Color 10 Jago!

Ok. I don’t know if everyone reads Rukari’s posts on the main site. But if you didn’t, you might have missed out on this gem.

#Color 10 Jago!
It looks so cool! Can’t wait for the Ultimate Source Figure! :heart_eyes:


Never been a big fan of brown. Golden aura is nice, but I’m wondering if that’s just an instinct effect? If he’s perma-glowing, that’s a neat little feature, but if the basic color is that brown color, I can do without…

But the thought of super saiyan Jago is pretty neat.

He’s in instinct, that’s pretty obvious.

I like it

It will be available with the Ult Source Jago figure, that lights up I’m assuming.

Looking more and more like Goku.

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Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Jago is almost upon us… :open_mouth:

Not bad, but not as amazing as glow-stick Shago.

What I was gonna say. As an exclusive color, not doing anything for me.

Seems to me that it might supposed to be more sort of monk like.

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I’m loving the color scheme, excellent work :grin:

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Sweeeeeeeet! Like a true monk, that’s my boy!


Wow! They actually listened when I pointed out the lack of an actual tiger themed color for Jago yet another character received an accessory based on a tiger. Loving any type of Brown or orange associated with this color 10.

So all characters max out at 10 colors? Bummer
While I love that there is an exclusive color, I’d really like to see new skins-

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Color 4 is his best IMO. This is neat too though :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s pretty awesome. I like it.

Curious what Wulf’s will look like.

I just want to see my waifu’s, I mean… Hisako’s color 10!

Though, I’ll be getting all the figures anyway. Hisako’s is the one I want to see the most.

They can’t do just simple brown for a color 10… There would be outrage.

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Let’s see Fulgore’s.

That’s really sexy! All he needs bow is a tan Michael Korrs bag.