Dark souls

Finished the Crown of the Sunken King DLC today. Took out Viagra the Butthead Queen and Sinh the Slumbering Dragon. Nearly got both of them solo, but needed to head to housekeeping so I used summons.
I also found out how to get god damn Havel Armor and I’m working on getting myself to a point where I can use that beautiful shield and still roll properly.

Well I’ve been busy.
Managed to beat the Iron King DLC. Aged Smelter Demon and Fume Knight both got me as salty as a potato chip factory on a certain lake in Utah, but I got em. Alonne, King of the Weaboos probably would’ve been more of a problem, but I’ve been in luck. I came across not one, not two, but THREE Sunbros today.
First one helped with Alonne, the second with the first Sabretooth of the Ivory King DLC, and the third with a Player Invader that caught me by surprise (who I gave a very hefty backstab.)

Finished up a lot of the Ivory King stuff. Working on beefing my DEX to 30 and my poise to a billion so I can properly wield my new Fume Ultra Greatsword (which I’ve found works a LOT like playing Tusk, since the start up frames on certain attacks count as a block due to the mass of the sword, like a deflect window. Wonder if @TempusChaoti knew about this sword’s ability and snuck it into the ideas list for Tusk… :wink: )

After I get finished up I suppose I’ll either hop into New Game + or start saving for Dark Souls 3. It’s been a heck of a journey, going from complete noob to the Souls series to completing nearly every area and boss in this one.

That’s cheating. The correct way to play DS is to do everything solo :wink:

Also, a magicuser will breeze through all of DS2. But when you face the magicresistant smelterdemon - “you will be sucked”.

That blue smelter demon made me respec off my pure magic build. I was not happy.

Apparently poison is the only thing beyond hitting it that works semi decently

@Nightswipe0 I can kinda agree. Dark Souls turns into a completely different game when there’s multiple players working in tandem. At the same time, however, it’s a fun change. After going through most of the game without seeing a single other person apart from the occasional invader (and this one time earlier when I’d summoned entirely on accident while picking through loot) it was a nice change of pace. I will say that certain areas and bosses definitely fall under the category of needing to be done all alone, i.e. The Pursuer, Vendrick, The Ancient Dragon, The 4 Great Souls, and The Hole.

@TempusChaoti Apart from poison I heard dark damage did a number to him. The example the wiki gave was a Dark infused Crypt Black Sword dealing 1000 damage per strike in NG+2. Poison certainly helped me through a lot of the game, though, including the surrounding area. Archery is a good backup plan for most builds.

I can’t remember what I did when I encountered the magic smelterdemon with my sorceress. I Either took help from NPC summons and then made a +10 dagger and slowly downed him or skipped him entirely(think this was the case) & started a new dex/faith character instead. There was one type of enemy in the third DLC that also have very high magic res, dagger helped out a lot there too.

It is indeed a change of pace/difficulty when joining in jolly co-operation. But it also break the atmosphere & solitude :slight_smile: Dark Souls shares quite a lot with Metroid.

@Fwufikins Do you think there’s a big difference in leveldesign qualitywise between the DLCpacks & the original DS2?
Personally I think the 2 last packs stood out a lot. Eleum Loyce is very reminscent of Irithyll in DS3. I also loove that name. Eleum Loyce.

Okay, time for a boss fight again in Huntsman’s Copse. Who do I fight first Skeleton Lords or Executioner’s Chariot? Any tips are welcome, especially on the Skeleton Lords.

Executioner’s Chariot is completely optional, so I’d take them out first. They’re also significantly more difficult that the Skeleton Lords, so it’ll be a great warm up.
For Executioner’s Chariot, pop in and out of the alcoves on the way to avoid being splattered. Careful not to aggro all of the skeletons at once, or you could get trapped in a hole and then mobbed. Along the way to the end there will be 2 necromancers in the alcoves. You need to kill them or else the skeletons will respawn indefinitely. Try killing one necromancer at a time, then finishing off the skeletons you’d amassed to thin the crowd, then move to the next. Once you’ve cleared the horde, pull the lever to stop the horse and start the actual fight.

Skeleton Lords is actually a really simple boss fight. Each time a Lord dies, a horde of skeletons will appear. Kill one Lord at a time, then clear the mob. Use the environment to avoid spells and split the horde. Repeat until all of the skeletons in the room have died.

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Yes, it ended up being quite easy.
A better questioned would be, how to best prepare for Harvest Valley. Death by poison, lol

Weakness: Tears

Though it does end in another easy boss fight.

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I can offer you a suggestion for the boss fight there, if you want it.

It makes a HUGE difference.

EDIT: @BoJima404 I spoilered it below just in case you don’t want the tip.

[spoiler] the entire boss room is full of poison. This is a much bigger problem than the boss is (once you learn her pattern) but there is a trick which makes it much easier. Before entering the boss room (I believe it is on the floor below, maybe two floors) there is a balcony-like area which is guarded by one of the electric-staff knights, and is very close to a working set of windmill blades. If you get very close to the windmill where it connects to the wall with a lit torch, you can set it on fire and destroy it.

This stops the poison from being pumped into the boss room as much, meaning the large central area is clear to stand on without accruing poison, and doubly so because if I remember correctly the boss regenerates health while standing in poison! I also recommend fighting her with a fire weapon, I think she’s weak against it.) [/spoiler]

Clear enemies, dive into the mist, pick up all the items. Be careful around the big enemies, there is one “room” where you will fight like 5 of them almost simultaneously, using high ground as your advantage when they have jumped down from it in this room is advised.

And also don’t stare too much at the pyromancers :wink:

& to save you time, spoilertags are not needed here :smiley:

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Lol, haha.

@xSkeletalx @Fwufikins Thanks again everyone, you are really helping me with those splendid tips.
Just don’t stop playing DS3 by the time I finish DS2, okay?

When they fall down, it is usually face first anyways. Unlike Skyrim where you can “strip” search, lol.

@BoJima404 have you defeated the boss in Earthen Peak yet?

@xSkeletalx Now now, he has to get through The Covetous Demon first :wink:

Also, personal progress update: I’m down to one last DLC Boss before I hop into NG+. I’ve discovered all the hidden knights who come and help seal stuff in th Ivory King fight. Had to deal with a lot of crap along the way that hurt, though. Phantoms, tight spaces, a couple of giant sabretooth tigers launching magic missiles in a blizzard…
I look forward to officially “gitting gud” :smiley:

You can always ragdoll them around a bit.
Not that i’ve ever done such a thing. Preposterous!

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@Fwufikins Do you think there’s a big difference in leveldesign qualitywise between the DLCpacks & the original DS2?
Personally I think the 2 last packs stood out a lot. Eleum Loyce is very reminscent of Irithyll in DS3. I also loove that name. Eleum Loyce.

No, not yet. Mira’s arrival has delayed my quest slightly. Lol

@Nightswipe0 I think so yes. There felt like there was a lot more backtracking and focus on exploration. I went through entire areas only to find out afterwards they were entirely optional. :stuck_out_tongue: Sure there were plenty of interesting optional bits in the main game, but they all mostly felt more linear in a way. Lots of “point a to point b” sort of stuff, granted it’s maze/Metroidvania/Doom-like enough to keep the bits interesting. :slight_smile:

Progress Update: Beat the Charred Ivory King. Getting ready for new game plus. Considering messing around with the Butcher’s Knife more in my next playthrough. I like the moveset, and ot deals decent enough damage, even if I have enough VGR that the healing factor is nigh unnoticeable :stuck_out_tongue:
Also thinking of starting some more experimental playthroughs now that I ran through the game once. Might pick up my mage more often, but I’m really interested in trying a DEX build or a Polearm wielding tank.