Buying shadow jago with ki gold

wow, microsoft really trying to ■■■■■ people who want just the arbiter. Doesn’t justify that price tag AT ALL. Iron Galaxy can’t be happy about that, because most people aren’t gonna pay 10 dollars for the arbiter, nor should they. It could be a pricing error though, because I don’t even see him on the xbox store.

I was expecting Shadow Jago to be made purchasable via the KI gold what is the point in it if u can unlock everything u can buy with it for free.

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Thats the problem ,there isn’t much point to the KI gold right now, and shadow lords is gonna have more uses for it, but it appears all of them will just be a way of getting things done faster, so again, no real uses for people who like to play games the right way.


people who like to play games the right way.

Please stop saying stuff like this. Statements like that are full of judgement and arrogance.

If my options to get X are to grind 75 hours for it or spend 1000 KI gold - you don’t get to tell me that the grind is the “right way to play.” I’ll decide to play and unlock everything in my games the way I want with the options available for me, and for me - that is “the right way.”

Let’s also not forget that you are completely and absolutely assuming that KI Gold will always be used as shortcuts. We don’t know that. In all probability, that is not the case. They very well may add new vanity items to the game that must be purchased with money/KI gold later on. IMO they would be stupid not to, if they like making money. As long as people like putting new accessories on their characters, why not make and sell more? (Let me guess - You’ll then complain that the Ultra version should have unlocked everything forever in the season, right?)

And also - what if KI Gold ends up being something you have to grind to earn in order to spend on “stuff”? Are you going to try and argue that grinding for the KI Gold is the “right way to play” then? Are you still going to bash the fact that we got $40 worth of KI Gold if that’s the case?

Just to cut to the chase, why don’t you please list things you can think of that KI Gold could buy that would make you stop complaining about it. Seriously. I’m really curious.


As of right now, KI gold has no uses other then to pay for shortcuts, so for many people, its worthless. Until they decide to change that, I will continue to say that, I don’t rely on IF’s AND BUT’s. I rely on facts, and the fact is, right now the gold is worthless to people who actually want to earn things, not just buy shortcuts.

Things that would make it worth it would be things that you can only use KI Gold And Real Money for obviously. Might go a long way to making ultra worth the money to some people if they would announce their plans for it, but the stay tuned crap is going to get LESS people to want to buy ultra, since the incentive isn’t there for people who want to earn things the traditional way (I changed it from right to traditional.)

Also, it seems like you always try to argue my posts, and it pisses me off.

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I think it’s more that shago was an out of season extra, originally a limited sale character, he’ll likely be unavailable again soon, I think it even costs them to do extras like that since it has to be certified etc, and yes ig is a 1st party dev at least for ki3 not sure what else they did, but as a company they still have their own budgets and stuff not just Ms funds everything go nuts

Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep shadow jago on sale though, that way they can make more money?

Maybe, I don’t know the exact technicalities with content on the store fron, but could say the same for any game with limited run dlc or pre order dlc, they could sell it and make more money but most companies dont, shago falls into this limited run thing where he’s for the hardcore players rather than the casual player who just buys 2 or 3 characters. That probably is why he’s more expensive they don’t plan on keeping him on sale for long but want to make some money on him where most people won’t buy an out of season character having already spent £60 or more on the game

It just seems dumb, he is a full character now, you wouldn’t ever see any other fighting game making a character you could only buy sometimes.

No instead we get 46 versions of street fighter that adds 5 new characters and retails for £25 each time and single colour change costumes for £2.99. Ig just did something different for a change, the funny thing is about this thread is no one is forcing anyone to buy him and everyone is going nuts for not being able to play with him, if people are so bothered why not jut buy the combo pack and shago it’s cheaper and what would you rather have some extra costumes or another character?

As jpraelster93 said he is a full character this isn’t limited access to a map or mode its a character that u some times have to fight against but have no idea how to use because of how elusive his availability is

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No. As of right now we have been told, several times, that KI Gold can be used for other things later in the season. Nobody knows what that is. If you have a time machine or other magical device where you have proven that shortcuts are all there ever will be, then I take it all back. But I wager you don’t. You are assuming. You are assuming that because of what it can buy now, it will always be true. There is no such thing as taking unknowns and selling them and treating them as facts. But you are determined to do so. Not only is the “shortcuts forever” belief a “fact” to you, but you demand the developers prove you wrong.

The reason I argue with your posts is that most of your posts are filled with negative absolutes. Your attitude in almost every post you make is basically this: “It’s a fact that X sucks. I can prove this because I think it sucks and so does someone else. It will continue to suck until the developers prove that it doesn’t suck.” If you can’t see how this sort of thing on every thread multiple times a day comes off as arrogant and annoying then I can’t help you.

I had that issue my self it would be nice to let people at least spa with him I guess becuse he can be a nightmare, in ranked, rash is actually really good against him even without understanding his patterns shago can be dominated.

Uses the gold has RIGHT NOW are the only uses that are gonna do anything for anyone RIGHT NOW. I am so sick of your ignorance. I really truly am, as of RIGHT NOW, KI gold has no use to people who play games the traditional way. Thats a fact, RIGHT NOW, its nothing but a way to unlock things faster. Don’t reply to this, I am sick to death of you.

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Except the devs have basically said the KI Gold coming with ultra isn’t really for anything RIGHT NOW. They even advised hold on to it for later. So when you carry on about how it’s not good for anything RIGHT NOW, it’s a bit head scratching. But continue on if you like.

How about you just do is both a favor and never respond to my posts ever again. How does that sound. If you wanna defend the lack of information, be my guest, but I won’t.

I don’t know where this thread comes from. They have been selling characters individually for 2+ years and during none of that time have you been able to buy any character with KI gold. Why would you suddenly be able to buy Shadow Jago with KI gold?

I have 20k+ KI gold sitting there staring at me. I hope they give me something interesting to do with it, but I never expected them to sell me characters with it.

I hope they do something interesting with it too. Not just making things faster. :slight_smile:

If u check the shadow lords post, it hints at the gold being used to unlock things faster in that mode. Honestly, if gold was going to be used to unlock things you cannot unlock any other way we would of heard something by now.

The fact u can only get KI gold via spending real money (regardless of whether or not u get it in bundles too) should make it as such. That being said everything should be made available via both.