Character wishlist for a potential season 4

Here’s my wishlist of charcters to drop into a 4th season of this game:

  • Ancient king of babylon - Shadow Eyedol
  • Gunslinger - Joanna Dark
  • Ninja - Hattori decendant (to be like Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)
  • Gorgon - Necalli inspired character
  • Aquamancer - Sharkman or something else.
  • Tengu - Definitive final boss character.

My list goes up to 6 characters since i want to leave some breath to more content for later. Drop more ideas and we may discuss about a final season of this game since none IGS or Microsoft has spoken about season being the final season.


My list is a bit shorter.
A zombie/mutant (like Resident Evil, Dead Space, Venom, etc)
A samurai (Im talking about a classic samurai)
And thats it, then i believe they could do some sorcerer wih telepathy like Ermac or Kenshi from Mortal Kombat.

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  • A Wendigo
  • An old, wise, disgruntled woman with a wicked drinking problem and mad hand to hand combat skills
  • A fringe lunatic “Freedom Fighter” from Orchid’s rag-tag crew of conspiracy nuts
  • A Witch/Warlock
  • Some aquatic or amphibious thing
  • A poor kid who steals tech from UT in an attempt to give himself super powers; results are mixed, antics ensue

Sun-Wukong inspired character
Fully armored Samurai
Monster that utilizes tendrils/tentacles to attack, maybe something like Carnage in appearance.
Serial killer/murderer. He would embrace the Slasher horror movie tropes :slight_smile:
Creature from the Black Lagoon inspired character
A Succubus

Alex from 3rd Strike as guest. I literally play 3s just for him. At ease, loosah.

I want to see at least 2 new female characters
1 - A witch from Europe history

2 - A warrior female type

As for the guest characters either Joanna Dark or Dark Queen from BattleToads

4 - a new Alien character

5 - an ancient bablion king or a servent for him

6 - Shadow character

7 - Eyedol ( with brand new design & Story )

8 - an Arabic fighter ( with fantasy style )
SF 5 & Tekken 7 adds One, so I want to see one on KI

A wendigo- maybe one of Mira’s? Have incredibly high damage but no defence, like saberwulf and Mira mixed.

A samurai in full armour- either one of the ones in Hisako’s village or one from a rival clan. A robotic/cyborg samurai would be cool too. Make him super tanky, but slower than Aganos with full chunks. Maybe permanent armour?

Eyedol- at this point, if eyedol isn’t in season 3, then he needs to be in season 4. If they fixed gargos then they can fix eyedol.

A bird man- give him infinite flight, like Hawkgirl from injustice. He has to stay in the air, and on the ground he’s not very effective.

A new guest- I’d go for Joanna Dark or scourge from gears.

A parasitic alien- either like the symbiote from spiderman or something more grotesque like the flood give him multiple stances/forms. like aria, although have shared health, as you are the parasite, not the host. Have a human zoner, a riptor rush down, and a ‘pure’ tank form.

A water creature- I’m thinking of a cinder esque ultratech experiment, only with water instead of fire. Alternatively an ultratech fishman would be cool.

A GIANT ROBOT- think glactus in marvel 3. Takes up the whole screen, but has very little mobility and can be hit by any projectile

I think you blew my mind with this first one, lol!

Make Eyedol the OG King of Babylon? The guy who cursed Kan-ra and all them? The only thing is that the King is seemingly a good guy, and Eyedol is anything but… That being said, How “good” can you really be if you curse people like he did to Spinal? That is a bit above and beyond if you as me.

An Aeromancer.

No more guests, thats what season 3 was about.

13 new stages to give the old characters who were lacking their stages and new characters stages.

Shadow Jago like Ultimates for every characters supreme victories.

More Stage Ultra’s

8 Characters, 1 Bonus

  1. Galactic Bounty Hunter Character/Gunslinger (Destroyer of Unnatural Creatures)
  2. Old Kung Fu master human (Uses form of bone breaking skill to attack in unnatural ways)
  3. Hive Mind Legion Character/Tar Monster/Creepy disembodied voice/Multiple Agonized faces/souls moving inside it (Eyedol Base Level Servant/There are many like Omen)
  4. Human Warlock Magician/Uses Cards
    Bonus: Eagle Pre Fulgore (plays like an Archer)
  5. Puppet Master/Stand Character (Serve’s Eyedol) (Is a human nihilist)
  6. Benevolent Goddess from the Astral Realm (Important to story) (Uses Light for attacks)
  7. Snake Lady/Medusa/Gorgon/Very Slippery (Eyedol’s Second in Command/Queen)
  8. Eyedol (Offensive form for one head/ Defensive form for the other = Stance Changer)

Maya doesn’t count as a “warrior female type”?



Here are the character’s I’d like to see in season 4:

Shadow Eagle
Ultratech Suit - Like Kara from the comics. A sleek spy type, foil for Orchid.
Old Master-Warrior Sage - Perhaps KI Gold’s Training mode guy?
MMA-Shoot Fighter type with throw combos, joint locks, take downs, etc. Foil for TJ.
Infectious Zombie / Monster from the deep.
Steam punk style demon/monster hunter.
Modern day warlock or wizard: Perhaps some time control, elemental powers, necromancy.
Artificially beautiful witch that changes to a gorgon / weird sister from Macbeth type of witch.

So that’s a decent balance for me. Three monstrous characters and six humans.

Mammoth from Thrill Kill

Slash Fang from Primal Rage 2

Regenerator from Resident Evil 4

A new Muay Thai fighter

Some sort of dancer who fights.

Wrestler (TJ Combo Rival) - Multi-throw Combos
Van Helsing Archer/Cowboy
Witch/Voodoo Priestess
Eagle (“B-b-but Fulgore is Eagle”…shut up lol)
The Babylon King
Guest Character
Guest Character

Space Western Gunslinger

Killer doll

Mech Assault style Robot

Lion Themed tribesman

Familiar (Bloody Roar type character)

Roxy Rave (Jedi type)

Suited Agent (Men in Black)

X Minions (Some Gargo’s minions a seeking refuge on Earth and thus stages a coup. Aria offers to help them with their cause, equipping them with weapons and Armor.)

2-final guest characer : Johana Dark
3-Mollusca (kevin bayliss early designs)
4-Organic Fulgore conterpart of fulgore (kevin bayliss eary designs*
5-wicked wizard (ancient mask lord -spinal story-)
7-third sibling of jago and orchid (a woman who uses a white leon)
8- Eyedol

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Undead Mexican Luchador


Joanna Dark



I am definitely down for a faithfully recreated Lucy Lawless-Xena for KI :heart_eyes:

Also a short character. Like really short, Rocket Raccoon or Viewtiful Joe short. Though it feels like it wouldn’t be right in KI…

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