Community Fund#2: Official Discussions

Since we know the last character of Season 3 and pretty much know what content coming up till the end of Season 3 (Shadow Lords & New Multiplater tied in), I think it’s time to dicuss about the characters, features that are missing in this game and you’d like to fund.

  1. I think Mira & Eyedol should get at least their stages… Maybe Raam, because Arbiter got his.

  2. Please bring back Ultimates! That’s the only missing feature from the originals Killer Instincts.

  3. Eagle, because we talked too much about him in the lore of Killer Instinct. He needs to appear in this game.

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1 - Ultimate Combo
2 - No Mercy
3 - Humiliation


Nothing really. Actually scratch that. I want books, movies or something like that.


None of these ideas are likely to be feasible for a community fund.

The data from my poll might be useful.

The top 3 were:

  • 27% Ultimates
  • 16% Omen “real boy” overhaul
  • 11% Overall game polish

Personally I want:

  • Character stages for 4 who don’t have one
  • Ultimates for all characters
  • Omen “real boy” overhaul

This could be feasible. (Disclaimer: not a staff member.)

Everything else mentioned thus far is very obviously infeasible, based on developer comment. (Aside from the overall polish option which isn’t exactly the sort of thing that presents well or gets people hype.)

For the record, if our desires just rained down from the sky for free, then I would definitely support additional stages for the S3 characters. But they don’t. And I just don’t see those extra stages being a big selling point. I suppose they could follow the SF V model and start selling the stages individually, but I’m guessing people would be upset by that.

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Here’s my wants:


2- Color

I really don’t want anything else.

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Man i think we just do have to wait cause i finally understood the fact that they know exactly what we want but they do all de little thing at the right time to keep us enjoying the game.
think about if we get all in once, then there is no more surprise for the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1- Stages
2- Wendingo and Eagle
3- Color/Skin/Accessories/Costume

I would like from most feasible to least

  1. A real rash retro instead of just more cartoony colors give him his actual nes design, spiked elbow pads no belt I feel so ripped off over him when every other guest gets a real one
  2. Ultimate
  3. Stage ultras for all stages
  4. Stages for all characters.

But I do support more accessories and Eagle as a bonus character using Thunder and Fulgore as a base since Fulgore still is based on Eagles fighting style and it would be a fun way to bring back the Phoenix from thunders moveset as an Eagle fireball

Season 1 stage ultras would be a huge plus but honestly if they look as bad as the season 2 stage ultras I’ll pass. They REALLY need to go back and fix them, they’re one of the tackiest, unfinished looking parts of KI right now.

Well since all us who really wanted Eyedol in the game got their wish (Thank you again IG!) I know there are a ton of people who wanted Eagle in the game and are a bit disappointed he wasn’t #8 so if it was up to me, I would make the next fund for creating him for those people.

I do agree with OP though, I also would be for funding stages for the KI characters who do not have one of their own yet. I am not too worried about the guests getting stages, just the official KI characters.

Shago and Omen I think are ok sharing one due to their connection, I think Astral Plane can be Gargos’s official stage, so really we would just need stages for Mira and Eyedol, right?

All i want for Christmas is ultimate/no mercy finishers. I.G could learn a thing or two from rash’s taunt and create humiliation. And also roof top stages, not that aria stage.

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Here is what I would support:

Stages for all remaining characters

Retro stages

Retro music in theme select

Ultimates for everyone

Stage Ultras on more stages

More Accessories, colors, and costumes for all fighters

An additional character(at this point idc if original or another shadow character, just pick someone that isn’t Orchid)


I’m a bit confused. By “Omen real boy overhaul” do people just mean more accessories and colors 7-9?

Stages, given the time and cost, really don’t seem realistic at all. Same goes for ultimates, and I feel like Adam has outlined why they’re an issue in particular. I get people wanting both of these things, but at least for ultimates, I tend to think / hope that these will be a high priority for season 4, assuming that season happens.

Honestly, if this is something that they can devote time and resources to, I don’t think that people would be angry at all. There have been tons of posts from people not only wanting Mira, Eyedol, Raam and Rash to get their own backgrounds, but retro arenas, the sky stage, etc as well. If they released a stage pack in the interim between season’s 3 and 4, I think most people would love that.

Sure, you’ll have some malcontents complaining about not getting Mira or Eyedol’s stages as part of season 3 and having to pay for them, but we already know what the trade off is for that and it’s up to each person to decide for themselves if that was worth it.

At the end of the day though, that’s the direction they decided to go so at this point, any stages not tied directly to what they plan on doing for the next season would have to be considered extra content. Even if some don’t see it that way, I’d be shocked if they weren’t a cranky minority that gets drowned out be a vocal majority that were over the moon with the idea of getting more stages and gladly shelling out for them.

But yeah, as a community fund idea? No. Simply not feasible and wanting something badly enough doesn’t make it any more possible.

I’m thinking stuff like the following would be good:

-Real Boy Omen (ie give him all the accessories, colors and retros that a normal character has, maybe even reskin him so that he has a bit more of a form to him, with clothes, etc).

-Reimagined Character: I’d have to think that they asked about this idea for a specific reason and I’m assuming that it’s for either a bridge character while we wait for Shadow Lords or as a community fund character. My vote is still for Ben Ferris. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t mind Shadow Orchid or perhaps Kelvin (provided he gets a new name lol).

-Additional Accessories or theme packs: I don’t think they can do this for EVERY character, but maybe a pack or two with a new accessory set for six characters?

-Variation on existing mode or low issue new mode: Maybe adding more stuff to dojo mode and updating that or putting some new ideas in to survival mode and giving that a new name in addition to regular survival mode or adding a time attack mode or something that wouldn’t require an insane amount of new resources?

I say # 9 bonus character should be Eagle.

We are already getting a new stage in September - the Gargo’s Shadow Lord stage.

I personally believe Ultimate’s are not going to happen in this game. It will be the “new” mechanic for the next game they make KI2 or Season 4.

We still have 2 new modes coming, a stage, and with those Im sure there will be little tweaks that come along with them.
Hoping Shadow Lab get integrated with all AI game modes.

A fund raising event to create 3 new stages would be cool…but it seems to me the Shadow lords stage is meant to share between the 2 …so that leaves Mira needing a stage.

Im up for anything… they create the crowd funding and Im here, ready to help. Bring it on!

If there’s a season 4, then I really hope they save him for it, as he’d be one of the few lore characters left. Kinda hope we get the floating sage from KI Gold’s training mode as a wily old stage as well. So in that sense, I’m hoping we get one of the character reimaginings like pre-transformation Cinder or perhaps Shadow Orchid, as it wouldn’t be the worst thing to give Gargos another team mate. :slight_smile:

But yeah, if this is the last season, then I am 110% behind the 9th character being Eagle, no question.

Yeah, I’d be really curious to know how much a community fund would need to raise to give not just one (Mira), but multiple characters (Eyedol, Raam and Rash as well) their own stage. Any time I hear anything about this, it seems very cost and perhaps even time prohibitive, which is why I was thinking more along the lines of paid DLC between seasons (as opposed to something that would come in the near…ish future), like a stage pack or something, but who knows.

I’d love more stages, and given that it seems to be the biggest issue as far as the fanbase goes, especially with Eyedol coming, I’d love to know the logistics of a community fund option or, perhaps more realistically, a paid DLC option, as it pertains to additional stages or perhaps even retro stages.

Honestly, if they gave us a stage for Mira, Eyedol, and then two retro stages like Cinder from original KI and either Tusk or Kim Wu from KI2, I would be ALL OVER that. I wouldn’t think twice about dropping $15 or so on that.

Just out of curiosity… Thinking about it now, Eyedol comes out this Friday and Shadow Lords doesn’t come until September. Does anyone think that this makes character 9 even more of a possibility and that he/she/it/that might drop in August?

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I’d like to agree with you, and maybe I’m just too cynical, but I think gamers are really prone to a mob mentality. Sure some of the people who are on these forums desperate for stages would be thrilled. But some folks feel entitled and they will complain, loudly and repeatedly. And then act like anyone not complaining is ruining the game by “supporting these greedy practices.” I see so many people just demanding stuff with no concept of the cost and no logic other than “I want it, so you have to give it to me.”

Maybe I’m just jaded from hanging out in the forums too much. Last years community find was a big success and maybe people would jump at the chance to buy stages. Frankly I don’t think there will be a second community fund. They have already provided the tournament support and I just don’t see the need.

I’m also sorry to say I don’t see a bonus character in the cards. I’ve been wrong before but I don’t expect this.