Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords


Sorry I was at the gym.

YES! The Crimson Vampire Bat should be all working now.


Cool that it appears to be working again, but I haven’t yet received my Bat, nor have I been refunded the KI Gold that I paid for the pack.


You mistake my response for anything more than saying the pack is working now. Still working on other bits of this.


The pack states Rare (or better) Crimson Bat. How do we know what level we received, so I know to try for something better or not. The other ones are color coded, so it makes a little more sense, but I am just a bit confused by this. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.


How long is the pack live for was going bed and going get it in the am


Hmm… I don’t like what I’m seeing in-game (K.I. version from Spain)… tittle of the pack: “missing text”, content details: “missing text”… if I buy it… will I see “missing crimson bat”…? I’m not saying this completely as a joke… sometimes in other games non-english languages have a problem that the english version doesn’t have or had it fixed with a patch that only fixed the english version, and we have to wait for non-english patches… anyone from Spain bought the pack and received it?.


I’m from Spain, but I’m not going to be able to buy it until 7-8 PM local time.

I will tell you then


I would rather if you don’t buy it just for the sake of testing if there’s a chance we’ll have 10.000 gems going to the astral plane and beyond, to me it’s 1/11th of my astral savings… if you do, record a video in case the crimson bat doesn’t show up.


I don’t recall how many gems I have, but even if I have just the amount to buy it, I will for the sake of testing.


Just bought and used it.

Has less stat bonuses than killer vampire bat, but better vampirism. I enjoyed using it against shadows and mimics so far.

(I still want my refund, though!)


Here’s the list of all 5 different killer quality bats, I think the Crimson bat has only 1 quality like the Killer tier, unless someone else confirms it has different versions:

Crimson: 45/85/75 +65% +60% 60 energy per charge
Killer: 40/80/70 +70% +70% 70 energy per charge
Epic: 30/70/60 +60% +60% 50 energy per charge
Rare: 25/55/00 +35% +35%
Common: 20/00/00 +15% +15%

Thanks to FeverAyeAye for posting the image and REYNOSOFUA11 for the energy cost.



Nice, thank you, looks like it’s better than the Killer normal in my opinion, how much it costs to recharge?


60 per charge.


What the…? I’ve just decided to risk 10.000 gems in the “missing item” pack and I’ve got one like FeverAyeAye’s, the pack in the english version says “rare or better”, was it pure luck or is the quality fixed?.


You can buy it without worries, I couldn’t wait any longer and the pack works as intended even if it’s “missing item”. Check the other messages in the topic, there’s an image with the stats, I think the quality is fixed since I’ve got the same one as the one in the image, looks very killer.


Thank you for the info, for the first bat I got the same stats which is not bad. Now just need to get tiger and owl.


Yeah… Like my credits remain the same trough shadow lords… No refund, right?


So do you get a perfect one every time, or did you have to buy multiple packs to get the best stats?


I received the stats listed above. The guardian card has the KI perfect sticker on it, so I think it safe to assume there is only one tier variant.