Create your own fighting themed IP!

Just for the fun of it, I thought of this topic. I’ll go first …

A horror based fighting game! Filled with all the most grotesque, horrific monsters, beasts, killers the world has seen!

A medieval fighting game! The best of the best warriors, swordsmen, gathered to duel, maybe even ogres, dragons, trolls … man the possibilities :slight_smile:

A sci fi fighting game! Robots, space marines, lasers and high tech weaponry you can think off!!!


Video game fighters! Play as your favorite games, consoles, controllers, discs, cartridges, and hard drives. Robust roster of characters.

  1. Headphones.
  2. Game discs
  3. Game cartridges
  4. Game cases
  5. Instruction manuals
  6. Monitors
  7. TVs
  8. Joy Cons*
  9. Xbox One Controller*
  10. PS4 Controller*
  11. Nintendo Switch*
  12. Xbox One*
  13. Xbox One S*
  14. Xbox One X
  15. PS4*
  16. PS4 Slim*
  17. PS4 Pro*

*Some characters have to be purchased separately. Some characters can also only be played on a certain console but cross play is only available with those characters so you can settle your console wars there!

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YES! This would be so much fun!!!

I’d main Nintendo Switch :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t think of an original IP to think of for a fighting game, but I always did think Jago would make a great main character for his own standalone action adventure type game, something like the Ninja Gaiden game (the original Xbox version) where he quests a highly detailed world becoming stronger and eventually faces off against Gargos in the end. It would be a great way to grow a franchise in multiple directions, and give Xbox another great mascot face to their collection. Think of it, Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, Fable franchise characters, imagine if one game could make Jago so recognizable. If Ryu Hayabusa can be in Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, Jago could be in his own fighting and action game.

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Skull Lords. Choose your fighter and fight for the title of Skull Lord!

Akuma inspired character with skulls
Terry Bogard inspired character with voodoo skulls
Eddy Gordo inspired boss character will skull face paint
Geese Howard inspired secret boss character with pirate skulls
Ling Xiaoyu inspired character with gothic skulls
Vanessa (KOF) inspired character with skull gloves and skull tattoos
Frieza inspired character with Day of the dead costumes
Johnny Cage inspired sub boss with shades and a Shago mask

… I’ll edit this when something else pops up.

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I just realized that a horror game would need major licensing :frowning: but there’s actually a game Terrordome with all horror icons I didn’t know existed ha!

Hmm …can you elaborate more? I’d love to main as a skull Akuma all day!

Check my previous post for more of my ideas.

How bout a Chess themed fighting game where each character’s modest is based on how you can move a Chess piece?

For example:
Pawn: plays like Dan from SF but if they get full meter they can perform a raging demon and spend the rest of the game as Akuma

Bishop: all of their attacks are either air to ground or anti air

King: Shoto main character with slow movement
Queen: Final boss version of Shoto

Rook: Rushdown with no diagonal AA

Knight: Grappler with only grabs


Feudal Saga: The First Kingdom

Set in an alternate, mystical, feudal China, where the country’s not united and regions have been at war for ages. The faction leaders come together at a council and decide to put an end to the bloodshed once and for all. They decide to hold a tournament where the best fighters from each region will gather to battle for the fate of their region.

There would be heroes and villains, people pulling their strings, etc but a lot of gray area in between, mixed motivations, as well as themes of love, honor, betrayal, patriotism, desperation, forgiveness, loyalty, failure, addiction, greed, jealousy… Any number of more serious plotlines intertwining in a sweeping narrative that the player “creates” through several decisions throughout their chosen character’s playthrough that tie in to other character playthroughs, effecting their choices, that lead to one of several outcomes for the tournament, the individual characters, as well as China as a whole.

Once the player has played through the story with every character, the whole story is stitched together and players can watch it as a movie.

Characters would be imbued with supernatural powers to go along with the skills they already have ranging from unique weapons, styles, powers, and spells, to animal aids, supernatural / otherworldly gifts, and more.

Players would also be able to create their own game within the game, creating characters, assigning them combinations of weapon, style, power, skill, spell, animal move sets and clothing items, all of which are unlocked through playing, putting together their own creations with stuff not found on the main character roster, then attaching characters to each region and writing backgrounds and endings for them. This would play out more like a traditional fighting game arcade mode, but these creations can be shared online and played by others. Players would vote the best experiences to the top of the pile for others to play and enjoy.

Dead Souls: The Void

Sort of like a take on Eternal Champions, only without monsters. Also, they’re not nabbed by the Eternal Champion right before they’re about to die. These characters have all died at various points in their lives and they’re all from one specific time, they just come from different walks of life, different parts of the world, etc. Some of them died young and some lived to old age.

The game would take place in an otherworldly place and the characters would be fighting for the chance to be born in to the world of the living once more. Throughout the story, the player is learning who’s behind this tournament, where they are, why, and the plot will peel back the layers of the characters; who they were in life, how they lived, whether they were good people, what they’d want to do with their second chance, etc.

The plot would involve twists and turns, uneasy alliances created and broken, complex, realistic methods of dealing with themes like death, loss, mourning, nostalgia, class conflict, cultural differences, what it’s like for those that lose everything they had (ie the flipside of dying), etc, and the desperation all of these characters feel, and how that desperation is preyed upon by these malevolent forces.

As far as existing IPs that I’d like to see a fighting game for:

Game of Thrones: I mean, c’mon. This series is practically tailor made for a fighting game! Any type of plot could be written to justify bringing many of these characters together to battle for the entertainment of the king. Maybe it takes place before the kidnapping of Lyanna Stark by Rhaegar Targaryan, and you see some of the other characters when they were young, like Ned and Robert and Barriston Selmy and Thoros of Myr in their primes.

Or maybe it takes place in some alternate version of the middle of the current timeline and we get several other characters that might not be “fighters,” yet they have skills and abilities that allow them to be competitive. Either way, there are plenty of knights and power hungry people and violent people that could make for a fun fighter.

Batman: I know Injustice has several of Batman’s characters covered, but I really want to see a full Batman game with the caped crusader, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and a super-sized helping of the rogues gallery, with a story set fully in Gotham City on the level of the Arkham games’ storytelling.

I think it’d also be cool if the story mode allowed you to move around Gotham City manually, beat up thugs, use your character’s move list, sort of like Tekken Force, but with more of an eye toward the Arkham game’s style. Perhaps this city exploration and thug beating opens up various forms of loot to buff your character, add tons of different types of outfit options, paths to better loot, side story content, etc.

Not much more to say about this really. I just want this to happen more than Injustice 3, and I’m really hoping it’s something NRS will lean in to after MK11.

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Fighting Game idea 1

City crushing Monster Fighting game with Fluid Gameplay.


  1. Hydra Kaiju
  2. Inter-dimensional kaiju
  3. Dinosaur Kaiju
  4. Snake Kaiju
  5. Turtle Kaiju
  6. Crocodile Kaiju
  7. Leviathan Kaiju
  8. Dragon Kaiju
  9. Ape Kaiju
  10. Lion Kaiju
  11. Tiger Kaiju
  12. Wolf Kaiju
  13. Superhero type Kaiju (like Ultraman)
  14. Alien Kaiju
  15. Golem Kaiju
  16. Demon Kaiju (final Boss) Angelic Kaiju
  17. Mech Kaiju
  18. Spider Kaiju
  19. Insect Kaiju
    21: Squid Kaiju
    22: Bird Kaiju
    23: Frog Kaiju
    24: Crustacean


Single Player

  • Story Mode
    Play through the story as your chosen Kaiju and face off against other kaiju that can either save the world, or destroy it! (unlocks Costumes for the type of kaiju

  • Dominance Mode
    Climb up the ladder to destroy your adversaries.

  • Survival Mode
    Kaiju Endurance

  • Destruction Mode
    Destroy various cities (unlocks items for a Kaiju creation mode)

  • 1P vs CPU
    Fight it out with a computer player/

  • CPU vs CPU
    Pit two CPU Kaiju against each other for your amusement (get the popcorn ready!)

Multiplayer Mode

  • Local Battle (2 players duke it out)
    Tag Battle Mode (Tag team against your friend or work together)

  • Online
    Rank (are you the top of the food chain?)
    Friendly (fight among friends)
    Exhibition (fight with various players around the world)
    Lobby (play with friends and strangers in lobby mode)
    Tag Mode (You and a local friend against the world!)

Kaiju Creation Mode

Create a Kaiju that you as your identity.

  • Select an Archetype.
    -Sea Creature

Traits (tail and wings are optional


-Ice Powers
-Fire Powers
-Lightning Powers
-Water Powers
-Nature Powers

Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

Glowing Marks

Attack 1
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4

Final Touches
Name of Kaiju
Test Kaiju

Save Kaiju
Yes? or No?

Cut scenes
Concept Art

Movie Mode Look at replays of previous battles, cut and record shots to make your own personal Kaiju machinima…

Then once they record clips from the replay, they can save them in the game capture system on their consoles or PC. consoles can send them to a storage device, or a cloud service like OneDrive

That’s one Idea for a fighting game

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Ohh yeah! What about a Skullmania inspired character! A lich dragon would be cool, so would Darth Vader inspired one, maybe even a mech/robot inspired.

@Fwufikins The King is gonna have a difficult time :frowning: but I like.

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Not sure why but I’m getting a little DW vibe from this! But with their each own fighting style.

I haven’t played Eternal Champions but I heard it was a really good concept. So these guys would just be brought back from the dead in modern times instead?

Yes!! Game of Thrones would be on my wanted list of fighters, I think there’s already a Thrones game, not sure if it was good or not.

Definitely a Batman game! I would look more forward to this than them working on another Injustice. I didn’t really care much for Injustice 2. A full blown out Batman fighting game would be more edgy with all characters from the Batman universe together :slight_smile:

This I’d love!!! Reminds me of the Godzilla games. Let me add to that:

-The Abominable snowman
-Giant troll cyclops
-Huge Sharkman!!
-Bat creature
-Something female, just can’t think of any

Heres another idea…

Demigod fighting game! Choose your ultimate god! Fight to bring peace, balance, justice or some for power, rulership and chaos!
There can be a lightning god, fire, wind, ice, earth, metal … just go all out :smiley:

Yeah, I could see why you’d think that, no doubt! I would definitely go for more beauty and variety in the scenery as well as detail in the characters, but that world is kind of the backdrop I was thinking, albeit with a bit more darkness, drama, mystery and intrigue around it.

The characters would definitely have their own fighting styles and ideally I’d want to see them tied to the areas they’re from (in some form). Of course, the weapons and magical stuff would be embellished, but each character would definitely have their own unique identity like any fighting game character would.

I think that this era has a ton of potential for a fighting game that’s a bit more grown up in terms of storytelling and narrative beats, and I’d love to see that.

Maybe. I was thinking it’d also be interesting if the character that won received a different prize along these lines depending on their story. Perhaps they’re reincarnated as a new person. Perhaps they’re brought back from the dead as who they were, but their family’s all gone. Maybe they’re brought back in modern times. Maybe they’re brought back as some sort of undead creature, like a vampire or zombie. Maybe they’re not brought back at all because of some sort of plot reason like a vendetta or they choose to stay or they sacrifice their winnings so that someone else can be resurrected. Maybe they’re allowed to ascend to a different plane where their lost love is…

There are a variety of ways this could pay off or not pay off depending on the choices made by the player. :slight_smile:

I know there’s the Tell Tale game featuring House Forrester (ya know, that house we all love and care about lol), but the only fighting game is from the imagination of a guy that wanted to see it happen:

I’d absolutely love this!! Why George R. R. Martin hasn’t green lit something like this is beyond me. Or maybe a game company hasn’t approached him? Maybe ASW can do this after their DBFZ game?

Agreed 100%. I wanted to like Injustice 2, but I really just can’t seem to find myself caring about characters outside of the Batman universe. Don’t get me wrong, some of them have cool designs and some of them have fun gameplay, but I still tend to gravitate toward the Batman characters. A whole game of them would be AMAZING.

Perhaps the magics, spells, weapons can all be customized pertaining to each character and affect them along the way throughout the story. I like the darkness and mystery added giving it a more mature theme would be amazing. I guess it would have to be some alternate universe since I don’t think in ancient, feudal times they would of settled a dispute from each region with each warrior :slight_smile:

I’d love this! They could choose their own paths and be of all different times, so much sadness, sacrifices, confusion, loss of loved ones! But if they’re not brought back then they would just be from the modern time period? Meaning not resurrected, undead, etc … just living their daily lives until they are chosen to be selected as combatants?!

Yes to this!! I’d probably look more forward to this than DBFZ even though I’m hyped for that game as well.

AGREED this would be amazing. Injustice hasn’t seem to be catching my attention lately, the other DC characters aren’t as interesting imo as the Arkham universe and I’m about bored with the same Batman vs Superman plot which Injustice seems heavily influenced on :confused:

An Arkham fighting game would work all the way!!! Just imagine Batman, Joker, Harley, Croc, Deathstroke, Bane, and many bosses and characters from the Arkham games in a full out tourney fighting for their own agenda. And the main and final boss could be Ra’s Al Ghul!!! Would be an epic showdown.

A Shadowrun fighting game would be pretty sick.

I haven’t heard of Shadowrun before so I couldn’t say.

It’s basically a game series that has a cyberpunk Earth setting with fantasty creatures (elves, dwarves, etc.).

I feel like everything I could think of would be something that’s been done before. Most of the ideas I’ve read here seems like they’ve been done before too.

Although I like @Fwufikins’ Chess idea. It could be like Chess Kombat