Character Backstory - The Firecat's Summoning

We’re sure that by now you’ve realized that we are going in order of character’s original announcements, which leads us to Orchid

Read her full bio here: The Firecat’s Summoning - Killer Instinct


Thanks for this! Very Interesting story! Worth the delay IMO. This makes me want to play Orchid really bad now. I play her brother, so why not her? Lol.


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Joanna Dark as SWD affiliate
Don’t understand the Jacob Jago reference

So if she gets an ultimate what would it include?

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Her grandmother could be a character in season 3 with

So does the element of surprise denote her returning lasagne for ultimate combo??

What specifically made you want to play her after 2 years

This backstory makes me thinking even more about Joanna Dark making it as a guest. Someone outside this plot with high spionage skills has to investigate whats happening and help Orchid.

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Okay, just finished reading the story. Just…wow…I’m speechless, and it finally solves the mystery of Jago and Orchid’s familial connection. I always knew they were siblings, but wasn’t sure if they were full-blooded related or half.

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Holy ■■■■!! What an epic story!

Half way through I was thinking you guys needed to go back and revise the older bios, but then this one hit on a lot of the “missing” info, and answered many of my questions.

  • I love the fact that you hit on Jago’s back-story a bit, though I still want more…

  • I love the “Jacob” / “Jay-go” bit, though it took me a second to realize that “Jacob” was her father’s name…but I love it!

  • I love that Eagle was incorporated here!

Overall, great job! I love the attention to detail, and just love what you’ve done here top to bottom.


This story was awesome. Though it’s inconsistent with one thing: the firecat in game is in no way powerful enough to blow up an office or even a car LOL.

“Element of Surprise?” Really curious as to what that could mean in a fighting game.

Amazing. What a great story. From her beginning, up through her military development, to The Disavowed, her connections to Eagle and Jago, Maya and TJ… A great, well written, compelling history for a great character. Definitely worth the wait!

I also liked how it started and how it developed in to where she ended up. I was confused at first, wondering where the military aspect would come in to play or even IF it would, but it all tied together nicely.

I also really enjoyed the familial connections, her emotional journey, the trials and tribulations she’s dealt with along the way and how wronged she’s really been by Ultratech… Honestly, she feels like a multi-dimensional, fully realized character after reading that. I wasn’t overly expecting so much in that regard, so I’m pleasantly surprised.

Another connection to Eagle really makes me hope that he’s in the game either as a main roster character or a hidden unlockable roster character or something along those lines. I’m also interested in finding out more on The Disavowed. I really hope we get another member of that team playable in the game.

Really, you guys are creating a deep and engrossing storyline here, connecting characters to their history, each other, and the overall plotline. That’s a difficult needle to thread, and I for one appreciate how well you’re doing it. These characters are virtually popping off the page and it leaves me wanting more every time. Well done, and I can’t wait for Spinal next week!!

As for Orchid’s moves… Hmm… Is she possibly getting a teleport? Perhaps a variation on the smoke bomb that turns her invisible? Like some sort of reflective camo or something along those lines? Either way, I’ll be really curious to see what she ends up with.


That happens a lot in fighting games.

Liu Kang’s fireball downs helicopters in MKX, and one of Akuma’s attacks in the Alpha Series has the power to split mountains.

Honestly, this just goes to show the level of durability of these characters. The more feats like these that there are, the better we can quantify how powerful they are, both in what they can dish out, and what they can take.

I think it is awesome how much detail they went in to with her, and then they let us know that Jago is stronger. This story shed a ton of light on Orchid, but also rounds out the world of KI that much more as well.

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Well, if you’re in an office, a fire could burn it down. If a fire hits a car just right, it could blow up the gas tank, causing an explosion. I don’t know if we’re meant to think that this attack is massively powerful so much as we’re meant to think it’s really unique that she has it in the first place.

Orchid’s full bio was definitely worth the wait! I feel Iron Galaxy really did her justice with this back story.

Orchid’s history was so beautifully etched out - I felt like I was reading the bio for a real person (minus the firecat stuff, lol). It was great to read in her bio how she relates to some of the other characters, and how they relate to each other in terms of the overall story arch.

I loved the genesis of her firecat too! It was done in a way that wasn’t unbecoming. That spy hint: I’m quite curious to see if/how they address any changes for her in the future. Maybe they’ll change some of the properties on her grenade for stealth? Maybe she’ll turn invisible when she first activates her instinct until she summons a second firecat? Who knows?!? I’m really excited for this character again.

Great job IG!!!


I hoped for Orchid’s relation to Jago as bro and sis!


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Orchid’s back story was pretty interesting, and now I look forward to seeing what kind of fighting she’ll be bringing to the table with these, surprizes lol.

Can’t wait to see Spinal for next week!


So her father’s body was never recovered, interesting.

Eagle was also mentioned again.


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Amazing story! And… I can’t wait for next week they reveal Spinal’s REAL NAME.


Outstanding Bio IG! Love the military correlation almost seems real!!

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So Jago is American-Pakistan…

I don’t much mind Orchid’s story, my biggest gripe is how close the writing is clinging too much on real life names and organizations. I mean, I don’t want to take from the writers - they are hard working and I must say I love the direction with the exception of having to lean on outside influences. I wouldn’t say it is lazy, simply that it doesn’t allow the story to live up to its full potential by adding elements on the KI and creating their own so that we can embrace it, not embrace what we already know.

For example, Seal Team 6, I mean - writers rely too much on the works of Seal Team as a crutch. Don’t get me wrong they are legitimate soldiers who are heavily trained, but writers often use the name after the Bin Laden operation. It would’ve been nice to perhaps create an organization so that their is more of a connection to the characters. As for Jacob, I guess it works and it is a creative approach but somehow it feels awkward. Perhaps, that is because of my attachment to the character but I feel like he was given the name Jago by the monks at the monastery and his real name is like Kyle or something unrelated. Just seems like they would have to forcefully make that connection that Jago knew his name or the mother told his name to the monks. Jago sounds like an Asian name as is, not something that originated because of bad pronunciation.

I digress however, I don’t want to be shunned by the community or even dev team by any means. I will emphasis, I generally like the story and have been avidly following and connecting all plots to see how they come together (creative writing ftw!). Again, thanks for the hard work but I hope that my points are somewhat considered by the community and considered as food-for-thought by the writer.

I believe the someone in the development team said that any guest character wasn’t going to be implemented into the story but only the gameplay, correct me if I’m wrong though.

I like how this story ties into KI1, the KI comics, and the season 2 endings. Just like the Jago story, it works. Well done.

I am worried by no mention of eyedol in the cover op of orchid…