Darksiders III


Another new Darksiders 3 video from IGN


A Q&A session with the new development team on Darksiders 3


I would love to have an exact release date.


New gameplay of Darksiders 3


Fury looks amazing. I’ve never played the past Darksider games, but I will definitely get this one.


I really hope there will be more than one weapon out there. Whip is cool and all but I hope your not stuck wracking things with it. Claws for up close encounters would be cool.

Also combos. Lots of different combos with unique status effects afterwards like aoe(which we saw in the trailer) life steal, wide arc, long straight line, etc.


Did the other games give you other weapons? I know Death could switch his scythe into two smaller sickles for dual-wielding, but that’s about it.


I only played 1. I recall War having a variety of weapons but I couldn’t name them.


Oh death has MULTIPLE weapons from the scythe which could change shape and properties , claws Gauntlets, tonfas and bucklers, hammers, axes polearms and maces.


Maybe I should get that pack with the two first games and give them a try…


I enjoyed the first one. I don’t have a ton of time to devote to single player lengthy adventure games so I didn’t quite get around to the second one. But the first one, while it has some flaws, I thought was really entertaining. It’s like Zelda crossed with DMC from a gameplay standpoint.


Yes both games had different weapons.
Darksiders 1 offered 5 weapons used for both area access and combat. Weapons can be hot keyed into 4 slots.
Darksiders 2 offered the same thing weapons (skills) for progression and combat, but you could only hold two weapons at an given time. So choose your combo to fit your need and style.


He had the
cross blades
Chaos eater sword
The harvester scythe
The tremor gauntlets
The abyssal chain
The gun Mercy


I mean, playing Death and having the scythe, I would probably not want to switch. XD


The scythes are awesome. U always just looked for a set of possessed scythes and fed all my lower echelon stuff to it. After a while it would get super OP. But the secondary weapons I would go with the glave, claws, or buckler to get in close with alot of speed.


Apart from choosing your sub-weapon type in the inventory you don’t really switch weapons as Death, it’s basically X to use scythe attacks and Y to use the sub-weapon attacks. In essence you are basically deciding whether the Y button does light attacks or heavy attacks based on which sub-weapon you equip (with scythes being a medium attack that you always have). It is useful to have a sub-weapon to do combos which combine with the scythe attacks, I personally did a run where I would use the scythe to hit-confirm into hammer combos to deal with the big enemies while using the scythe itself with powers to deal with groups of smaller enemies.


Ah, fair enough.


This was literally the one and only flaw of both Darksiders games… The 1st game used the time honored tradition of adding mild RPG Elements to artificially extend the game’s length… the 2nd was the same problem on steroids.

Hopefully Darksiders III will break the pattern and give us a title that can show its face in public with no shame.

Speaking of which… who’s making DS3 anyway ? Are the OG Devs involved ?


I just saw that Darksiders 2 is free for PS+ members atm, so I’m downloading that. As for the first one, I might just watch a let’s play of it instead…


Ya go to YouTube you’ll find quote a few let’s players that loved the Darksiders games.