Shadow Jago Unlockable with KI Gold?

Is Shadow Jago Unlockable with KI Gold?

No. Please search the forums nex time, there’s at least 2 topics from today discussing the same thing.

I did check the forums, but maybe if u checked the time each thread was posted u would of realised that! As this was created before them.

Get annoyed with people acting like some form of forum police on their high horse talking about “check before u post”. On this occasion u should practice wat u preach

If you don’t want people to call you out, do your own research properly first then, this was posted 3 hours before you.

I did not mean to be rude, there’s been an annoying clutter of new topics for the same crap the past couple of days, as if the search feature didn’t exist.

People can call me out if there is a real need to do so but the posts i saw were done after I posted mine but obviously there can be discrepancies given the increased volume of posts made since S3 launched. If u didn’t mean to be rude then ignore my response lol, from past experience i get defensive when people tell u to do something u already did/know to do. I even posted it in the Shadow Jago section to try and keep the forums cleaner lol

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