Darksiders III


Gunfire Games, under THQ Nordic. According to Wiki, its largely made up of devs from Vigil Games, the developer of the first two games.



So basically they get to pick up where they left off… Cross my fingers and hope they don’t shoe horn unnecessary crap this time.


I’ve been playing Darksiders 2… I sure have missed a gem here. It’s awesome!
I’ve only gotten to the first big boss, that big treant guardian… that was a good fight.


LoL… that fight had me sold… I knew after taking it down I was going to see DSII to the end… 4 Times… 3 of those times were in one week.


So I’ve played through Darksiders 2 now. What an amazing game, can’t believe I’ve totally missed that.
I am watching a let’s play of the first game though, so can’t compare the gameplay, but Darksider’s 2’s gameplay was really good.

I overall like Death better as a character, both aesthetic and thematically… I just REALLY like scythes and the more gothic aspect of the character, though he wasn’t as I had first thought. He was a lot more ninja-like than what I had expected, but it just really worked for him.
Also, I loved the bright colours of this game. Most games in that genre today is a lot more dull in colours, such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Nier:A, etc., but Darksiders 2 was just stunning to look at, and the artstyle works for the game.

There was a good balance between puzzles and battles, except for one area, the Earth zone, which was just an endless stream of zombies… and I hate zombies. I also don’t like shooters, and using the minigun seemed like the best way to dispose of all the zombies, so that area overall was pretty dissatisfying to me. It was also one of the blander areas of the game, but I get it, it’s supposed to give a certain feel to the area, but the Earth areas were a lot more colourful in the first game… so that was a bit disappointing.

Another disappointment was how short the Shadow’s Edge area was too. And the lack of interaction with Samael, who is probably the coolest devil-character I’ve seen in a looong time, not to mention HOT! (yes, that was a pun, I’m so sorry)
He was a lot more prominent in the first game too, so would have wanted to see him more in Darksiders 2 as well… but oh well. Also, I’d have liked for the Crowfather to work like the Watcher from the first game, someone who actually joins you and comments on your journey… however, standing around with a crow on your shoulder was pretty badass, imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with those small disappointments, I really liked Darksiders 2. I have yet to do the DLC parts though.


The only problem I had with the game was, I woulda liked to see more of lillith because well…

She is pretty hot
But also because she is a huge character, with so much backstory to her that we were denied. Even in biblical accounts there is more to her then what we saw. So much untapped potential.


I’m glad that you like Darksiders 2. :slight_smile:


New official trailer to the all-new documentary on the Darksiders series and overall to Darksiders: The Documentary


New Darksiders 3 gameplay trailer is here!


So… does IGN have… like… exclusive first coverage over all things Darksiders ?


UNLEASH THE FURY! FURY HATH NO SCORN! :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses: :+1:


Darksiders III Collector’s Edition

Darksiders III Apocalypse Edition




FEEL THE FURY! :sunglasses:


Another all-new Darksiders III gameplay video :smile:


Okay I’m gonna stop watching these videos… I know I’m definitely going to get the game so really theres no point.

That being said… warn me of any impending Lootboxes or ■■■■■■ Souls Games Shenanigans.



Darksiders III cutscene: Fury’s Flame Form/Flame Fury Form


i am really looking forward to this game. i still have the OG THQ version of part 2 installed on my PC for posterity. i think im going to fire it up and start a new file. so far siders 3 is looking really good, im pretty optimistic


Hell yeah. I already got my pre-order with the post launch dlc. The fury figurine was oh so tempting but I wanted as much story as possible and that’s in the dlc.