A vampire for season 3

Not sure if you guys saw this movie but he was a good Dracula. If they do make a Dracula character hope he looks similar. Elegant and deadly, that’s what I would call a vampire. Give him monster vampire transformation after draining a certain amount of blood.


That I saw! And I like it! Mix that with Underworld!

Maybe someone already post this but the topic is too long to find it but what are the vampire’s attacks? Speed, teeth, claws, black magic, are the only attacks i can think of; and perhaps bats to use as projectiles to catch blood from opponents. But what other attacks can it use?

I would see the blood meter allow the vampire to create weapons and of course for one of his special moves to summon bats. It’ll be taken from Sabrewulf.

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I posted earlier about a character idea. A character weak and fast, that can transform himself in a powered up version of himself. A vampire could fit in this idea, giving him a command grab that fills a “blood meter”. Once full, the vampire transforms into his true form.

His weaker form could be a “victorian” vampire, and his powered up version a “nosferatu” vampire(a huge one).

This is the original thread if you want to share your thoughts

Power-Up character topic

Perhaps this bloodometer could replace the instinct bar. He/she would be the first character to have a different mechanic instead of instinct. Maybe it fills faster than instinct, so he/she could activate it more often, but it doesn’t last as long?
I’d like to see him/her turn from attractive to scary when it’s active.

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Actually I like the idea, we have characters that change stage boundaries, steals or blocks shadow meter, even a character without shadow meter.

The problem would be Spinal. What are you stealing from a character without instinct when Spinal should steal your Instinct?

Also, Instinct fills with damage, giving comeback potential. Should blood meter fill with damage? That cripples the character comeback potential

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If Omen can lock out fulgore pips, spinal should drain blood meter instead of instinct.

Maybe instead of blood, it’s an enrage meter. Maybe say it fills more slowly but either lasts longer or gives more advantages than most instincts. Like thunder’s shadow dash plus wulf’s extra damage and also causes a certain command throw to steal life, along with the usual frame advantages/cancels.

I’m just going to say this now: Killer Instinct NEEDS a vampire/vampire-type character and Season 3 in all likelihood is going to receive one soon during its development process :wink: :sunglasses:

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I want a male vampire with a sense of fashion who works as a head of a fashion corporation that has “been in the family” for years (Like 200-300) He is a daywalker (meaning he can be outside in the day but he doesnt prefer it at all). This stylish vampire can get scary on a dime at night, his alignment is neutral good in the story. He doesnt kill people like he used to to feed like he did along time ago and now he relatively wants things to workout for human kinds interests. To have an idea of what he might look like think of remy from sf3 but more flamboyant.

This is the personality Id like for KI’s Vampire.

The only gameplay things I believe he must have are that he must have a command grab that drains his openers life and give him potential health as white life. He also must have an ender dedicated to the life drain. Instinct mode must make him look like a hideous creepy vamp. During his dash he should turn into bars.

What did you guys think of my [vampire concept?]

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it would be awesome if the vampire wears formal attire with a side cape and hood

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This is just my opinion, but with it seeming like characters from other “dimensions” being the season 3 theme, I would like to see Gabriel Belmont possibly brought in as a guest character, or if they make a unique vampire, at least use him as a guide by which to build the vampire around. He had such a varied moveset that would lend well to making awesome looking combos out of, plus the light/dark magic enhancements Gabriel has would make for an interesting Instinct mode or secondary ability where when activated you could choose from either enhanced damage or healing (maybe nerfed to just enhanced defense?) & different combo enders when either are activated than normal or shadow enders.

This is what I’m afraid of with the inclusion of Rash because it is now easy to go off track. The same problem that plagued KI2 in which IG do not want to do is the Time Travel shtick and using the excuse “just because Time Travel”. Well now that is the same trap because with the Portals and the inclusion of Rash, we can just put anyone and everyone in this game why? “Just because Portals man”. This is the slippery slope that was well avoided in Season 1 and 2 and makes me uneasy now with Rash’s introduction to KI, now Gabriel Belmont and My Little Pony, and Samus Aran, Mickey Mouse are all viable characters…All they need to do is bring Gargos through that portal, maybe minions of his or those put in stasis with him (possibly Tusk, Kim Wu) and that is it

I’d rather stick to a REAL vampire!

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Me too son, me too

But what about a dhampir? We had Blade.

And I love the Underworld vampire movie series.

I like that idea too, but I don’t like Blade. I still would rather have the classy, Victorian, dangerously sexy vampire like Gary Oldman pulled off in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, or something very similar to that.