Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords


In that case I might just buy it with gold, I don’t even have half the gems at the moment and being a low skilled player I don’t see myself making that much before the item is removed.


Yeah it’s really not a bad deal, if you think about it. It’s pretty much equivalent (or better) than a Killer Vampire Bat. But in this case, it costs less than the Killer Pack AND you know EXACTLY what you’re getting. For the gold or the gems, it’s a good deal.


The wording on the pack is just confusing though.
1 rare (or better) Crimson vampire bat guardian…
1 rare (or better) guardian
Well if Crimson itself is a rarity how would you get a rare (blue quality) or any other rarity for that matter?
The wording implies that Crimson isn’t a rarity but instead an entirely new guardian with various rarities.


Good point it does seem that way


I bought it twice hoping to get an imperfect one (I wanted it for aesthetics, I don’t like the gold aura around perfect guardians) but both bats were perfect so I think this is very likely the case.


all Crimsons are Perfect when you purchase them. Seems like the text was overlooked, unfortunately.


That is what I thought, considering they have the KI logo on then like the Killer cards do.


That’s pretty cool eventually I can just pay for the best tier stuff instead of gambling for killer guardians.


@Delriach Isaac please! I’ve lost more than 50.000 astral gems on the bugged pack… :disappointed:
True story. No joke.


@Delriach could crimson guardians act by will and help the opponent during battle?


I bought 2 just for the hell of it!!


Is it safe to say those that were burned on this are out of luck? :neutral_face:


I wouldnt, just have patience. If it goes past a few weeks, then id worry, but its not even been a week. Lets just see what happens.


Nope. I have faith in the MS team, and Rukari said he was looking in to it. So I’m not assuming anything until they make an official statement.


When i buy something in the emporium my controller doesnt work and wont let me scroll


Not at all. To put this in perspective - we just got the pack working late Thursday night. We are still looking at how to possibly refund anyone who purchased, but today was a holiday. So yeah. While it seems like it has been a long time, in the business days sense, it hasn’t. Never give up. Never surrender.


I don’t even know if I got refunded or not. I had said that it LOOKED LIKE I got refunded. But tbh I really can’t remember for sure. I had a pretty big bank of gems. I had been hoarding over the past dozen playthroughs, daily loot, and shadow missions just so I’d have enough to get guardians when they dropped.


Is this Crimson Bat absence in pack fixed yet? I am closing to hoard 10k astral gems and not want to lose it…


It should be however I’m pretty sure as of this morning it’s been replaced with the owl pack.


Still waiting on an update…