Darksiders III


War’s Chaos Form: Does it basically represent the destructive and devastating as well as furious and chaotic power of war ITSELF by any chance?


…or a gunblade !! I thought it would be obvious. He could be a cowboy ronin samurai with a gunblade fashioned like a katana


Sounds plausible


I agree with this for the most part. DS1’s button combinations were not a problem for me because one of the 7-8 combo strings you could do would usually be enough to kill any boss (with a sprinkling of dashing in between). I just want more weapons/combo strings, it gets so mundane doing the same moves over and over on different enemies. More fluidity, like DMC or God of War, let me find my ideal combos.
Looks wise, Death was okay, the CGI in the trailers made him look way better. War had passion, anger fueled him in his quest and that made him seem like more of a threat. To me though, Death displays a somber, more grim persona which is almost perfect for my vision of an entity that represents the end of life.
I liked the puzzles in both games, with DS1 actually being more challenging. As its being described right now from early previews, the environments and dungeons sort of form around the area and into a larger dungeon plan of sorts, which sounds very intriguing.
I just really want this franchise to do well, as much as I disliked the progression in DS2, I still had fun playing it. I do hope we get co-op soon, imagine playing as all 4 Horsemen and be able to take over any one of them at any time… sort of like a fun Mutants in Manhattan.


Now from what I understand and gathered (so far) about the Four Horsemen:
Death is the oldest AND most powerful
War is the youngest AND 2nd most powerful
War is the largest one
Fury is the smallest one
Strife is the tallest one

Am I correct on these descriptions of them?


I think so. But I never understood the rationale for ranking the horsemen as who’s the more powerful, enigmatic, whatever. If you ever encounter any of the horsemen your royally screwed or scared for life. Movies have made light of this before when the reaper greets you and says “your not on my list” your were just spared by the grim fricken reaper and are undoubtly left standing there with piss and crap filled pants. Want another example… Any episode of the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy



CAN’T wait till Darksiders 3 comes out next year (sometime) in 2018 :smile: :grin:


BTW any thoughts on some of the recent backlash as well as complaints the character Fury has been receiving lately concerning her PHYSICAL form/appearance most particularly in regards to her face and eyes and overall Fury’s facial features ever since the official Darksiders 3 reveal/teaser trailer was released and overall Darksiders 3 was announced a little while back? :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the game is in its pre-alpha stage it isn’t half bad. I love her fire hair design but other than that it’s pretty ok


There’s an ancient saying that says something like “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”. Maybe it was scratched on a pyramid or something but anyways… lol, everyone’s views on what and what isn’t ugly is different I think.
With that said, I have a very low toleration for ugliness so if she’s ugly I’ll close my eyes when I play the game. My gameplay may actually improve. Who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean because she’s a girl?


Oh no, not that. I was talking about Fury’s physical appearance/form most particularly her facial features including her eyes.


I actually love the eyes personally. War and death was a solid color in gameplay it made them look something other then human. Fury has foggy eyes with some flint of humanity left. You can still see the iris and the pupil which I think adds to her not vice versa



Concerning Fury’s physical form/appearance and overall character design:
Original design:

Updated, new redesign:

In fact, according to this sentence from the newest AND latest IGN article on Darksiders 3’s Fury: “Joe “Mad” Madureira, who also actually personally re-designed Fury for Darksiders 3. He further developed the original designs and helped the team map out her proportions”.

Truth be told AND to be honest, I thought as well as really quite expected that the new development team for Darksiders 3 were going to used Fury’s ORIGINAL character design including from the 1st Darksiders comic :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

P.S. Now should I feel ashamed for that particular part? Is it wrong for me to say as well as think that? If indeed so, then I duly apologized now for saying as well as thinking about that. Again I really, truly thought and at the same time quite expected that the new game studio were going to go with her original design including as seen/depicted in the 1st Darksiders comic :sweat: :pensive:


That original concept design was also included in the strategy guide for DS1. I don’t see any need to apologize for anything @KIFANATIC8488. It’s the hopeful wants and wishes of fans like us that any game survives the test of time. The Darksiders franchise has suffered from major upheaval, nearly dissolving into Oblivion along with her original studio. As we all know, plans change, artistic license is executed, and as long as the changes are conservative and tasteful (by this I mean Fury doesn’t run around buck naked) then I say let what needs to be done, be done. Little saying that still holds true in the military “Semper Gumby” (always flexible) is right up there with the more familiar marine motto of Semper Fidelis (always faithful).


Well, I really like Fury’s original design than that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I hate her new design. I just prefer original design than new. But it make sense to me because they don’t want to get attack by SJW. I think that’s why they changed her design.


Social justice warriors AND (mainstream) feminists too, yes. In fact, I noticed that particular matter has been called as well as accused of being a form of “feminist propaganda” by some :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S. So overall you are NOT surprised at all by this and at the same time expected/had a feeling that this was going to happen, am I correct?


Sounds about right to me. Feminism had actually becoming damaging to their own cause that the mere presence of women in games in any capacity is considered sexist.