Character idea: Dr Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde / Power-up Character

I was thinking in a power up character like Hakan, and then this came to my mind. Of course name is a placeholder, and it can be changed(examples below):

Imagine a character very mobile, with low damage options and elusive. That’s Dr. Jekyll. Dr Jekyll has a special meter that can be charged with a special move, wich takes a bit to complete. The move only has one version, so its motion can be PPP or K K K. It can be used as combo ender. Jekyll needs to do this move 10 times to charge his meter. If used as ender, it gives many stocks as KV meter. Once he has all the stocks, performing one more time the move transform him in Mr. Hyde(animation like ARIA’s instinct).

As Mr. Hyde, the character it’s still very mobile, with very high damage, good dashes, overheads and a command grab that leads to combos. He has around 10 seconds, then he reverts to Dr. Jekyll. Instinct transforms automatically Dr. Jekyll in Mr. Hyde for 15 seconds.

The character archetype can be used in another examples like:

-Aristocratic vampire transforms into a more “Nosferatu” alike vampire
-A Hydra gets multiple extra heads. Of course this Hydra would be like Riptor’s size
-Human hibrid transforms in a demon(think in something like Illidan from WOW)

What do you think about this guys?


I’ve thought of something like that for an Ultratech mad scientist.

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I like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde movie but I don’t want them in KI. Vampire could use power-up. If you use Vampire’s instinct mode then he will become Bat demon form! So, what do you think?


Thats my point.

As concept it suits in many characters.

If Sabrewulf wasn’t in the game, my first suggestion would be a human-werewolf

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No. Human-puppy is better than werewolf! : D

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