Character Backstory - Murder of Crows

Thunder grew up on a Nez Perce reservation in Idaho with his younger brother Eagle. They were the grandchildren of a chief, and their parents were both tribal police officers who encouraged their boys to “walk with the law,” keeping the moral high-ground and refusing to give in to negativity and vice. The brothers studied hard in school and were gifted athletes. Thunder was built like a mountain and played football, while Eagle was a wrestler and amateur boxer.

Read Thunder’s entire bio here: Murder of Crows - Killer Instinct


I like it already. Nice that Thunder was actually Modern, turned into what he is now. And Sammamish? Oooooh. That will be interesting. Thanks for this epic journey so far! Can’t wait for more!

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How much you wanna bet they are going to change the Sammamish ender? I think it would make total sense because as of now it is useless. They might make the Sammamish ender provide a Call of Sky instinct dash, that would be neat.

Favorite backstory so far

Now that is a great backstory for Thunder! Eagle an Ultimate fighter and wrestler very interesting! Good job guys!

Thunder with a recapture seems very frightening.

So far my favorite backstory, but I’m excited to see what they have for my Sadira next week.

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Sorry, but I have a major problem with this one. You completely changed his design to lower the racism in his visuals, but then you put him on a reservation, give him a (assumed) chopper, and have him do vision quests. Huge disparities here, guys.

Anyway, Sammamish changes, huh? Interesting. I wonder if Skyfall will become unbreakable or get different strengths…


I’m just imagining Thunder as the Ultimate running back: Worried that someone could bring him down? Just instinct dash through for the touchdown :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome back-story. Nice to see it links both the classic games, a new early life, and the modern story.
Interesting to hear Sammamish getting a buff. Will it do more damage? Multi-hitting? Safer or faster perhaps? Maybe a recapture?


Wow, really well done! Love the historical accuracy, the way his quest played out, and also his alliance with Aganos. That was really cool!

It makes me wonder if we’ll find out who killed Thunder’s parents. Really hope we get some sort of resolution to the Eagle / Fulgore thing, like either Thunder rescuing his brother and then Eagle becoming a playable character with a sweet MMA style with takedowns and ground combos and what not, or perhaps Fulgore gets an Eagle skin where he’s like a human / cyborg hybrid?

Either way, really loving these so far! All four of them have been great, and I’m really looking forward to Sadiras next Monday! Finally, something to look forward to on a Monday. :smile:

Oh, and as for his Sammamish? I’d love it if they added an air throw as a second option to the normal down FK option at the end. I’d like to see him get more in his throw game. Still kinda hoping that Call of the Sky gets looked at again, but either way, this has me curious.

How are any of these things racist? Native Americans can live on reservations. The Nez Perce tribe has a reservation in northwestern Idaho where Thunder’s background references he’s from. They can also drive motorcycles. It’s a somewhat popular form of travel.

Vision quests are also seen as a rite of passage in some Native American cultures, including the Nez Perce tribe. The weyekin that’s referenced in his story comes from the Nez Perce language and represents a spiritual force or inspiration that one achieves by going on a vision quest.

In order to receive the weyekin, a young boy or girl (age 12 to 15) would go on a vision quest to an awe inspiring location, they would fast, and they would focus until nearly comatose and the weyekin would reveal itself in the form of a mammal or bird or a non-mammal such as wind or lightning. A person’s weyekin is said to be very personal, and stayed with a person until death.

Given how much the character in this game looked at and learned of his tribe’s past, I’d say that it’d be more than natural for Thunder to go on a vision quest and everything in his story regarding the Nez Perce is factual from a historical standpoint.

Would you care to explain how any of this stuff would be considered racist given the historical accuracy here?


Sammammish goes full screen and is invincible on recovery and able to get hit only after he recovered. :stuck_out_tongue: Well maybe he can cancel his Sammammish with a instinct dash charge in the air?

I love this! and it just makes me feel even more empathetic for the big guy. Mostly because being a brother myself I can relate heavily to this.

His Sammish is getting a change? sounds interesting to me.

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I think Sammish will get more options out of it like the ole Tomahawk move from KI1.

God this was SO good. Guys you really are DELIVERING.

Gargos threat is more and MORE inminent each step.

Two quickies:

Im dying to know how Rash will fit on all of this (but with the dimensional/extraterrestial stuff happening, I guess its ok)

AND… When I readed “Thunder built like a Mountain”…



He is THE mountain.

Keep it up IG.

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I liked this a lot. Best title of the backstories by a longshot.


Just read the story. I thought I had seen it all, with the football thing and all. I wonder what Thunder’s favorite football team is, lol.

Also looking forward to Sadira’s story next Monday (Maybe we can find out why she has Jago as her rival in S1)


Maybe The Chiefs


“Improving Sammamish”

Slams head repeatedly against table

Also, it’s hard to imagine Thunder driving a car and a motorcycle LOL


Well, if you look at the accessories, which a few regards the prison and the motorcycle look, it would make sense

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Meh that was long lol

Yep. Instead of just having the stomp after Sammish, he’ll have something like a angled dive kick except with his tomahawk using HP.