Crimson Vampire Bat Available in Shadow Lords


Confirmed! Season 4 are black & white themed. :yin_yang:


Update for you all. Looks like we found what is wrong. Now we have to work on getting it deployed. We are also investigating the best way to make sure everyone who was affected by this bug is taken care of. Don’t know the exact timeframe on this part. Will let you know when I have more info.

…stay tuned…


You should trademark stay tuned hahah :joy::joy::joy: thanks for the update!


I really only say it to you all because it has become such a thing. When I worked on Age of Empires back in the day our favorite phrase was “Soon.” Drove people bonkers.


He can’t.

Although I do feel like he should use this image more when saying it. it definitely fits in situations like this.


I hope if there’s a season 4 they keep purple and geeen theme we have now. Idk how I feel about this black white and teal… I would love to see a black and red theme with maybe some gold somewhere.


That’s actually OG Colors to be honest. :thumbsup:


This is the best thing I’ve read today. Well done!

Edit: in light of the known bug why did so many people buy multiple crimson bat packs?


It’d be nice to have the theme come full circle and return to the Original black purple and red from KI1


Omar Kendell has already copyrighted “Stay Tuned”.

nobody knows who that is here and that saddens me.

Also yeah, nice site revamp.


You expect people to read first? I know I don’t. Forums are usually the place to go when things go wrong.


crimson bat and the pack looks awesome hmm…


I bought, got nothing, then came to the forums afterwards to complain. I guess that’s the typical user journey.


Just unfriend some people who play Shadow Lords and it will stop. Or you can wait till the next update in March.


When things go wrong, I go to my mom :musical_note:

…Eh, sorry. Just had to say that.



So the crimson bat is just another bat guardian?

Like, I thought it was going to be a new tier above killer.

So now you gotta buy 50 crimson packs to try to get a perfect killer crimson bat guardian?


omg its crimception… double crimsons on a thread of crimson bat talking about crimson stuff… for the love of crimson.

Im looking forward to using my hard earned space bucks ala gems on some crimson.


It is, it has a new property that is apparently it gives attacks a high chance of doing critical hits


You must be talking about OG KI 2013 colors I assume? But yah something like that but instead of that gross mustard color , an actually metallic gold color would be sweet.