Buying shadow jago with ki gold

Dependent? Probably not. They said you can pay KI gold to speed up the process, but the mode is like an indefinite quest mode where you can unlock / craft items.

The greed is out of control, so basically ki gold is useless if you have all seasom ultras, cant even buy shago this is a joke of a currency

Do you honestly think they would give you tons of KI gold that can’t buy anything because you already got it all with ultra? Calm down, breath deep, and give this some thought. They will be far more you can spend KI gold on later this season. They have confirmed as much.

Except most people don’t want Jago or the KI MIcrotransction money, so its paying extra for something that isn’t needed.

Yeah, they did, it will be used to make things faster in shadow lords mode, so they added another use to people who want to play the game the way games are meant to be played and not paying for a shortcut.

I get it. Lol! At the time when I got Shago I didn’t need XBL, but yeah, I hear you. That doesn’t change the theme of his release though. Though Shago has been the focus of each bundle he is released in, you never buy him directly, as technically each time you are paying for something else just to get him.

Which was fine when he wasn’t an actual character, but now he is, and its a bit ridiculous, and this is coming from someone who has him. I was lucky enough to get him for free from someone on gamefaqs.

IDK. They want him to be super special, premium content, and that is how they are treating him. Fine with me. They way they are positioning him, he can be used to drive more community fund type things, or what ever else they choose to do with him.

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Its stupid to lock a character behind special conditions if you ask me. He was special for a good 2 years, just let people buy him normally now.

He’s not a “normal” character though. He’s an add on that was created through the community fund. He’s a special character. Omen is “special” to, as he is a bonus character. You can’t normally buy him can you? You MUST by a character pack to get him, right?

I still feel because of his exclusivity that he should be banned from tournies. I have him so its meh, but I feel exclusivity should end at some point.

Yeah, and its stupid for omen too. Just because they did 2 exclusive characters doesn’t make it right. I have them both, and its still ridiculous

It isn’t wrong though. Honestly I feel awkward defending MS here, but the bottom line is that they are building incentives into these characters.

It is very wrong, which is why you don’t see any other fighting game trying something like it. IF they are going to make them exclusive, then people need to at least have the option to ban them from being played. Sort of like how Street Fighter 2 on 360 you could ban Akuma

“Wrong” and “right” are objective terms. It isn’t wrong or right for MS to make a character rare or exclusive, regardless if you agree or not. That is just a decision that they made. What other FGs do, or don’t do, really don’t apply here.

And people do have the option to ban him in tournament, thing is…people, the community, hasn’t. The community chose to make him a legal tournament character, not MS.

I think its wrong to lock a character behind a overpriced paywall, thats my opinion. I am not just talking tourneys, I am talking standard online play.


Well sucks for the people who can’t get him and practice against him I guess.

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Yeah, it really does.

I mean…I agree…I guess, but everyone who wanted him, or who wants him, got him / can get him. He’s available now! So really what is the excuse not to get him other than “I don’t wanna pay for him.” Shago isn’t a character that you can only get in “select” / random downloads or something. He’s available to everyone who wants him, just not all the time.

That is your opinion, and honestly it’s not like I disagree with you.

I think it is a hard pill to swallow that I bought S1 ($40) and an XBL card because I wanted a Shago skin ($50) on top of buying an X1 when KI was first launched, then again paid another $40 for S2 a year later…and now have to spend another $40 for S3 (that’s $170 not including the X1 and other years of XBL). Meanwhile, new players today can spend $50/$60 + $10 to get everything up to this point…saving at least $100. Hell, PC players don’t even have to pay for Live.

But ya’ know? That is life. You have to pay to play. Sux…but it is what it is.

Shadow Jago is 10 dollars, thats overpriced for 1 character, yes its my opinion,. but when all the other fighters are half that, its not a hard opinion to have.


Arbiter is $10 too.