Orchid COLOR 10?

I know this is color 10… please tell me I just want a basic red color oh please be true lol.

UltimateSource just tweeted this btw


If ultimatesource tweeted it, its probably her exclusive color. Looks like a santa outfit with that red and white though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just recently had a dream she received an ultimate: it was an air strike, she had a red and yellow color as well. Lol

Looks too much like the one she already has. :confused:




if you think about it, orchid’s santa color had those red and green long striped socks, so that might be her new color

If it’s just red with red shorts meh

But I’m buying the figure anyway

Her hair should’ve changed color or something unique

I’d have loved an electric cobalt blue

Guys it’s shadow orchid lol

It’s the Santa Orchid fit, back in 2015, available in Xbox One, before the PC version comes out.
(It’s pretty like this, except for the legs)

Yeah I have the holiday outfit the difference between that one and color 10… shirt is not green, armband is gray instead of green. No Christmas makeup on orchid… or the green and red thigh high socks, as well her boots being a normal red color instead of santa themed boots

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Strange that I can’t find that tweet with Orchid’s color 10 in it anywhere on Ultimate Source’s twitter feed. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I can’t seem to find it. Maybe they took it down?

Either way, if that’s her color 10, then I’m okay with it. Looks nice. Trying to decide if I want to order her or not.

Which one does it look like that she already has ?


Ah, thanks a lot! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

lol. The red one, that looks exactly like that. I believe it’s a Christmas one or something.

The Christmas one is red but has a ton of green in it too.

So is the others.

I’d blame the people who complained about Shago’s Ultimate Toy colors. I think they made the colors less unique in an attempt to make them less sour about those skins.

(didn’t work of course, they’re complaining about the boring skins too)