Cyberpunk 2077

I was a huge Shadowrun fan and this game brings me back to those days. Artwork is crazy good…

the black car that jackie bought and shows off to you, is the one i want lol. cant wait to drive that one through the mean streets of pacifica

Haven"t been catching up on this game as I want no spoilers but after seeing something in my twitter feed, I now, for some reason, feel excluded from this game :joy: The game is a 100% purchase for me and that percentage can only go down lol


im wondering how much of the game is going to be left by release date lol. the twitter blue hairs have been circling over it like vultures for more than a year lol. im gonna buy it after i upgrade my PC unless they take the cyberpunk out of it by april 2020 appeasing lunatics who wont buy it anyway haha


Yes the whole gender deal is just a bit ridiculous. whats next?

Skin color not being adjustable of course.
“The editor does not allow me to make my exact skin tone. It must be on purpose. I feel discriminated against.”
“Okay, we are taking out skin color editor, so the game is more inclusive.”


I dont see why choosing man or woman is a big deal when now its just body type 1 and body type 2. Its still only 2 types!!! SMDH…

" Raises hand excitingly… ohhh ohhhhh… personal point of preference!!! Personal point of preference please!!!" " I need their to be a choice to be body type fuzzy puppy and beach sand please! Oh… and i need a volume adjustment when loud action happens as I cant focus when there are loud audio responses… oh and bright whites need to be toned down. I can do all this on my TV but …ehhh… dont think I should have too!" EEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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i can see the memes from the character creator alone LOL. cant wait until some internet ■■■■■■■■■■■ get their hands on it, the unholy abominations people are going to be making will be absolutely hysterical. really, they just opened new levels of character creation trolling like soul calibur 6 if you think about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

im still looking forward to this game greatly, but as with @BoJima404, my desire can only go down from here lol. people are already talking about pirating this game, but i wouldnt do that to CDPR. they really have been good to their customers, and i think its this benevolence that is being used against them by the twitter blue hairs.

@FallofSeraphs76 do not say there are only 2 genders in current year 2019. LOL. there are approximately thousands of them


Necroing this thread.

I bought the game only because I had managed to get a series X so I am now starting the “why CDPR should give me something for free, why I don’t like this or that” obligatory comment thread :smile:

Having fun with the game so far but I so have to admit that I totally ignored everything about this game. So I had absolutely no expectations…Had only seen a Keanu trailer a year ago or so and nothing since. It was the optimized for XSX mark that made me buy this one. I definitely was not sure what to expect about the gameplay etc. Only now realized it is a first person shooter hahaha I guess I did a good job hiding from the CB2077.

Even after I bought it a few days ago I have hardly read any articles. My thoughts: Basically this game is my 2020 “Anthem”. While everything is burning and everyone is screaming I am enjoying whatever I am playing.

I like the game a lot but I noticed when I started it up how empty the environment was (as in few people walking around) and many textures popping in right in front of me hehe. Some side quests finished or did not finish in weird ways already. After 8 hours I decided to look online and boy oh boy…I went back into hiding :smile: :joy_cat:

My initial thoughts were to wait buying the game until mid next year to buy a definitive edition but I was fooled by the optimized for XSX thing so I jumped in. Sarcasm incoming: I am happy to learn that it is actually " running only on XSX at a bare minimum". Reasonably enjoying the game but perhaps I should wait for the graphics patch before continuing…

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Yeah, if I’m not mistaken, the next gen versions are running on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X backward compatibility and are not the “true” next gen experiences yet. I’ve read that this full optimization patch will be coming in the first quarter or first half of 2021.

But that’s not really the issue. If you look at a lot of people that have the Series X, PS5 or (especially) the PC version, you’re likely to see a lot of people wondering what all the fuss is about.

The main problem stems from the fact that CD Projekt Red didn’t show the base PS4 and Xbox One versions AT ALL prior to launch. Reviewers did not get review copies prior to launch. Given that most people that want next gen systems don’t have them yet, and many didn’t upgrade to Pro or One X, there’ still a substantial portion of people out there that either knowingly bought this version of the game sight unseen or unknowingly bought it sight unseen.

So what’s the issue? Well, you have commercials that make the game look gorgeous, and even though I think it says somewhere that it’s operating on PC, even if you account for perfectly logical gamers who know that this game isn’t going to look as good on 7 year old hardware as it does in the commercial or in all the gameplay videos that came out for PC and PS5/XSX prior to launch, no one and I mean NO ONE expected the game to look this godawful.

Yes, bugs are expected, glitches, even some game breaking stuff when an open world title of this magnitude is released. But not only does this game have a Fallout 76 level of that particular brand of garbage at launch, it also comes with graphics that are on par with launch No Man’s Sky. Or rather, a muddled, washed out, grainy 360/PS3 quality. That’s not hyperbole either. You add in the long time it takes for textures to load, if they load at all, and some of the pics of the game are just downright laughable.

To say that there’s a gulf between what was expected and what was delivered is an understatement. We’re talking base consoles that can still make beautiful games like Ghosts of Tsushima and Gears 5, but this game is nowhere near that level of quality, even in spite of CDPR stating prior to launch that the base console version looked “surprisingly good.”

So they told us it looked good, but didn’t show it to players or reviewers prior to launch, and now they’re saying “we’re sorry, we didn’t realize it was this bad. You can get a refund if you want one until 12/21 aka prior to Christmas.”

There’s no way and I mean NO WAY they didn’t know what they were selling with the base console version. There’s no way that some senior VP of whatever didn’t see this game in motion, yet still shrug his shoulders and say “ship it.” They knew. Reviews for the next gen versions and PC have been around a 9. Now reviews are pouring in for the base console versions and it’s averaging around a 4 or a 5. Lot’s of people would’ve cancelled their preorders had they known the base console version would be this terrible, but they kept that info from us. That’s why people are tearing their hair out over it.

Personally, as someone with a base XB1, there are small aspects of the game that lead me to believe it has potential, or that it will with tons of patches, so I’ll stick with it. It’s just a shame that the game is this buggy and this terrible to look at.


Wow! That is really disgusting that they apparently could not get things to work on ps4 /xbox one properly and act as if all was normal.
If CDPR could not get the game to run other than on PC, delaying different versions would have been quite reasonable. CDPR had enough time to communicate as such, perhaps six months in advance, and lay out a roadmap. now all console players are left unsatisfied.

I did not know what to expect so I am not that disappointed but after looking online even I have to admit the huge differences between advertised and delivered. Unbelievable that a company would do such a thing… totally unnecessary in my opinion.

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Interestingly, there actually are further optimizations on Xbox Series over Xbox One. On Xbox Series, you can select between a “Quality” and “Performance” mode. “Quality” has high resolution and visual quality, but at 30 FPS. “Performance” lowers the resolution and such, but plays around 60 FPS.


I’m disappointed with the game beyond the bugs and launch issues, honestly. Gameplay-wise it feels pretty rudimentary and lifeless, both as an RPG and an open-world action game. A lot of basic features come off as very messy and half-baked too, up to the point that the level of robustness and polish isn’t even up to par for an average Ubisoft game.

There’s cool story moments and some clever writing, but I think overall narrative has been pretty weak. It’s like a worse version of Deus Ex wrapped up in a weaker version of GTA and TW3. Sad to say but I think they missed the mark on this one.

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I am enjoying it but after one (side) mission I usually switch to another game or take a long break. Wasn’t sure what it was but so far nothing is captivating about the game to make me play hours straight… lifeless is the best way to characterize things.

I am convinced that perhaps the music/bgm is not the best. For whatever reason the music never gets me hyped… So far a lot has not yet come together as ONE package.

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Yeah, even if the graphics weren’t terrible on the console I’m playing, this is the vibe I’m getting as well and you nailed it word for word there.

CDPR has come out and said that they’ll fix the game and get it up to their standards on all formats regardless of the cost, but part of me wonders if that “standard” is even possible for this game given that what was supposed to be there in terms of story, gameplay and RPG elements aren’t really that compelling to begin with. The world itself feels incredibly limited and lifeless and the missions are pretty standard “go in to the place and sneak or shoot your way through.” To be fair though, I’m only ten hours in. Maybe things open up soon and become more intereresting?

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I’m 30 hours in, clearing up side content before I go past the point of no return, and I think it gets better but not enough. Story-wise, the Johnny Silverhand stuff is decent and there’s another character I like named Takemura, but in general the main adventure has felt oddly truncated. The roles of lot of characters and factions weren’t anything near what they were hyped up to be, and many of them seem to exist mostly just to constantly blow up your phone and fill the log with low-effort junk quests and car offers.

But that’s not even getting into the largely perfunctory level of design. Mission and encounter layouts are often uninteresting, and the enemy AI, menus, and loot systems are clunky. I could write an essay on everything that underdelivers in this game, but you get the idea. It’s a letdown how it turned out and part of it was my own expectations, though even with a fair fraction of side missions left that are narratively compelling I don’t think my opinion is going to change much.


I am putting the game down for a few months. Like I said, I have been enjoying the parts I am playing but nothing left a lasting impression thus far. The lack of ambience and immersion is a part of it. To be honest, I came across many different characters already but they all had the same personality :joy: only difference was the dialogue but absolutely nothing stands out.

Hopefully I can enjoy the graphical update when I get back.

That FPS comparison was brutal starting at 3 min :sob:

Finished recently, after 45-ish hours. It’s a decent game overall and it has the parts of a great one, but the problem is that everything is spread too thin and doesn’t come together into a strong, cohesive whole.

There’s all these interesting gangs and corporations and other factions, but only two or three have any long-term relevance in the story, and 80% of them are barely invovled in any noteworthy content. Johnny and the ending paths are well-done, but otherwise the main story is disappointingly short and simple. The Side Jobs are consistently very good, but they’re mostly self-contained. Night City is gorgeous and usually lively-looking, but it lacks a lot of features and functionality. Gigs have the majority of the interesting encounter designs in the game, but they’re mostly just Ubisoft-style fluff. Combat mechanics are decent, but they’re let down by poor AI.

It’ll be interesting to see where they take things and I expect I’ll be playing again a year or so from now. I think patches and expansions will be able to fix most of the issues the game has.

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My plan was to wait for the next gen version anyway. I remember many good improvements on the witcher 3 after a long period of bug fixing etcetera so I probably should have waited too this time.
Was just disappointed that the current / previous console versions were in such an abysmal state, and I was just “lucky” to own a series X and thus escaped a lot of the mess on X1/PS4. Looking forward to CP in its final state together with Anthem :wink:

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