Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords


I trust Iron Galaxy with my hard earned fake cash.


Though we are working on it, there may likely not be a simple fix implemented tonight. Maybe. Maybe not. Will keep you posted.

Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

As long as it gets fixed I can wait for all eternity.

10,000 astral dollarydoos aren’t easy to get though.


Thanks for the update mate. Hopefully there is a fix by the time I get home to do my night time session before bed :slight_smile:


Noticed this as well. Was saving up for the Killer pack but saw the crimson bat one and figured I’d try it. Got an Epic Exemplar and 300 Astral Energy. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. Just wanted to throw my hat in, in case you can’t just look up who didn’t get it.


Will it be around long enough for those of us who can’t yet access SL (because of that bug that crashes the game) to get it? I, for 1, certainly hope so. Because if not, there will be rioting in the streets! The streets tell you!


I wish that I had come here first. I got a rare watcher as well. And no crimson bat. I bought KI gold to get it. And I bought Killgore. Every season of KI. The definitive version app and 4 ultimate source figures. With the electronic Jago and Spunal preordered at Big Bad Toy Store. So as you can clearly see I love and support this game. Now make this snafu up to me and all the others sharing in the misfortune by bringing Eagke to the game. Thank you!!!


Same issues as others. Bought one and I only got a purple tiger and 300 Astral Energy.

Wish I had seen this first. I did manage to snag a screenshot just in case.


I bought 2, no Crimson Bat :cry:


I wish I read this thread before I used my Astral gems lol! I just received a rare Ram and some Astral energy. I hope this can be resolved.


Spent 50.000 astral gems still no crimson bat !!! :scream: :rage:


Jesus! thats a fudge ton of gems! no crimson for crimson… the irony. Also they are working on a fix… im sure you will get reimbursed somehow.


Rare Exemplar and 300 Astral Energy…wish I had read the thread’s posts before dropping 10,000 Astral Gems on this. :sweat:


Also I don’t hear Kan Ra anymore, does this mean he ran off with our money?


Yeah I end up getting 2 rares, but good thing I saved a lot of astral gem


Hahaha, Kan-ra, change his name to Con-Ra! despite the unintended bug, this thread is hilarious. I love this game so much.


I’m holding fire for now. Thanks for the updates Rukari :slight_smile:


Really, after the first 10k you should have known there was a problem. So the amount you spent is on you.
Also, Rukari’s response was within the hour of making the thread, maybe you should have checked here.


Damn, I only got a rare tiger and some energy :frowning:


I’m holding off until you guys give the confirmation,
I too was almost 15k gems was going for the 17k killer

Let me know! I don’t normally use bats but I’d like to have one in my stash for hoarders sake lol
I still haven’t used Maya daggers or shadow lord item