Buying shadow jago with ki gold

Why cant i buy him with the suuuuper useful ki gold that i got from the s3 ultra? He only comes in a bundle with jago (obviously i already have him) and even more super useful ki gold.

Cmon :neutral_face:


bump. This hasn’t gotten the rage it deserves. I’m getting supreme edition for Win 10 but I’m not doing $10 extra for him I don’t even like the Jagos. MS could have handled a lot of the info around this S3 release a lot better.


Because of his entire history as a bonus character and the ways you could previously buy him.


He’s been an elusive bonus character since day one, they’re not going to let you outright buy him alone. EVERY time he’s been sold he’s been part of a bundle. Day one LIVE card got you a free Shago, Community fund got you Shago, KI gold bundle got you a Shago and now this bundle. That’s just how the character is sold, be grateful that they’re even selling him for what the fourth of fifth time when they said he “may never” be sold again.


i think he was complimentary to those who preordered S1. so he wasn’t always extra.

He was essentially a “Pre-order bonus”? I think that means he was extra.

it means he was not extra “money”

Nope. You think wrong. This is flat out false. PLEASE don’t just make up stuff and then post it. It’s nothing but trouble.

Jago was only available as a bonus with a special Day One xbox Live Gold subscription at the launch of S1. People complained because it was somewhat difficult to obtain one of these outside the USA. That was absolutely the only way to get him right up until the Shadow Jago community fund. He has never, ever been “complementary.” Please be careful about the accuracy of what you post.

EDIT: FYI there was no pre-order for S1. It launched the same day as xbox one so no preorder was possible.


Incorect. He was a skin for Jago and was only available for people who bought day 1 Xbox Live subscriptions. In season 2, there was a community fund that resulted in him becoming his own character. If you participated in the fund, you got him as a skin right away, and then several months later he got his unique movement. For a month since that point, you could buy the same bundle tou can buy now, then he was unavailable again.


oh ok point taken.

He needs to go on sale for $1, maybe $5, then we’re talking.

$1 would be a slap in the face to everyone who contributed to the Shadow Jago fund. $5 is the standard price for a character, so that would be fine with me.

Having said that, I don’t have too much sympathy for people getting into the game now. You are getting huge discounts on S1 and S2 so even getting ripped off for Shago at $10 you are WAY ahead of the standard pricing paid by early adopters. Or you could just not buy him.


Technically if you bought Shago the last go round, when he was in the community fund bundle, you got $20 worth of gold and him. You weren’t paying “extra” for Shago then either, as you paid for $20 of KI gold, and got him for free. The same can be said about the Live Card bundle: pay for a year of Live and you get Shago for free (that is how I got him).

The current Shago bundle is what, $10 (a steal mind you) and you get $5 bucks of KI gold and Jago? You are essentially getting $15 bucks worth of stuff for $10. I understand many people will have Jago already seeing as most are getting all / most of the cast in packs, but yeah, the “savings” are there.

All should realize, this is the lowest price he’s been. I understand your grievance, but if you want him, you should get him.


wait what? so it’s a $10 bundle huh? gee I never knew that it’s not like MS told us anything ahead of time about it. maybe i’ll go for it. maybe.


aw man I’m not messing with the xbox store that’s where PC players overpay for stuff. I’ll wait till I get in-game, which is the only way pc players can buy anything, apparently

The greed is out of control, so basically ki gold is useless if you have all seasom ultras, cant even buy shago this is a joke of a currency

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I think they’ll be adding uses for it in future updates, like in Shadow Lords.

But yeah, make no mistake, this whole 18000 KI gold throw in is most definitely haphazard, lazy inflation by MS. it really doesn’t make a lot a sense.

Maximum edition bundle is like $50, + Shago makes it $60 for a standard entry price of games. In addition to free content down the line.

Way less than Street Fighter V + Season Pass.

Apparently KI Gold will be useful in the new Shadow Lords mode. That is what they have been saying anyway.

So does this means that they are making shadow lords into a microtransaction dependant game mode? If thats the case… shame on iron galaxy