Dead or Alive 6!


That’s probably one of the best ideas for a stage that I’ve ever seen. Props to Team Ninja for this one.

Oh and Elliot was always a student of Gen Fu’s. In the last game, Gen Fu took Elliot to train more so it’s not surprising that he has some of his moves now. With this in mind, Gen Fu’s probably not going to make it into this one.

And Elliot always had a different moveset from him in the past. When I was watching, it looked like those moves mostly came from a stance that he didn’t have before. A new Gen Fu stance then.


That CEILING combo (by Hayabusa) is sick. Just sick… cannot remember where I saw it. Awesome stuff by TN.

Edit: here it is…
Check out @DOATEC_OFFICIAL’s Tweet:


Delayed by two weeks and now scheduled to release March 1st.

Grab your pitchforks and do nothing :wink:


What’s a few weeks? lol


Two weeks is a pretty minor delay. Even so, it’s not incredibly promising for the game at launch.


With the Japanese fiscal year ending March 31st, I would have expected a month delay rather than a meaningless two weeks. Why take two if you can have four? They would have then at least two weeks remaining for sales in the final two weeks of the financial year… Not complaining though :slight_smile:


PS4 Online rank open beta from Jan 11 to 14 boys and gals. Can be downloaded now!!
Have not heard about other platforms though.


Dag. Was actually interested to try it out.


It really looks dope but I really hope other platforms will follow shortly with either a beta or early access.


Beta is pretty good! I’ve ran into a couple of laggy matches, and it’s a delayed-type of netcode, which is ok I guess… :neutral_face:

Been playing Diego, and doing well since I actually have some DOA background. Fought some pretty good people. This game is really hype once you start getting the reads on someone with holds, and vice versa.

I also got to fight Caddicarus, which was really cool! Connection to England was pretty solid!


That literally just sucked all the excitement I had for the beta right out of me. I think I’m legit done with any FG’s that don’t use rollback :sweat:


It’s a shame the beta wasn’t available on the xbox (maybe it will be later?) for anyone that did play it how do the controls feel? Does it feel as tight as previous doa games? Responsive etc?


Normally I would 100% agree with you. But DOA has always been the best performing delayed netcode game. It just doesn’t “feel” as terrible as something like SF. Probably cold comfort, but I would at least recommend giving it a try.


Was the username ToiletDuck? Because he’s said in his videos that that’s his PSN and Xbox tag. Anyone actually named Caddicarus is fake.


Oh ok. Nah, wasn’t him then. Oh well. Then, I’m actually more scared for the netcode than anything. Which sucks too, because this game is actually really hype!

I miss Rollback netcode…

I wonder why companies don’t use it, or at least have some type of rollback with their netcode? Maybe they do use it, but it’s not as good as others…


I just wanted Rig in this beta… :frowning:


That’s good to hear. If I get the chance to try it out online I’ll certainly do so. I won’t pick the game up though until I get that chance, and can confirm that the online situation is something I’m willing to play with. I’ll know this time to compare it directly with offline…Soul Calibur 6 online felt pretty doable until I started playing at our locals and realized how much I was having to buffer things. GI’s are so much weaker online that I was legimately shocked when I saw how strong they were in person.


The beta had problems but lag was not one of them for me at least. Never think it was a major problem for this franchise, even in DoA5 the offline and online responsiveness felt about the same to me, tbh. I know that it might have been a compromise for Bamco, but they really dropped the ball with this SCVI (underestimating their online and then having to rebalance for that, while stating offline is their priority). The difference between on- and offline is night and day for that game.


DOA has been pretty solid for netcode, IMO. I only had one match where it was delayed a bit, and one match were it was just bad connection, so it was going Frame by frame. For the most part, it was pretty solid stuff. I’d say for anyone to give it a try!


It can be bad, but it’s not the worst netcode I’ve ever seen. That one would have to go to SFxT, and I heard SFV can be just as bad.