Your Season 3 Character Wishlist?


You don’t need to like every character in the game. I hate Saira and Saberwulf, but I’m happy that people who enjoy them have them as options in the game.

Green Arrow’s my favourite superhero – so I forced myself to learn to play him in ‘Injustice’ – and Kung Jin instantly clicked for me in MKX. Which isn’t to say that an archer character in KI would need to play like either of them – and they play differently – but it’s a style that doesn’t exist in the game yet, and I think the developers could do something interesting with the idea.

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Eagle would be the archer of this game. I’m pretty sure that’s his weapon of choice.

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i think this season 3 should focus more on gargos and eyedol story. therefore more monsters and evil dark demon dudes should show up as new characters imo.

vampire would be easy to fit into that theme, i would like to see a black knight looking dude with full set of armor. bonus points if its a dark faerie. ultra points if it has a scyth

all of my yes…take it…take it all!!!

They Scythe-based character… If it makes it in, I do hope its theme is close to the One Winged Angel from Advent Children.

The way the composition can jump between tempos and mixes of instruments (including vocal instruments) has me hoping for a more Dream Theatre-like guitar experience with KILLLER classic instruments (oh ya, Mozart and the like are killer).

Actually, my favourite Mozart overture that has a great gaming loop to it:

Both sound pieces are definitely components a being that would invoke the spirit of death would use.

I was thinking in a Power-up character, something similar to Hakan, but more “Killer Instinct alike”.

I expand this idea in this post: Power up Character.

It would be a “Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde” archetype, but can be used in multiple characters concept.

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quick question how do i change my username. when i login the website chose a rather…irritating name for myself

  1. Kin Wu
  2. Tusk
  3. Gargos
  4. A Vampireish/Sucubus character
  5. A Witchish/Magician/Voodoo one too
  6. Eyedol
  7. Rash
  8. Medic/Faust/Nurser/Hyde Jekyll

NO MORE KAMEOS/GUEST be creative please

Rash is nice, and I would like Phantom Dust kameo too, but c’mon, they break the theme hardtime!
And are lazy creatively thinking IMO, stop with Marcus Phoenix/Master Chief etc. pls.

and that’s pretty much all I could ever want for S3.

for the other guest, I’m thinking Volggar

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Nah nah nan a nahhhhhhhh

I’m going further.
I’m going to predict “archetypes” according the season 1 & 2 tendencies.

1- Male “good alignment” poster guy, maybe with some conflict: Jago-TJ-Tusk
2- Female “good alignment” poster girl: Maya-Orchid-Kim Wu
3- Beast character: Sabrewulf-Riptor-New character
4- Elemental user,maybe alien/alien influence: Glacius-Cinder-New character
5- Big, intimidating character: Thunder-Aganos-Eyedol
6- Good mobility character with good mix ups, first new character of each season, maybe evil?: Sadira-Kan-Ra-New character
7- Undead, creepy character: Spinal-Hisako-New character(vampire!)
8- Shadow energy character: Shago-Omen-Gargos
9- Ultratech member, cibernetic: Fulgore-ARIA-New character

Guest characters are harder to fit there.

What do you think about this?

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New character - Shark man
I don’t want undead vampire please… Vampire is live forever!

Season 3 Wishlist

  1. Rash (Guest)
  2. Dude from Scalebound or an Agent from Crackdown (Guest)
    3.Kim Wu
  3. Tusk
  4. Eyedol
  5. Gargos
  6. A Vampire
  7. A Water themed Character
  8. An Archer
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A Water themed Character? That will be very interesting!

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Bayonetta would be a good fit for a quest character, IMO.

Conker, I think Conker would be amazing in KI.

Kim Wu
Second Guest (My guess, Johanna Dark)
New Character 1
New Character 2
New Character 3
New Character 4

I don’t think we’ll see Eyedol, if anyone get’s left behind, it’ll be him. And I honestly wouldn’t care. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think many people would.

I, at least, prefer Eyedol before everybody but Fulgore, Spinal and Gargos