Character Backstory - The Lycanthrope's Tale

I don’t think it’ll be smeting like that. Sicne that kinda make shim a bit to similar to Riptor in that since.

Though I’m still not sure my only hunch is maybe he can hold his pounce move while running if he wanted to. Sort of a good way to fake your enemy into blocking medium and then just release it when ever ya want when they think it’s safe to let go. But hey, it’s all hunch.

Hmmmm I’m thinking an Overhead or a Command Grab? IDK what else it could tease at.

Wow, this one is really great. Sabrewulf has always been a really tragic character so I’m glad that has been kept intact. Gotta feel bad for him for what he went through at Ultratech’s hands. :[ We finally get an actual name for him! Also, it’s nice to see them spinning together some bits from the older games with what’s happening in this reboot to provide more context; the Night Guard’s monster-hunting traditions provide a backdrop for his transformation that we didn’t get before. Might he and Maya cross paths in Season 3? Might she have knowledge of some secrets of the Night Guard that may aid in his return to human form? I guess only time will tell!

Also if this pattern keeps up it means Glacius will be next week. Be still, my beating heart! I hope he remains a stalwart, noble character who persists and triumphs over any hardships that get thrown his way, that was one of the things that I found really uplifting about his story from the old games. ;w;

same here, I’m also excited t see what glacius has been up to

The new tool rewards patience… chargeable projectile invunerable move?


Id lke to call to attention a demand for the human sabrewulf.
This would be so awesome as an altenative to see the anguished male half -wolf in tattered clothing, pouncing like a beast, i imagine a lot like thunder body frame as a similar look to Beast from X-men. Crazed hairstyle, barefoot and minimal victorian style clothing in the one alter ate but with a human model frame, maybe in a half turned state (to satisfy the instinct growth property)

Awesome alternate skin, just thinking about it makes me want to learn more sabrewulf tech

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And here I thought he’d be fighting in the Killer Instinct tournament for years and that his arms were broken, replaced with cybernetics throughout every competition like a wild animal.

Now that is a really great, neat, and cool NEW UPDATED backstory on AND for the 2nd KI character in the current KI cast/roster, Sabrewulf :smile:

I couldn’t help but hear Max’s voice reading the narrative out loud as I was reading. But that’s ok dood.

As a proud Sabrewulf main, I…

  • will not judge him for banging smack on the reg
    — thought that he abused adderal to perform feral cancels anyway

  • but seriously, I think he’ll turn into an innovative ‘alchemist’ type who can use potions to regenerate (then temp debuff), or increase damage (then temp debuff), or limited incendiary potions for a bit of ranged attack.

Looking forward to it!

There’s No chance of getting in trouble with parents because of the drug references s there?

“He is learning new way***s*** to pounce on and surprise his many enemies.”

Im glad to see this. it seems he might be getting more than one new overhead which I think will help his game greatly.

I still feel his Shadow jumping slash could benefit from more range considering most other advancing shadow moves for other cast cover quite a bit of ground and shadow ragged edge is such a slow move.

I like the ideas about another charge move, to go with overpower. But I really dont see them getting rid of overpower its such a good move for wulf, yet balanced.

With the changes coming to Season 1 and 2 characters in Season 3, will we still be able to use Season 1 and 2 characters without the changes? I would hate to spend time learning another character now to only have the character change next season.

do you mean some kind of “edition select”? It did not happen in S1 and I don’t think will happen in S2. They want everybody playing the same game.

So long as they don’t drastically chane Fulgore I’m fine with it. Cinder is fine the way he is in my opinion even though he has some trouble with Glacius.

I also think Riptor is fine to, because if you’re actually smart with her you can do alot with her as it is.

Just wait till inferno gets patched. Then the Cinder v Glacius match up will be more even. Trust me.

See, here’s the issue. While some people believe giving a “Season Select” option would be beneficial for people who loved S1 and hate S2, it leads to a bigger problem. This sort of thing would fracture and split the community, and that could only lead to disaster within our player base.

I don’t think it’s that bad. I find inferno pretty useful aainst Glacius still. it’s handy for dealing with armor it’s a matter of me using it at the right moment. The trouble I usually have with Glacius is getting in. However the pyrobombs are useful for this. They’re not exactly gimmickey like others say. especially when it’s got a good use like that.

That being said I don’t mind the MU so much like I use to. it’s actually a fun challenge.

It is useful. But the fact that’s it’s unsafe (maybe even on hit) right now makes it impractical at the moment.

I think Fulgore will get some new moves or attributes the same as the other characters. Seems so far Jago and Wulf are getting something new, possibly all the members as well. I think a new move rather than something to change what he already has. Only thing I could think is maybe a reflect projectile attack.

I don’t think that it would split the community if done the right way. If they did it like USFIV where you could only do it during an exhibition mode and for ranked you have to play the standard S3 characters, I believe that would work out.