Darksiders III


hmm nice prediction. In the trailer, fury met war who was in chains for bringing the armagedon. This likely means the trailer was at the start of DS1. And at that same time Death was riding in the snow plains to go vindicate his brother. So yeah, Fury’s story will occur at the same time (in parallel) with War 's and Death. At the ultimate end of the past darksiders, the fourhorsemen are united when War broke the seal. Without That, Death would have been dead forever in the well of souls. Interesting to see how fury’s campaign will end before she unites with the 3 others.


This may be long. Understand that in no way am I trying to make you not like the game you like. I tend to approach games from the design point of view, and DS II pushed a lot of buttons in a bad way for me.

Darksiders I was essentially Zelda, and there was nothing wrong with that. You played a bad-■■■ character right out of Heavy Metal that had a fixed, but growing combat repertoire, tailored dungeons to the weapon set you had, re-traversal for secrets, decent bosses, and a fun overworld to explore. It had way too many button combinations - I’d accidentally activate my special powers constantly, even after 20 hours in the game – but it was a really good game regardless.

Darksiders II threw all that out the window. Essentially, it went with procedural and open-ended design rather than a hand-crafted experience, and IMO, much to the detriment of the game’s experience.

The character looked like an undead from WoW, and only in brief moments did you turn into the character you should have been playing the entire time. Death was no threat visually and carried no air of power in his “reduced” form you had to deal with most of the time.

Weapon balance and progression was left completely to the player, i.e. it was balanced around numerical DPS, meaning that your big hammer vs. your fast claws at the end of the day were about equal in DPS you could put out, with more or less emphasis on dodging vs. speed. Other games that have left balance discovery to the player (Dead Space 3) also suffered here, as it ended up that either everything was just visual fluff, or there was one ideal weapon set to have and that was it once you discovered it.

Dungeons were randomly assembled by a tech called Houdini, which is like a lego-stitching system that can put chunks of geometry together. This is neat, but means none of the dungeons were hand-crafted at all, and even enemy encounters were generic based on spawn positions rather than something a designer thought about deeply. i.e. you won’t get a “fire dungeon” out of that system without a lot of work, nor will you get a dungeon themed around controlling the stone giants and exploring all the ways to use it. You would get a dungeon that had a fire look, but no set of puzzles around that theme. You would get a room at best. This lets the designers off the hook from building really compelling content because they are relying on random generation to do their work for them rather than hand-crafting the experience.

The “rule of 3” in design was completely abused. Everything was three steps and that got wearing after a while. Just because it’s a “rule” doesn’t mean that you have to enforce it completely.

I played the game to completion, but I didn’t enjoy doing so.


Its funny cuz I found ds1 very boring. I stopped playing it midway. Ds2 was much better overall (listen to guardians theme or makers chronicles theme .nuff said) but suffered because it was relesed on fall 2012 when many other anticipated games were coming.


I got a few questions now about AND in regards to Fury for Darksiders 3:

  1. According to the official Darksiders website, she is called “the most unpredictable” among the Four Horsemen. So not Strife then especially given his VERY name/namesake? :confused:

  2. Also according to the Darksiders site, she will become the MOST powerful among the Four Horsemen particularly when she hunts down AND defeats the physical embodiments/manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins. Now I thought Death is the most powerful one especially given the fact that he happens to be a Firstborn, one of the Firstborns among the (now deceased) Nephilim :confused:

  3. Will Fury be the most nimble and agile as well as quickest among the Four Horsemen? Or will those descriptions go to Strife instead? Also will she be the shortest among them in Nephilim terms, that is?


I think this is probably a marketing ploy. If we are talking the actual horsemen, they are equally terrifying, and we have probably seen all of them working in tandem. We have seen war in our time, and where there’s war, there’s death. We have seen strife, and fury is it’s fuel. Famine and pestlence (the biblical names of the last two) is a result of the other, pestlence causes death in agriculture and livestock which leads to famine. But when all four ride together you get the perfect storm of the end war.


BTW I just notice something: Where exactly is Fury’s scarf? In Darksiders 2 Fury is seen wearing a scarf but in the official Darksiders 3 reveal/teaser trailer she is shown NOT wearing her scarf :confused:


I thought it was her hair seen flowing in the wind…


Maybe she will wear scarf in game. I can’t answer that question because they JUST announcement.

Be patient and waiting. :wink:

I believe Death and Fury are only most powerful of the four Horsemen. Death killed every Nephilim race except his brothers and sister. But Fury might be more stronger than Death. We don’t know about her much. I am sure we will find out soon.


So any thoughts on the Seven Deadly Sins becoming PHYSICAL embodiments/manifestations in Darksiders 3? I thought that was a really neat, interesting, and fascinating as well as unique concept idea for Darksiders 3 :slight_smile:


I been waiting for a new one its so underrated and that voice actress sounds familiar.



I hope they bring back mark hamil for this one somewhere. In DS1 the joker’s voice just fit the watcher perfectly.


Right? He did


Darksiders is indeed an UNDERRATED series, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Karen Straussman, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, or Jennifer Hale perhaps? Or another voice actress?


I just checked IMDB looking for Fury’s voice actress. While I didn’t find her name, I did find a release date. iMDB is calling it a 03 June 2018 release date.

Possible imdb isn’t done updating themselves because they also list Darksiders 3 as a movie…

Which would also be cool. We all know the Darksiders franchise has plenty of material to make a kick *** movie franchise.

Hollywood should take a clue from somewhere, because they don’t have an original bone left in them and the public is bored. This is bad news for entertainment industry.


Dont trust IMDB. I don’t think Darksiders 3 will be released on June 3, 2018 because Gunfire Games didn’t announcement DS3 release date. IMDB is always wrong about Voice Actor/Actress and release dates for video games


Good to know. I did think it was odd.


No problems.

I wonder what does Fury’s form look like? Hmmm…


You are referring to her Super/Ultimate Form, yes? :wink: :grin:


Now correct me if I’m wrong: In Darksiders 2 Death helped War and at the same time secretly went against the Charred Council’s orders/commands but in Darksiders 3 Fury is against War and at the same time is obeying and fulfilling/carrying out the Council’s orders/commands?