Characters you would NOT bring back for a theoretical KI sequel (Poll)

It’s fairly safe to say that a theoretical sequel to this current KI game will not include the same guests and remixes, which would drop the current roster count from 29 to 22.

Some seem to think that the bosses won’t return either, so I took them off of the list (also to get the total down to 20, which is the max number you can have for a poll).

But let’s just say, hypothetically, they still think that number’s too big to start out with, and that they want to start with a lower number of returning characters so they can fill the game with more new ideas and new characters. Let’s say they only want 16 returning characters.

Which FOUR characters are you getting rid of?

  • Aganos
  • Aria
  • Cinder
  • Eagle
  • Fulgore
  • Glacius
  • Hisako
  • Jago
  • Kan Ra
  • Kim Wu
  • Maya
  • Mira
  • Orchid
  • Riptor
  • Sabrewulf
  • Sadira
  • Spinal
  • Thunder
  • TJ Combo
  • Tusk

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I made four the minimum, but you can go up to five, if you’d prefer. Yes, fifteen or sixteen returning characters IS an arbitrary number. I just figured this would be a good exercise to see which characters people would trim off the roster once we got past the bosses, remixes and guests, as it’s possible some of these might not make it back if there’s a sequel, so why not see who ends up near the top (or bottom) of our own list?

Also, feel free to put any reasoning for your votes in a comment below. :slight_smile:


I didn’t vote in the poll cause I’d honestly just respond with my thoughts.

It’s pretty much inevitable that if a proper sequel does happen, not all the characters are going to come back. We have a pretty healthy roster of 29 characters, and dragging that load to every future game while adding new ones is just too much. This is normal for fighting game franchises from what I’ve seen. This is why I hope people enjoy their characters while they have them, and not keep wishing for a sequel thinking everything will work out for them.

Thing is, I feel like almost all these characters are either A) important to the story or B) fan favorites. Of course reason A could be avoided should the sequel be another reboot. I think that there would be few, if at all, cuts from the classic roster. If I had to choose two characters from the first two games to be removed, it would be Thunder and Maya since they don’t really matter story wise and only appear in one of the two older games. I also don’t see much favoritism around them though I obviously can’t be sure about that. The boss characters are also very up in the air, and if the next game follows this game’s development structure they almost certainly won’t be in the original roster.

As far as the new characters, I feel like most of these characters are loved by fans (Aganos, Hisako) or very good for story purposes (Aria, Mira) but not really both. Which is why I find it hard to try and pick cuts out of that group. I don’t think Eagle is likely to return (I promise I have nothing against the Nez Perce lol), and unless the next game actually does anything with her, Sadira isn’t going to cling to the game either.

That’s just my take.


Is there any way that you could do both? All thoughts and conversation are ABSOLUTELY welcome and I enjoyed reading what you had to say, but if you had to pick four, I’m just curious who you’d pick, just as I’m curious who everyone else will pick so that we can all look at the raw data and see what type of consensus develops. :slight_smile:

These are exactly the ones I’d want to return, along with Gargos as a bonus character, but with a new main boss in the sequel.

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I hate sadira. But if I was really going to make a new KI I would kick out as many of the original characters as I could. Make the new game a new game.

I may be overly colored by the fact that I just bought Tekken 7 and I can’t figure out anyway it’s meaningfully different. But one of the interesting things about KI was how different KI 1 and 2 were. Let’s keep that trend. Every fighting game doesn’t need every character back for every game. It’s hindering progression.


I think Aria as we know her will get cut, different body same name. Ditto for Aganos

Sadira’s out
Khan-Rah maybe

Then obviously…
Shago replaced with Shrochid
Omens and Gargos is out
Eyedol too

Sadira - she is nothing but a jobber in this KI already, I dont believe she deserves any place in sequels.

TJ - I think he is the blandest char in KI, replace him with muay thai fighterin style of Sagat or Bruce.

Gargos - well, the whole point of this KI is destroying him. So he propably needs to go.

Omen - needs to go with Gargos UNLESS writers will give him some clever development, like evolving into new main antagonist or allying himself with survivor Eyedol.

Riptor - replace him with different kind of dinosaur-robot for sake of variety.

Maya - I dont particularly hate her, but she is not that much iconic, she could leave spot for someone new.

Thunder or Eagle - one needs to get canonically killed.

If I had to choose 5 I don’t really care all that much about and wouldn’t cry if they didn’t return in a sequel…

Kim Wu, TJ, Hisako, Aganos and Spinal.

And just for the heck of it, here’s 5 that I wish to return in a sequel…

Orchid, Sadira, Tusk, Mira and Jago.

Orchid and Jago are mainstays. They should never NOT be in a KI, imo.

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I cant believe you picked Glacius??

To be honest, I’m only hoping for sequel to come eventually. Yes, I understand RAAM will most likely be nixed, but I’d hope that a new full grappler would be introduced into the KI universe.

I didn’t really like Glacius in KI 1 or KI 2. That was my brother’s character. I played Cinder and Tusk. The thing is, he’s been in every game. If they made him different people will complain and if they make him the same… then other people will complain. There’s plenty of character ideas they can use. Make some different characters. Just don’t do what SF 3 did and make Guile an emo douche named Remy and pretend he’s different…


Although I love ARIA, she shouldn’t return. She’s a boss character who was defeated.

Maybe a spinoff character can take her place. Similar to how Jin took the place of kazuya in Tekken 3.

Riptor can go too. She has less personality than sabrewulf. She’s is just a mindless weapon. Replace her with a new weaponized animal. Maybe a Gorilla or a Sea Monster?

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Shame to see Sadira, the only original Double Helix character, not receive any love.


@SoSRaGnArOk you are still a sadira player, Right? :upside_down_face: with this poll its time for you to stop spend times with hypocrite and haters peoples who act like they are yo friend but in final they only enjoy all the nerf your characters receives and all the difficulty you can feel for kill someone. open your eyes bro, you got all the Gt on there for more killing her. hahahah GGS

Fire!!!:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I think she’s the coolest of all the newcomers, maybe except Mira. :wink:

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IIRC Aria wasn’t defeated at all. She succeeded in summoning Gargos and testing humanity. She is the person that said to the SL team “go defeat gargos and save the earth”. So their is still comeuppances (and a boss version)to be had IMO.

I honestly wouldn’t count Omen out since he played a somewhat decent part in the story all things considered. If I had to pick though Hisako would be the first out the door but she’s a really popular character so I don’t see that happening, Aganos, sadira, then either maya or orchid preferably orchid.

The thing about Aria is there’s a lot of design and gameplay territory they could explore with an Aria 2.0. Maybe ditch the three life bars and have a combined body. Maybe keep the three life bars and do something different with her bodies. I can imagine lots of interesting ideas.

I hate Sadira. But truthfully they could do more with her too.

I’ve said it before but if they make a new KI I want it to be new. Not just this game with better graphics. Ye characters should reflect that.

Awe man nobody wants Sadira to hang around :cry:

EDIT: With the exception of @anon39655210 :stuck_out_tongue:



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