Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords




Yeah, I’d like to know if this is fixed now too.


Get the grinding folks.


On the plus side it looks like I got refunded the gems I spent.


I bought KI gold for this and I really hope I get refunded. Have they said if there going to be any kind of way to get it back?


It looked like I got refunded the gems I spent


We haven’t said a word yet.I hope to know more tomorrow. Believe it or not, the snow day in Portland, OR is what caused this not to get reinstated today.

Crazy, right?! (Part of our team is down there and we need them!)


Oh cool, had no idea you were that close. I’m on Salem


Meanwhile down here in Arkansas we’ve experienced all 4 seasons within the span of a week. Today’s summer, I suppose. I’m hoping winter comes back soon.


That Ohio every week haha


We aren’t used to it in the Northwest. They had more snow down in Portland than they’ve had in the last 37 years!


Next novella chapter: Crimson bat got lost in the snow.


Should stay at the bat cave for while…


Why are you guys in Portland anyway? Are you doing research for a Barista character or something? Maybe a cement monster?


Cool the crimson bat pack showed up again and this time it worked


The pack is back up but I still dont have my KI gold back :worried:. Do we now how long the pack will be up?


I have no idea. I just took a risk and got it when I saw it.


Wait so crimson bat up or not


I just bought a pack and indeed successfully got a Crimson Vampire Bat.


My crimson bat came through