Cyberpunk 2077

I was a huge Shadowrun fan and this game brings me back to those days. Artwork is crazy good…

the black car that jackie bought and shows off to you, is the one i want lol. cant wait to drive that one through the mean streets of pacifica

Haven"t been catching up on this game as I want no spoilers but after seeing something in my twitter feed, I now, for some reason, feel excluded from this game :joy: The game is a 100% purchase for me and that percentage can only go down lol


im wondering how much of the game is going to be left by release date lol. the twitter blue hairs have been circling over it like vultures for more than a year lol. im gonna buy it after i upgrade my PC unless they take the cyberpunk out of it by april 2020 appeasing lunatics who wont buy it anyway haha


Yes the whole gender deal is just a bit ridiculous. whats next?

Skin color not being adjustable of course.
“The editor does not allow me to make my exact skin tone. It must be on purpose. I feel discriminated against.”
“Okay, we are taking out skin color editor, so the game is more inclusive.”


I dont see why choosing man or woman is a big deal when now its just body type 1 and body type 2. Its still only 2 types!!! SMDH…

" Raises hand excitingly… ohhh ohhhhh… personal point of preference!!! Personal point of preference please!!!" " I need their to be a choice to be body type fuzzy puppy and beach sand please! Oh… and i need a volume adjustment when loud action happens as I cant focus when there are loud audio responses… oh and bright whites need to be toned down. I can do all this on my TV but …ehhh… dont think I should have too!" EEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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i can see the memes from the character creator alone LOL. cant wait until some internet ■■■■■■■■■■■ get their hands on it, the unholy abominations people are going to be making will be absolutely hysterical. really, they just opened new levels of character creation trolling like soul calibur 6 if you think about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

im still looking forward to this game greatly, but as with @BoJima404, my desire can only go down from here lol. people are already talking about pirating this game, but i wouldnt do that to CDPR. they really have been good to their customers, and i think its this benevolence that is being used against them by the twitter blue hairs.

@FallofSeraphs76 do not say there are only 2 genders in current year 2019. LOL. there are approximately thousands of them