Character Ideas for Season 4 or Sequels?

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Will KI make a season 4? Or do a sequel in the future to continue the franchise?

Tough one.

But what new characters can you think of to join the franchise? What pop cultures?


What about a wave sword assassin? A male character to be Orchid’s boyfriend or something like that? Tsar, the Vampire Lord i really want him, too much!


That would actually be a hilarious take on past tropes. A male character who exists only to be a live interest and is entirely defined by his relationship to a woman.

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I’d give Jago a girlfriend. A psychic gypsy. Something to give vibes of Liu Kang & Kitana.

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I posted this a while back, but it seems to be relevant to this thread:


I love the western idea, like the gun slinger that you posted from The Dark Tower. Maybe something slightly more traditional?

Or they could go more sci-fi and toward the demon hunting side, with contraptions and what not:

Or more gothic, like vampire hunter D, but also with six shooters in their repertoire:

Either way, I think a character like this could really work in KI!


While I still want the KI Gold practice guy in some capacity, I think they could modernize that idea or make it better either with a more traditional style; simple, or perhaps more ornate than this:

Old Sage

Or go for more of the wily / hermit sage:


Gotta have some monsters right? I think that this could be really cool, even if having no legs might make things difficult. They could either be a human hybrid:

Or more monstrous / snake-like:


On the human side, I just think that this would be a really cool rival / foil for TJ. A character that can use joint locks, maybe even throws to the ground, with punches and knees for autos, joint locks, etc. I’m sure some are sick of him by now, but this is more or less the look I could see an MMA fighter having in KI.


I just think that this could be a really dark, cool looking character for KI and it’s not something really explored at all in the game. Either something more cloaked and ethereal:

Wraith 1

Or perhaps something more warrior-like:


Definitely still want to see this happen, and to me, this is still the best realization of what I’d like to see a creature like this look like in KI; just a mix of sea creature, tentacles and claws:



I know, some say Jago fills that role. Some say Sadira. But when I look at traditional modern takes on ninjas, I don’t see that in KI. I’d love a dark, shadowy figure with tons of weapons like this that could make their gameplay entirely unique to the game, and certainly to the two characters that kinda but don’t really fill the description:


The more I think about this, the more potential I see. A creature that could literally do anything. The only limits are the developers imagination. I could certainly see something dark and ominous like this working well:


We have a ghost, a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, etc. Why not complete the Halloween motif and add a witch as well? A few directions they could go… They could go traditional:


They could go creepy:

They could go sultry, and perhaps make here more of a foil to Sadira:

Or more Earth Goddess:

Last but not least (for me anyways)…


Or Post transformation, like if Aria decided to somehow reverse the effects on Cinder and turn him back to Ben Ferris while she creates a line of more obedient clones like her Fulgore units. Maybe his body is scarred from the fire, and he’s forced to wear a more high tech mercenary look and just so happens to bare a striking resemblance to another mercenary:

So yeah, those are characters I’d like to see in KI at some point either for season 4 or beyond.


A love interest for Jago. Can use her crystal ball and can use telekinesis & psychic blasts.

A former street car racer turned speedster.

Wish she was in KI


He can enter with his own agendas, not only to be at the corner of another character.

I wonder if Kim Wu can be this girlfriend for Jago but he is a monk, monks don’t care much about love interests.

I wish Jago had a lover in his life. Kim’s too young for Jago.


Detective: A private eye detective & exorcist in traits of Sherlock Holmes whose after a mad scientist who obtained a formula needed to create superhumans/mutants. He has powers of exorcism.

Mad Scientist: A mad criminal scientist who serves Ultratech and the Quan Chi of KI. He’s responsible for leading Project Cinder under ARIA’s orders. He’s being chased by a detective who comes from his ancestor who tried to chase & arrest him for his crimes against humanity. He can manipulate poisonous powers & ionic blasts.


I have a character sheet for a time traveler I’m working on, I’ll post it sooner or later

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Good ideas for characters pal.

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Hello people good night! I worked on a personal plot for my idea of a character for a season 4 or new game and I did in the form of files, as if they were files of Shadow Lords, were 14 in total, I used that IG bug called Wombat, I hope what do you like:

Wombat Origins 1:

Wombat is a high-risk insurgent of the Umbral Militia, an enemy terrorist organization of Ultratech and the Alliance, he is already part of the 3-year organization and is one of the most reliable, strong and respectable members of the faction. He was sent to a mission of pretending to be an ally of Ultratech becoming an outsourcer of ARIA and gaining her trust for later, attacking her by surprise and destroying it with the company.

Wombat Origins 2:

Wombat is a nickname he uses as an agent of the Threshold Militia, his real name is Oliver Radovan. Born 28 years ago, Oliver was born in a simple neighborhood of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, had a normal childhood until the age of 12 with his family: his parents and his teenage sister. Oliver was very attached to his family and friends, an extroverted, playful, messy child; all went well in his life until one day his house was burned by ordinary street thugs after being mistaken for the house of a police officer who had prevented them from stealing a supermarket. Oliver and his pet dog named Tchesko were poisoned by the smoke but alive, but the rest of the family was burned to death.

Wombat Origins 3:

With no place to go and no one to help, Oliver stayed on the street for a few months only with the company of his dog running away from an orphanage that wanted to take him because if he stayed there, the dog could not accompany him. One day, walking through a forest near his city, the boy came upon a woman lying on the ground and dying for being bitten by a snake, he offered to help the woman and she said that she had to reach a certain point in the forest, then Oliver covered the girl’s wound with his T-shirt and helped her get to the desired place carrying her while she struggled to stand and walk even though limping, after a long time walking, they arrived at such a place, where a pagan witchcraft ritual was being done by an order of wizards.

Wombat Origins 4:

At first Oliver was frightened by what he saw but when the wizards saw that the boy helped a member of them reach the place, they treated her wound and thanked the young boy, presenting himself as an order of wizards named Lunar Elysium, who after the ritual of connecting with nature, made themselves known to the best boy in case he allowed, and so Oliver told his story. Seeing the lack of direction in the life of the child and as a form of thanks for having saved one of its members, the wizards of Lunar Elysium invited Oliver to participate in his order becoming a wizard himself, promising a great and full life. happy for him and for Tchesko, his dog, without many choices, Oliver accepted.

Wombat Origins 5:

While growing up as a part of Lunar Elysium, Oliver grew up learning basic things about learning as if he were in school, but he also learned other languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish, and he loved playing with words from those languages making comedic puns. Oliver also learned to fight, both in hand-to-hand combat and in armed combat, he mastered various weapons like swords, daggers, spears, clubs, whips … but his preferred weapons were a pair of waving swords.

Wombat Origins 6:

The Lunar Elysium was an order of wizards who had the duty to protect nature and maintain the balance between it and humanity, having the moon as the main symbol and reference, they are devoted to an ancient goddess named Tavith who was condemned to be arrested on the moon by the evil creatures of the Astral Plane after having supported Tusk and his warriors in the first invasion of the Gargos on earth, only someone with divine powers coming from the Astral Plane will be able to break the curse, however, Tavith is nevertheless a powerful goddess of this universe giving her followers high power spells when needed. at the age of 18, Oliver was blessed by Tavith when she poured herself into her divine essence waving swords, giving the young man enchanted powers, and his dog, Tchesko, was transformed into a wolf with life-span equivalent to a human and with supernatural abilities.

Wombat Origins 7:

Oliver and his dog have always been treated well by the Lunar Elysium and served Tavith with devotion, happiness and gratitude, set out on missions around the world seeking magical artifacts and books with ancient spells in order to use for the sake of Earth’s nature and prevent such artifacts fell into the wrong hands, such as the Coven vampires, with which they created great rivalry. When Oliver was 25 years old, his order was attacked by a clan of murderers called Red Eyes of Rilay commanded by Sadira, according to the former fighter of the Killer Instinct tournament, the hiding place of the Lunar Eyisium held in its interior absurd riches in format of precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds, besides having looted everything, the assassins decimated the Lunar Elysium, with the exception of Oliver, who even after losing a fight against Sadira, managed to escape thanks to his ability to teleport by magic mirrors which functioned as portals.

Wombat Origins 8:

Once again people whom Oliver loved and regarded as family members, were killed unjustly by criminals, leaving him alone again, only with the company of his animal Tchesko. Ever since, Oliver has come to hate criminals and has gone out into the world doing justice with his own hands killing all kinds of criminals he saw: thugs, dealers, thieves, rapists and greedy riches who steal money, some of them politicians. One day he returned to his hometown and finally found the same gang of thugs who had burned his house in the past, seizing the opportunity, Oliver executed the criminals in the most ruthless, slow and painful way possible, and then gave the gang a destination eternal terrible, used a dangerous spell he knew how to open a portal and throw the souls of thugs into the abyss.

Wombat Origins 9:

There came a time when Oliver became careless in his murders and started to leave traces, that is how the Militia Umbral managed to track him after having listened a lot about the young man who earned the codename: “Slayer of Double Blades” quoted in newspapers and the internet as a complete mystery. The Militia Umbral contacted the young man, offering a place in his organization and in return, they would give him the location of Sadira so that Oliver takes revenge, without thinking twice he accepted and discovered that recently the assassin was contracted by the company Ultratech, in which the Militia plans to destroy.

Wombat Origins 10:

Oliver spent his 3 years in the Militia Umbral performing very successful secret missions on the Wombat nickname and thus gaining a rank of high trust and respect in the organization, joining the useful to pleasant, Militia was happy with the services of Wombat. When the Gargos invasion began, the Militia begins its plans to destroy Ultratech, so as well as stealing data from the company and attacking it constantly, it sends Wombat to become an Ultratech agent, gaining the trust of ARIA to betray her applying a fatal plan.

Wombat Origins 11:

When requesting for a position as an agent of Ultratech, Wombat underwent a test given by ARIA, to defeat 3 of his best products successively, being: Riptor, Fulgore and Kilgore, despite the serious injuries, Wombat was victorious before the 3 opponents and ARIA hired him. During the chaos on Earth due to the invasion of Gargos and the uncontrolled fury of Eyedol around the world, Wombat to gain the trust of ARIA went on to execute missions that would benefit Ultratech and her Alliance with the former fighters of the Killer Instinct tournament. All of them were very successful and in a short time Wombat became valuable to ARIA. in one of his missions, was ordered to hunt the vampire Mira to discover The Coven plans that rivals Ultratech, the boy in addition to defeating Mira in combat returned with relevant information about Tsar, the current leader of the Coven.

Wombat Origins 12:

Seeing the great potential of Wombat, ARIA asks the boy for a special mission, to hunt the former fighter of the tournament Killer Instinct called Orchid and to execute her because she has become an obstacle for Ultratech. Upon locating Orchid, Wombat is hidden for a long time staring at the girl as if something attracted her to her, such carelessness caused her to discover him and an inevitable confrontation happens, where Orchid emerges victorious. After being defeated Wombat is cornered by Eagle who was next to Orchid, in spite of the injuries of its last battle, Wombat fights with Eagle and it vanquishes escaping of the enemies by a wire.

Wombat Origins 13:

Wombat began to reflect, and saw that it became something he would never want to be, working alongside terrorists like the Threshold Militia and now as agent of the sinister ultratech mega-corporation, all for convenience, when in fact he forgot the teachings passed to he by Tavith and the Lunar Elysium, Cinder catches that moment of reflection between Wombat and Tchesko and discovers the true intentions of the boy, the two fight and Wombat wins saying to Cinder that in exchange for not saying to ARIA what he discovered, also will not say about Cinder’s goal of dethroning ARIA and commanding Ultratech, Cinder no way out, accepted.

Origins of Wombat 14:

Analyzing the circumstances that were, Wombat decided to commit suicide, the Threshold Militia was destroyed by the Alliance and soon ARIA would discover the truth, the boy felt no way out. However, when he was about to kill himself from a gully, the image of Orchid appeared in his mind and that somehow made him give up the idea, the killer did not know what it was, just knew he felt the need to be with Orchid at all times. Deciding to live, Wombat has renewed his goals, now he intends to ally himself to the Disavowed and the Night Guard even if it costs to enter due to its history serving the ARIA, and more important, inspired by Maya, decided that it is going to remake the Lunar Elysium with new members.

And that’s it! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: this is a bit of what i thought about this specific character i hope you enjoyed it. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Here’s what I have so far…will add to later

Name: Catrin
Gender: Male/Robot
Age: 1
Height: 5.11
Weight: 565 lbs
Affiliation: None
Alignment: Evil
Allies: ARIA (former), Kilgore
Enemies: Ultratech, everyone
Fighting Style: Loose grappler/Status over time
Stages: The Pinnacle, Astral Plain

Killer Instinct Season 4 (or Sequel):
Story: (To put it briefly) The reincarnated creator of ARIA, with Ultratech’s tech and Kan-ra’s magic, he has come back from death to prove that he is the ultimate being. Equipped with a stop watch and cane, no one shall stand before him and tiempo de té.


Instinct Mode:
Tú Tiempo Está Corriendo: (HP+HK or HP+LK) Able to perform parries (HP+HK or HP+LK) that activate a 1 second Shadow Time Window. You are able to attack once the move is complete. (Think Arbiter but more cinematic)
Combo Trait:
El Tiempo Es Mi Dama: Certain special attacks and enders can inflict status effects such as inverted movement, losing the ability to jump, and slowed movements.

Unique Attacks:
Cachetada: (f+HP) Attacks with a slap from the back of his hand. Causes stagger.
Cane Trick: (LK) ____ hits the bottom of his cane with his foot, causing it to go upward. Causes a flipout.
Quick Slap: (LP+LP) Target combo that attacks the opponent with two consecutive slaps. Special cancelable

Special Moves:
Time Window: (DPF+P) ____ Walks toward a portal to teleport to his desired location. Can be done mid-air.
LK teleports away from the opponent, mid screen distance backwards.
MK teleports above the opponent, attacking from the front.
HK teleports above the opponent, attacking from the back.

Time Orb: (QCF+P) Sends a blue projectile from his stopwatch that deals low damage but deals 5 seconds of slowness if hits.
LP: A slow projectile that travels full screen.
MP: Fast projectile that stops mid screen for two seconds and disappears.
HP: A slow projectile that gets extremely fast midscreen.

Clutch: (QCB+P) A short range command grab that vacuums the opponent into his stopwatch and then spits them out. Causes inverted movement. Button strength determines range and status time. LP has most range,deals 5 seconds of effect; MP has good range, deals 7 seconds of effect; HP has least range, deals 10 seconds of effect. EFFECT CAN NOT STACK, only reset.

Ask any questions or suggestions that you have

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Love the concept of the character. Real imagination and interesting, wonder how he would look like exactly

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Wait a minute, i will try to sent a image or a video of how he can be.

I did one on the naga’s before. I’ll have to pull it up

I still think that IG dropped the ball hard when it came to The Tiger Spirit, Jago & Gargos.

Rather than Gargos be like “lul there never was a tiger spirit, I just made it up so Omen could corrupt you”…

I think it’d be a better story if The Tiger Spirit DID exist, have it be an Ichorian & make it so Gargos managed to subdue it, put it in a slumber, etc. that way it was easier for him to mimic it & trick Jago.

It wakes up after Omen leaves Jago’s body & forms a pact with Jago, merging it’s power with his own. Just like how Kim Wu & Tusk do with their weapons, which are also Ichorians.

Would make more sense as to why Jago’s tattoos glow when he taps into it’s power & it would expand the plot by a lot rather than just leaving things as “Yep Gargos sure tricked me good, never even was a tiger spirit”.

OR make The Tiger Spirit it’s own character in Season 4 or a sequel. A playable Ichorian would be neat.


alternative mira skin maybe michael the vampire lord ?