Darksiders III


It seems that way, but pay special attention to her body language when she greets war. It’s not a greeting of spite or malice, but almost a smug “I got this”. She could have just as well winked at him. What I think she’s doing is playing the council for chumps.


I now wanna say I’ve already had a pretty good feeling that Fury was going to be the next Horseman/Horseperson to appear in the next Darksiders sequel which in this case is Darksiders 3 :wink: :slight_smile:

How about all you Darksiders fans/fans of the Darksiders series? Who do YOU personally thought/believed was going to come next after Death and overall after Darksiders 2? At the same time was going to appear next in AND for Darksiders 3? Fury or Strife?


We can drop the politically correct change here. Horseman is a title, much like when the Bible speaks of the kingdom of man it is meant in a gender blind title. A horseman would be male or female it makes no difference.

Honestly I had feared the franchise was dead. The announcement of fury being female… I was just glad the game is coming back.


I was expecting Strife will be in Darksiders 3 because he’s my favorite horsemen… Death is my favorite horseman in Bible. But I’m talking about Darksiders universe, not Bible. I am not mad at Gunfire Games for Fury is next Horseman. I can waiting for Strife in Darksiders 4. :slight_smile:


I’m wondering what DS4 would look like. I know the idea was to have a co-op with all four horsemen. In this case you would need a whole mode. Apocalypse mode where the four of you just obliterate everything… Raise havoc, total destruction, chaos, war, Carnage, total destruction.


I’d imagine co-op would be in a darksiders 5, that way we get a game for each horseman and one last one with all of them at once. At least I hope it plays out like that


Did you know DS creator promise us that we will play co-op in future Darksiders. :slight_smile:


Overall in a potential AND possible Darksiders 5:
ALL of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all in one Darksiders game (sequel) :smile: :grin:

The final boss character in AND for Darksiders 5: Lucifer aka Satan the Devil aka The Dark Prince HIMSELF :wink:


That sounds awesome


Also, darksiders 2’s soundtrack is way too underrated



Amazing! Fury’s combat look ok, I know it’s pre-alpha. But I hope they change her combat like Death’s early combat get changed. I like Death’s final combat because it’s action and fast than her. This video made me very hype right now!


Looks like they used some of the spider assets from DS1 I see they use the combat system of DS1 assessment. I can’t wait to hear what the sounds track will be like. I also hope they speed her up some, once she gets some upgrades I’m sure she’ll fight better. Here might be a good chance to give her peers similar to prototypes Alex Mercer. One more thing I gotta know… What’s that thing on hey back? It’s looks like a pair of deaths syth.


That’s what I thought too. I was expecting Fury will use that thing in video. But she still didn’t use it yet…

I think that weapon is like Crossblade.


I was hoping both Fury AND Strife would be playable. Sucks.

Wonder what her ultimate form would be like.

Since Fury is the Black Rider of Famine, will we see anything in the game and its environment that represents “famine”?

Wish she shared the same goal as Death in saving War from the council’s punishment.


As of right now we don’t know she’s not trying to save her brother. There are alot of theories goin around including my own that she’s just playing the council for chumps.

I had also thought there might have been a tag team with strife. But this way we still have a DS4 to look forward to and possibly a DS5.

I think we do have some environments like that. Just today IGN released the pre alpha game play of the game. Do a YouTube​ search and you’ll find it.


That would be dumb. I mean I don’t want same story about save War in Darksiders 3 and 4. I am curious about Strife and Fury’s missions than another save War stories.[quote=“GeneralScrebor, post:100, topic:2361”]
I had also thought there might have been a tag team with strife. But this way we still have a DS4 to look forward to and possibly a DS5.
I wonder what kind of mission for Strife if he’s playable in DS 3. Death’s goal to save War. Fury’s mission to kill Deadly Seven Sins. What about Strife? Where did he go? So many question lol

This quotes from Strife in Darksiders Wiki
War’s version of Mercy may not be the original weapon but simply a copy, because Ulthane is seen putting the finishing touches on it himself, though he may simply have been repairing the genuine weapon. This explains the plot gap that Strife’s last visit to Earth was with the other Horsemen during the Middle Ages to retrieve War after he killed many human soldiers.

Why did he killed human soldiers? Hmmmmmmm

BTW, why do Fury have Chaoseater sword?


What is the source of this picture?


Darksiders website


I wish Strife would show himself.

Even though he’s a gunslinger, he should learn melee weapons too. Like use a bladed bow.