Cinders bad MUs?


Yeah pretty much


Gargos and maybe killgore


I would also add Fulgore and Spinal could be difficult matches as both have a way to get away and close distance.


Alright, Glacius is the worst MU for Cinder, as Glacius can lock him up from the air using hail, air kick normals. His dp and Cold shoulder win against Cinders DP. For the rest of not so good MU’s I believe Gargos, Aganos and Tusk are up there


Glacius getting a Meterless DP killed the matchup for Cinder IMO. He didn’t need one his damage and other tools were enough already. The inability to go a little nutty with meaties on Glay really makes that matchup suck now since he can just save all of his meter for a lockout and spank you for 60+% :disappointed_relieved:

Not that it’s unwinnable but, he has the ability to avoid a good chunk of CInder’s game with little effort.

Aganos isn’t too bad, just have to take your time with fired up inferno’s to keep him chunkless. Tusk you have to play grounded, make him whiff something and blaze your way in. Gargos just sucks… If he’s on point with his portal punches, you’re not getting in and bombs aren’t an option either unless you react to a punch and throw that way.


I have pretty good luck fighting Cinders with Fulgore; just have to focus on not getting trapped with no meter and watch for the EZ mode side-switching DP that jacks up my port vortex. You can beat a fired up DP with a cyber uppercut but it’s like >10 frames to react.

Aganos is a really big problem for Cinder too.


Beg your pardon, I have a question. Many Fulgores
online tend to teleport like crazy, what is the best solution there? Jabs


Jab after he disappears. Timed properly, you’ll punish the teleport and can nab him for full combo.


Thank you kindly


Yup, always jabs; catches the teleport recovery frames and gives you time to block if they decide to mix it up and same-spot teleport into Cyber Dash.


Cinder’s MUs (IMO)
If you have any questions about a particular MU then please ask.

Jago: 4-6
Sabrewulf: 4.5-5.5
Glacius: 4-6
Sadira: 6-4
Orchid: 4-6
Thunder- 4.5-5.5
Spinal: 5-5
Fulgore: 4-6
TJ Combo: 4-6
Maya: 5-5
Kan Ra: 5-5
Riptor: 5-5
Omen: 5-5
Aganos: 5-5
Hisako: 5-5 (Edit)
Aria: 4-6
Kim Wu: 4-6
Tusk: 4-6
Rash: 4-6
Arbiter: 4-6
Mira: 6-4
Gargos: 6-4
General Raam: 6-4
Eyedol: 4.5-5.5
Kilgore: 4-6
Shin Hisako: 5-5
Eagle: 5-5
EDIT Shadow Jago: 5-5
These are my honest opinions about Cinders MUs. Some of them are unusual (especially the gargos one as most cinders think that gargos wins) but I can explain anyone of them.
Also if anyone needs any advice for anything about cinder or anything just ask. I’m not that active on the forums but I do want to start helping and become more active.
Ggs guys message me for sets.
Add me on xbox (TDB H0TSH0T), Twitter (@mitchiscinder) and facebook (Mitchell Mead-Lloyd) if you want to personally message me :slight_smile:


You think Arbiter beats him? I think I know why you say that, but I personally think it’s even.


I never struggled in the MU until I played deltas arbiter multiple times.
Cinder is literally stuck half of the time cus arbiter dominates the neutral. Shield makes it very hard for cinder to get control in the mu as bombs and fission can literally be ignored.
I don’t think it’s even at all. At the least slightly it’s 4.5-5.5 in arbiters favour


Thing is at about mid-to-close range Arbiter has a hard time stopping Cinder from moving and flying over his head. It takes some really good reads to keep him at bay. Burnout is also super bad for Arbiter cause if he gets punch burnout he gets burned for his anti-airs, his overheads, his openers and his best pokes.


True but if the arbiter has good defence he can counter. Amd he can keep cinder grounded pretty well if he’s arms are not lit. Arbiters buttons literally dominate cinder at mid range to the point where cinder is stuck. It’s not reads. It’s just he dominates him in the neutral


Shadow Jago is missing from your list unless I’m blind? Otherwise I don’t feel Cinder loses that bad to Rash. I almost feel it’s in Cinder’s favor due to the pressure Cinder can put on Rash since he has meter DP only and the fact that Rash’s air antics do not work on Cinder. I really do struggle against Gargos with Cinder though. Mainly the ones that strictly play the minion portal punch game. I’ll probably add you and see what I can learn though, I don’t get to play much with work being what it is lately.

Edit: As far as the Arbiter thing, if Arbiter gets his shield up, Cinder is kinda boned. It stops a good chunk of his tools he rely’s on. Beats his DP, Bombs, Fission and Inferno. Gotta kinda hover over him and hope for dirty crossups and the like where he can’t reliably anti air you. If you get to him before he has shield though that’s when you gotta lay it on thick. In my experience rushdown served me better against Arbiter, keep him burning and keep him blocking. He can’t get out of the frame traps that Cinder has very well. He has to grenade or shield which are baitable.

The other notable charatcers are those who can low profile or avoid his dp entirely on reaction with a meaty or special. Namely, Jago, Omen, Shadow Jago, Sabrewulf and Orchid. If they know how to reliably do it, it makes it that much harder. Not aware of anyone else that can.


Hisako can make fireflash whiff as well (or just blow it up with meaty rekka).

I think Orchid is the one that surprised me. I think I’d like to see you explain your thinking behind that one. She has good tools, but I’m not seeing anything especially noteworthy, unless we’re talking about just always punishing trailblazer approaches.

I call Hisako/Cinder 5-5. If either player is losing it, then they’re just getting outplayed.


I don’t think Wulf can avoid it on reaction, dash through dp is a read, some Cinders expect this and just block. Also it is possible to just jump Cinder’s dp but it’s tricky. Unless there’s something else I don’t know…(as it used to happen with Glacius dp). So Jago can do “a low something” and not get hit by the dp? Didn’t know that.


Edited it now it’s 5-5 buddy for shadow jago.

Rash has great anti airs and can shut down cinders air option with boot. His air gimmicks don’t even matter when it comes to rash’s ground game. His buttons are SOOOO good in neutral.
Unfortunately there’s not THAT many good high level rashs but ones that do that can really put the work in cinder. He has the tools it’s just down to the player you come across like the yolo ■■■ ranked players waking wrecking ball.

Gargos is dead meat once cinders in. On wake up gargos is possibly one of the weakest characters in the game on wake up.
Getting in isn’t as hard as you would think. If gargos light portal punches you (the one that comes underneath the ground, cinder can medium trailblaze for free (Unless he cancels into shadow punch but obviously he can’t do it for free). Or even then just slowly walk him down.
If minions are out just wait patiently and occasionally jump medium kick to tag both off them (his portal punches don’t do that much damage) or crouching light kick to poke them.
If he has instinct to cancel watch out for wake up
Heavy reckoning and backdash. If timed right you can avoid it all together unabling him to instinct cancel that way. Even better if you have meter you can punish it with shadow trailblazer. Normal trailblazer does do it but it is slower so shadow just to be safe.
You can also dp through cr. mk into command grab/light reckoning. Don’t let him bully you. You have better tools up close and cam make gargos pay with one mistake his end.
Also if you block medium reckoning and he bounces off, cinder can immediately punish with light trailblazer unless the gargos player does heavy reckoning in the air(but then if baited can still be very easily punished cus of the recovery)
On his wake up just bully him as a character who has no real wake up.


Cinders dp shouldn’t be attempted to avoided. It should instead always be blocked and punished. It’s -13 without the pillar and -6 with. Can at least jab punished him.
Also jagos cr. Mk. Can also low profile cinders do and dp through the flame. A few of the other characters can do it too just don’t know all of them