Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords

The first Crimson Guardian pack is available and gives you access to the Crimson Vampire Bat. The pack also includes another Rare or better Guardian. The pack will run you 2,000 KI Gold or 10,000 Astral Gems. Like other packs won’t be around forever. So get it while the getting is good.

Check out more on the Crimson Guardians here:


Bought a pack and only got a Rare Watcher… Is the Crimson guardian not available to receive yet or something?

Do Crimson Guardians have set stats like Killers or are they variable?

I just got a pack too and only got a blue tiger, no bat. Please advise

Checking in to it as we speak. Let me get one on my account.


Will be given one once the bug is figured out, or do I have to buy another bat pack?

let me know ill hold off until this is sorted out


I broke down can confirm it’s an issue but I think it’s well known now :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bought one and got a blue bat only.

I… Feel ripped off.

Yep! Hold off for now. We’ll get this sorted. No clue on timeframe but as fast as we possibly can. Definitely not the intended action.


Don’t fret man, @rukizzel is working on it. So don’t blue your whole bank, it’s a coming

I want the crimson exemplar.

Don’t worry, theirs never been an issue with the games store or economy that the devs haven’t made sure every was 100%… besides Rukaris on it.

Yup, no Crimson Bat in the pack I bought either.

…Crimson Bat is so exclusive, its not even in Exclusive Crimson Bat pack…

…Maybe I got the even rarer Ultra-Violet Bat…very powerful but it’s outside the visible spectrum for humans…when I get my bees online though, you better watch out!

…okay, done now


Must be the work of Gargos.

I better call ARIA and tell Ultratech about this, they’ll know what to do.


My boss is working on a solution as we speak.

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Just bought pack and also ended up with rare watcher…

I also got a rare watcher! Hah!

But its Kan-Ra’s Emporium. And we all know how he likes to let us know what we won’t be needing.

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Kan-Ra worked for Gargos all along.

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I knew he did something wrong they tried to tell me that he did nothing wrong but I knew.

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