying to do a bad impression of a bad Bruce Lee impression. Wish they gave the option for classic voices.

No Tag Mode (at least at launch) which is a real shame as it was my favourite mode from the previous games.

Too few costumes from the start with a bunch of recolours, would have been better to select costume and then select colour. Once again the women get many more costumes and variety than the men.

Overall it’s alright I’m sort of 50/50 at this point and may end up getting it when it’s in the bargain bin.


Let me remind you that this is how DOA5 started as well. We all know how that ended up in terms of costumes.


I like Honoka so far! She’s pretty fun to play. Her and Diego have my attention so far. :smile:


Yeah, despite the ridiculous look, her fighting style was always one of the more interesting to me out of all the new characters from DoA5.


I use to not like her, but she’s more fleshed out in this game than she was in DOA5.

Rig is still the one for me. I have to get use to the new stuff though. I’ve been trying to use a Power Blow even though that doesn’t exist anymore lol


I downloaded the demo, played for a few hours and deleted it again. Though it does feel a bit better than DOA5, it’s not enough for me to buy this game.

Diego and Nico felt rather lacking and kinda awkward, not to mention Nico looks like she’s freaking 12 years old. It’s worse than with Marie Rose.

Nah, just not the game for me. I’ll wait for MK11 instead.


I skipped the demo altogether. Looking forward to some guest characters to be honest. The game and stages look really crisp but there is no character I really want to play this time around.


I’ve played the demo. It’s fine. A bit frustrating online because it slows down bad connections. But the costumes are not toned down and I’m thinking I will pass on a game featuring a 12 year old in a spandex thong body suit as if it’s okay.


For me the game is incredibly good. But there are things that needs to be fixed like these multiple fatal stuns:


For future reference, all Fatal Stuns always start as Highs. That means if you can find a way to duck them, or at least counter them somehow, you’ll avoid it.


Decided to do a video about the demo today:

Still 50/50 on it and I don’t trust TN enough to purchase at launch considering the amount of versions 5 had. I will say once you understand the break blows they can be a lot of fun


Yeah, I only got the chance to play the demo for about 20 minutes. Ran through Brad Wong’s command list in training and then played a match or two. I really like the presentation, the graphics, and the added moves and new options make the game feel fun. My initial reaction was “yep, that’s DOA.” But the more I thought about it, the more I decided to make the preorder. It’s a series that my wife and I have both enjoyed since DOA3 (and me since DOA2), so at the very least, I know I’ll have some fun 1 on 1 local matches.

The only thing that bums me out about it, and I know it’ll bum her out too, is that they decided to stick with the T&A, even after saying early on that they were going to tone it down this time around. We’ve both always liked the series in spite of that nonsense, but apparently because it’s something that’s been in the series since the beginning, it’s sacred and can’t be adjusted at all or some fans will lose their ■■■■.

Thing is, if they hadn’t said anything early on, I’d have been okay. Yeah, I don’t love the whole “women who talk and sometimes act like their 15 years old yet have bodies even Victoria’s Secret models would envy” aspect. I think it’s unnecessary at best and exceedingly creepy at worst.

But the fact that they kinda got my hopes up a little by saying they’d tone it down, only to apparently reverse that either due to developers messing with their fans or caving in to fan rage, kinda sucks. Either way it sucks.

Of course, for every game that decides from the beginning to go in a new direction, like Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat 11 that get a ton of flak from that part of the fanbase, people seem to be eerily silent on DOA6. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but no one seems annoyed that the devs seemingly caved to the screeching of angry fans who couldn’t even wait to see how the game turned out, even though they had to realize they’d get a ton of options that fit their taste via DLC, but whatever.

At this point, I’m just hoping that the game ends up being fun and that both my wife and I enjoy the gameplay as we always have, even if some aspects of the game make us both roll our eyes so far back in to our heads we can see what our brains are up to. It sucks, I wish some of my favorite games weren’t like this (same goes for Soul Calibur, the other fighter my wife and love to play against each other), but that’s the creative direction they’ve decided to go. Definitely understand you giving it a pass though. I honestly felt kinda dirty when I hit the purchase button tbh.

Oh and PS on this, I didn’t write that post as an invitation to start a T&A vs censorship argument or anything like that. I know what DOA is and I’ve always known. Just giving my two cents on my reaction to the demo. Not trying to start an argument and divert this thread by any means.


People were honestly overreacting when they first made that comment. Like, sure you can tone down some sizes but there’s only so much you can prevent if you plan on doing things like bringing back old costumes (which they did for almost everyone), and putting in costumes that the community designs as DLC.


Yeah I never expected them to tone it down an insane amount. But at least having outfits that seemed kinda normal-ish fighting attire as mains, and then having the usual stuff as alt costumes was more or less what I expected.

Only thing that makes me think they caved to fan outrage was going from that comment about toning it down to ending up with whatever that was that got the feed cut on it at EVO Japan. Regardless of the intent with their original messaging, I’d still say that’s pretty far from where they wound up.

Either way, I’m not mad and I’m certainly not going to go on twitter and whine at the devs about it. For all I know, there might be some toned down aspects that I simply didn’t see mixed in there with the usual stuff. I just wish they could’ve gone in the direction they wanted to go in without their fanbase essentially revolting against them. The whole thing seemed odd. Many of them were crying “censorship” when they were the ones trying to dictate to the devs what they should do creatively.

Oh well, that’s the internet for ya lol.


I wonder if a lot of the backtracking has to do with the risk of attempting to reach a broader audience. DOA5 was a proven success (at least as far as series survival) of sticking with a dedicated niche audience and milking them with hundreds of dollars of costume DLCs and updated re-releases. Changing the DoA brand to instead appeal to a broader crowd that isn’t into T&A dress-up and cutesy waifu characters… isn’t. Especially when the existing fanbase will stain the game with constant controversy in reaction.


You know it’s bad when a female family member of mine asked why Kasumi in the training mode was wearing “a bdsm” outfit, which I had to explain that it was a Spandex Ninja Suit, but it wasn’t helping my case. Didn’t help that I was using Honoka too :joy:


You could have just said that it’s kinda like Snake’s Sneaking Suit to hopefully salvage yourself lol


Trust me, I pulled out every excuse I could. But I was playing Honoka with her casual costume on, and her idle movement didn’t help my case lol


Maybe you should consider Subbing a Male character lol


Arg. I’m sick of my power fantasy being challenged by realism. I LIKE playing as sexy women in tight/sexy clothes and beat the ■■■■ out of people.

I’ve talked about this before when the subject was Ivy Valentine in SoulCalibur. The long and short of it is that I’m unathletic and unattractive. Playing as characters like Kasumi, Ivy, and Bayonetta give me an experience I can never have irl and allows me to release stress. It’s what games like God of War and Devil May Cry do for guys.