Chance for S4 announcement at E3?

I know there’s already a topic somewhat similar to this I’d say. But nor exactly what I’m proposing here. I want to know what y’all think are the chances of the likelihood of season 4 being announced at E3 ? I think Microsoft is gonna bring the heat this year with Scorpio and all that good stuff. Phil spencer has stated numerous times that he’s very happy with KI and where it’s at, and what it’s done. So are we thinking season 4 announcement will happen or no ? As excited as I am for the new third character, I’d honestly be pretty bummed if that was it. Just my honest feeling toward the matter.

i’m not expecting it, but i’ll be very happy if it happens.


More remixes???
What a season 4 has to offer? More likely if they remix everyone and variation are established for Killer Instinct. Missing ultimates for the rest of the chars…
No mercy?! New game mode? An overhaul through arcade including season 3 cast. Not much like it’s gonna happen.

Not expecting much.

Not expecting anything but maybe more ultimates

I said all i really expect at E3 is for IG/MS to come and talk about games. It sounded like a joke but honestly, they explained everything that’s inside the Scorpio already. E3 is where id hope they’d show off software to get people like me, owners of an Xbox, a good reason to consider buying it.

What has me kinda curious is this Xbox Arena support they intend to pair with KI. Tournament support like that is something i feel they’d pair with something that they feel has longevity. Or it could be a decision that’s too little too late; been nearly a year since it got announced and still in testing. Wouldnt be the first MS fubar…

Then there’s all the “smoke” from various MS stuff. Surveys, that live event in NYC awhile back, so on. Granted, Rukari out and out called those false as far as the KI3 flubs. But there are the ones that either did target KI specifically, or had questions you could assume would target KI.

Then theres something Goddard said in regards to Ultimates. Something along the lines of stuff they had to give up in order to make Ultimates happen. Firmly believe he wasn’t talking of a S4, BUT…to give something(s) up means theres still stuff, at least, planned if not in production. That was at KIWC.

Its because of that, that if you ask me chances at a S4, id put it at a solid 5% chance.

Expect nothing…

Hope for everything…


I can barely learn to play four characters properly over a year. KI has enough content for me.


Gamescom seems more likely for KI season 4 if anything.

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Sadly, I’m not expecting it. But I feel like if there is no S4 announcement at E3 then the chances of a S4 are very, very (very) slim.

I just wonder how many players will drop KI the minute they know KI is done making seasons.

I imagine it will be like every other video game that has ever existed.
Some will continue to play while others will move to other games.
It doesn’t really matter how many leave since their will always be fans of the game playing.

As for the topic, I don’t think there will be a season 4 so I don’t see it being announced at E3, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:

That’s how I feel too. I love the game and all of the great combat it provides. There are tons of different matchups to master, so I’m 100% happy with the game as is (of course, I’m open for bug fixes). I actually want more time with the game (like 2 or 3 more years to be honest) to really learn and discover the matchups and enjoy them before a new KI is out, and we have to learn everything all over again, and possibly lose our favorite character(s) in the newer iteration.

That being said, I’ll still buy anything KI. I plan on buying the Aganos gold pack and cant wait for the 1st 15 ultimates to all be in. For me, I dont know how they can do a season 4. But I’m still hoping for:

  • ultimates for all characters
  • s1 stage ultras (at minimum spinal’s and sadira’s stages)
  • at least one wall splat (yes, for nostalgia, but I think it’s cool regardless)

If they announce these features, I think they’ll be great.

  • this additional practice mode for newcomers (, could even call it the “situation room” lol … even though the dojo mode is already amazing, this mode can help characters newcomers and vets really understand what to do in certain situations.
  • maybe additional character specific dojo stuff.
  • online training mode
  • ability to swap p1’s character with p2’s character in training mode (pc loads pretty fast, but on xb1 … … … … … lol)

Lastly, if they announce more accessories or stages for all characters, that’s fine and I’ll be happy to support, but I personally dont think it’s necessary to enjoy the core of KI, which is the super fun combat. They should definitely do more seasonal accessories though, that’ll keep the KI jeep riding lol.

The graphics/animations/sound/music and other elements of the game are already great, so that’s all I can think of for additional content. How they can do that into a new season is beyond me. But I’m down to support!

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Maybe, just maybe will see the last character in E3.

With the codename Scorpio model as priority, they need to show what this new box can do.

To be honest the only presentation in E3 that I am looking for is Nintendo’s, but I want to be exited for something new like when Horizon was announced for the PS4, even if everybody else was on the FF7 Remake hype, which I dont care.

Hopefully for the FGC, we will see more MvC:I stuff and Injustice… and also Smash 4 port

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I’d say there’s a high probability of support for the next year at least.

MS exclusives are in the toilet. :arrow_down:️:arrow_down:️:arrow_down:️

they’d be complete idiots not to.

Without looking at SheellShock’s video (at work currently, so can’t play it with the sound on, I’ll check it out later though), 2017 has certainly been the driest time in Xbox One’s calendar that I can remember.

That’s not to say it won’t get better, but outside of Halo Wars, a game in a genre not necessarily known for its massive, triple A console sellers, there’s been virtually nothing in the way of bigger games to get excited about in 2017 and we’re rapidly approaching the halfway point of the year.

That’s not good, especially if MS is coming to E3 with designs on showing off their big new console’s price tag and release date with the hopes that people will be enticed to buy it in the Fall, regardless of the “elite” nature of the Scorpio.

Obviously, MS likes to talk about their 3rd party support, which is still top notch, and they seem to be listening (somewhat) with regards to bringing back classic titles (if Voodoo Vince and Phantom Dust are any indication, even though I’m still thirsting for Crimson Skies 2, MechAssault 3 and Lost Odyssey 2 like crazy lol).

But if MS comes to E3 thinking that Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, the Forza game that some people suddenly care a bit less about than Horizon and some indies like Tacoma, Ashen and the nine billionth showing of Cuphead are going to sell their new hardware, I dunno… That sounds like a hard sell to me, but what do I know, I just play the games, I don’t sell them.

Obviously they’ll show new games. It’s E3 after all and MS has been eerily quiet so far this year on showing off any new games. My hope is that they’re loading up the proverbial cannon to let it all fly at E3 and knock our socks off.

If that’s the case, Killer Instinct seems like somewhat of a no-brainer. They don’t have to take long, all they have to do is have Rukari go up there in his favorite pair of shoes (which shoes ARE your favorite, @rukizzel? Strangely curious what a shoe-phile would call his favorite pair) and say these wonderful, melodious, magical words:

“Thank you everybody. We just wanted to take a moment to let our ever growing Killer Instinct community know that yes, KI IS coming back for a 4th season this Fall and we can’t wait to show you more. It’s going be awesome. In the meantime, we have a special character to show off today, our 3rd and final post-season 3 character, who will be available for purchase today! Take a look.”

Then play that beautiful Eagle trailer. :slight_smile:

Obviously, I have ZERO inside info. I’ve never claimed to have anything of the sort. Just something I really want to see!

But my little KI dream aside, my thinking is that MS needs to cram as many reasons to own a Scorpio in to one show as humanly possible and that KI still has name recognition, but probably wouldn’t cost the amount of a big name, triple A IP. There already appears to be an infrastructure in place that can possibly be continued forward.

Maybe that means adding this 4th season to an existing contract (won’t even pretend to know how that works), but they clearly seem to have a good working relationship with the people making all of this content, so having another announcement at E3, and for a game that Phil seems to like, a game that continues to grow, and content that’s not likely to cost nearly as much as a big budget exclusive as well… I’d have to think they’d put all of this together and assume that this is a good time to have all hands on deck and thus give KI another go.

Here’s hoping!


It will be how Scorpio is some great VR console, then they will show a bunch off games that are already out, but being converted to VR. I think some of the X1 problems at the beginning were because they were trying to focus on a bunch of non game features that very few cared about. “One device for all your electronics” I remember them saying that and thinking “how about just a game console that just plays really great games”.

I agree that MS is not looking good from an exclusives viewpoint. But I’m not sure anyone in the company would really see “more KI” as the answer to that challenge. I think they may not really see it as a problem. Remember, Sony didn’t really get ahead on the strength of their exclusives - which were basically trash for the first 18 months of PS4. It was price, and the fact that it was the most powerful CoD box you could buy. MS may be banking on that to move units of Scorpio. We will see.

Honestly it may just be me, but as far as new content goes lately it seems like the devs were kinda hyping up what was coming down the pipe a bit, and then all of a sudden aside from going ahead and releasing what had a date tied to it it seems like there has been an unusual amount of radio silence, and if development history for KI has shown anything that typically means something worthwhile is on its way. I mean the last time I remember there being this palpable of quiet from the devs was when they were trying to stay tight-lipped about Eyedol…and we all know how that turned out.

I honestly expect something substantial announced about KI at E3.


Well you can never know for sure what may happen at E3 2017 so right now we just have to wait and see for the time being :slight_smile: :wink: