Character Backstory - The Lycanthrope's Tale

Another week, another backstory for you to digest…

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“AAAARRRROOOOOOOO!!!” :full_moon:


So he is learning new ways to pounce on and surprise his many enemies. Possible new move???

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Are they going to be focusing on a more patient playstyle for his Season 3 changes?

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Nice story.

Additionally, with each character update we’ll also highlight an upcoming change that character is receiving (or we’re considering) as part of the season 3 rebalance.

So no changes for ole Sabrewulf for S3? I’m fine with that. I have no beef with Sabey.

How come these new stories aren’t being copy/pasted to the Character Bio pages?

That tease is hidden in the blurb about Sabrewulf.

The character pages are actually in the process of being redesigned to allow for these in-depth bios.


Pretty sure that heavily alludes to a possible upcoming change.

Oh nice! My guess is that he’s getting his old pounce attack, and the ability to hold the button down to hold him in that pouncing stance. Would LOVE to see that move return! Wonder if he’s able to do that off of run or if it’ll be a separate special move (ie a new opener) entirely?

Can’t wait to see what IG does with him! Really hoping he gets a few more tools to work with. He’s my favorite character, but compared to some of the season 2 characters, he feels like he could some more flash, some more style, and just more to do overall, even if he is a higher tier character from a utilitarian standpoint.

As for the story, I enjoy it. While I know I’ll never get my dream of fighting as a human Sabrewulf that can turn in to the wolf (and back at will during a match), I still enjoy that his story is one of excess, addiction, pain, and his desire to return to what he once was.

I also like that it explains how he’s trying to fix himself in greater detail, where he originally came from and how he fits time-wise with what Ultratech’s doing, and his overall place. Very well done. Still hope to see these in game, but I’m more than happy to read them now online as well.

Can’t wait to see the next one! Bring on Glacius. :smile:


ah thanks for the info. I thought the weekly bio updates were originally going to highlight the changes.
Another tease, ok. See ya in 2016!

Sounds like Wulf will get to charge his pounce move like in KI2? maybe?

I find it so screwy that he optained the lycanthroby just from cutting himself due to his bumblings. Sounds like Wulf’s own addictions got him into even more addictions.


My bet:
Wulf gains a move similar to Glacius liquidize: he eludes projectiles by putting himself laying in the ground. He can cancel this move into Hamstring or Leaping dash

Edit: also, from now and forever, he is Konrad xD
Edit 2: thanks Fwufikins!


I can be of assistance!
Light low=Hamstring
Medium Overhead=Leaping Slash.

As far as OP goes… I’m not sure whether to be more or less sympathetic for Wulf XD
Though I’m happy to see that they’re mostly sticking with the old story on this one as well.
Excited to see what this patient new move is. I’m with @JEFFRON27 that it could be his charge pounce from the old games.
Curious though; what purpose will it serve? Will it be like Hisako, giving Sabrewulf a means to counter opponents?


I figured Sabrewulf was German, his old name was Count von Sabrewulf (“von” in german, usually means “of”, so i figured “Sabrewulf” was a family clan name, so i figured it was Count of Sabrewulf or Count of the Clan Sabrewulf) honestly glad that was confirmed


Woah poor sabrewulf has had a pretty messed up life :crying_cat_face: I like the tie in to the Night Guard! I’m glad to finally know more about him too! Good stuff! I’m surprised to not see anything about what his actions our plans are during S1 or 2 though.

He is learning new ways to pounce on and surprise his many enemies.

I’m thinking this means he’ll get another attack out of his run. The patience thing makes me think it might be a stop to his run possibly. Either that or something about his feral cancels.

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I like ‘Hair of the Dog’ :wink: You’d think someone would put a “Do not touch” sign on the sensitive relics!

I think they’re changing his Overpower to a charged leaping Command Grab of sorts. Highly punishable on block if not fully charged, but you know, Feral Cancels, and on full charge, opens the opponent up to combos. A more reliable way to get through certain moves?

Being able to pounce off the wall when back-dashing would be cool too :slight_smile:

I read that last line and what I heard was:

“Sabrewulf needs to be more patient”

Damn right he does…


A Leaping Command Grab that’s Low-Invulnerable, High-Crush (leaps over many standing attacks), Overhead, can be Delayed Indefinitely, and can grab opponents Out of the Air similar to Maya’s Mantis.

The attack acts out with Sabrewulf suddenly getting in a “predator stance” of sorts then leaping paws ready at the opponent as he lands he begins to quickly maul and ravage the enemy with bites and slices as he somersaults off switching sides with you. The Attacks recovery can be Shadow Cancelled into his Ultra Ender animation that acts as a Re-Stand to open the opponent into a full combo. This re-stand is not a recapture so the opponent can counter your very next move if you Re-stand them. Similar to TJ Combo’s advantage Ender. Like I said before, it takes a shadow bar to Re-Stand the opponent otherwise the overhead-grapple ends in a side switching somersault.

This Attack is named ‘Lunatic’. Luna like Moon, get it?

Q:would Gargos be offering, Sabrewulf his humanity as a boon for an attack dog?

Q:Are their others in the Sabrewulf family whose still in the business of hunting werewolves?

Q:Is there something else in his DNA thats causing the sudden permanence of the lycanthropy? (gasp! vampires!)

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add new or unseen artwork if possible!


I like the back story for this and Jago so far. Looks like each character will be getting a little bit more added to them move wise thought that was already confirmed. Possibly might replace the run or by hitting all three kicks at once wulf will be able to enter this new pounce stance and have moves that are associated with it a bit like ling xioyu from the tekken series with her pheniox stance.