Color Full Red B.ORCHID COLOR 10?

Color Full Red B.ORCHID COLOR 10?


To the best of my knowledge, Orchid was going to get a color 10 with her Ultimate Source figure when they launched the season 2’s (TJ Combo, Orchid and Cinder). Those figures were actually shown off in prototype form, however since those figures were never released, no one really has access to Orchid’s color 10.

That’s not to say that no one has it at all. I’ve seen in-game pictures of it, but I’m pretty sure those pictures are from Ultimate Source themselves. If any players have them, my guess is the number is extremely small. Maybe a few pro players somehow got it from Ultimate Source. Who knows.

For anyone else that’s curious, here’s a link to a previous discussion about it which shows a picture:

there are a few people that got codes for he color just before Ultimate source went under ont eh KI figures. You can try ULtra Arcade and the big man Brandon Alexander. He gives away codes for promotion of his twitch or Ultra arcade. That is where I got my colors for TJ and CInder…but I never got the Orchid… its the only one I dont have…I think? Or you can go straight to Ultimate Source? But be nice… dont say “Its BS and I should be able to buy it”! … you wont get far.

I pay by pay pal 15 $