Well after returning from Game stops midnight release of Dark Souls 3… I jumped back on Bloodborne and beat the Blood Starved Beast! That was a tough fight but the key was using the Pungent blood cocktails and Flame paper on your weapon.

Im ready to stat Dark Souls 3 but honestly I dont see my self breaking away from BB anytime soon as I feel this game is just the best of the series.

@Nightswipe0 I made it to Martyr Lagrundy or whatever his name is last night…wow! He is tough!!! I barley put a dent in him. My Saw balde has fire and is +8 or +9…Axe too!

Castle Cain hurst doesnt play!

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Yeah Martyr Logarius is one of the tougher bosses in the game :slight_smile: Took me a while to beat him my first time. Very cool though!

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I bought the Bloodborne collectors guide the other day and it just came in today! they do not make these anymore so they are very expensive. Its like a friggin encyclopedia or bible it is huge!

I can sit there and read this stuff for days…It really hypes me up even more to know the lore and details to every enemy and character. the walk through is not very thurrough though… it doesnt tell you how to be Martyr Logarius… so thats cool

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Well I started the Chalice Dungeons and wow! What an awesome way to extend game play and allow you to fight several new bosses and enemies!
Too bad Dark Souls 3 doesn’t have this type of game play mode.

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Well I finally made it to Yhargul Unseen village… Rom has been defeated and the Blood Moon has fallen! Find the new born child and kill it!

Also competed a few chalice dungeons and found the Uncanny Saw Blade and Uncanny Saw Spear.

This game is so amazing and I love it so much more than Dark Souls…I really hope they do a Bloodborne 2. They would be crazy not too!

Yassssssssss I just started my BB playthrough probably 2 weeks ago (first souls style game I’ve tried). LOVE THIS ■■■■. I’m a lvl 80 with +8 Ludwig’s holy blade and +8 blades of mercy. Just got to the Nightmare of Mensis after stabbing my way through Yahar’gul (the blood moon sky is really something to behold).
I completely missed Iosefkas clinic in the forbidden woods and the entire cainhurst section! I remember finding that poison pond cave with the Giants, but never went back :stuck_out_tongue: That’s what I love about this game, so much detail in every area that if you don’t pay attention you could miss something. I thought I was being pretty good about searching every area too lol. All the lovecraftian motifs combined with other horror elements really make for a visceral (lolz) experience.
The Chalice Dungeons are a really nice touch that add replayability. The Blood Vial grinding hasn’t really been too much of an issue for me personally, I find the combat wayyy too enjoyable. Parries like Arbiter in instinct all day baby!

If any of you Yharnamites (Yharnamans?) wanna get in a KI, MKX, or SFV lobby I’m totally down.
Psn: Carcosa_Native (SFVid: RustCohle)

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Well you can still go to Isoefkas and complete that story line and you can still go to Cainhurst. The only thing you cant do now that you are in the blood moon is some of the NPC stories if you didnt complete certain parts before the bloodmoon. But there is always NG+1!

I dont have the blades of mercy or the Crow set yet…Im at that part but the Crow of cainhurst is tough! I need to get those Blood chunks and get my Fire cleaver up to +10 and Holy blade to +10 and prob come back and take him out.

You should see the collectors book! OMG its the most beautiful book Ive ever seen and its huge! Its 100$ on Ebay since its out of print. Its so worth it just to read about each character and weapon ect… its amazing! I havent started the Old Hunter’s yet…but I have it.

Bruhhhh that book is OD!!! I might have to grab that haha, itd be a nice coffee table book too. Officially obsessed.
I’ve accessed the Old Hunters dlc, with +8 weapons and above you’ll be ok. I think I saw somewhere that the recommended lvl was 75-90.

I just went through Yharghul unseen village last night and wow! That was Fn hard! I got all the goodies and now Im ready to head straight the One Reborn… but that was definitely one of the hardest levels ever! 3 Hunters and 3 thugs all at once…whooo! Glad I got that Triple Fire Saw Cleaver!

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Yea that 3 hunter fight in the chapel was crazy! Took me a couple tries lol eventually figured out to lure em outside and take em out one by one. Super fun level that was really well designed, all those Amygdala’s hanging around were dope affff. The One Reborn isn’t too rough :wink: He’s got a nice weak spot to exploit, found it by accident on my first attempt!

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Limited edition lithograph preorder!

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WOW! that is so awesome! Im still playing this game and loving it! By far my favorite adventure game of all time!

I cant beat Ebreitus daughter of the Cosmos!!! AAARRGHHHHHHH!!! Damn it to hell Fn cheap asss biaatch!!

I have used way too much Electric paper, filled the cannon up with Ash, 25% endurance rune and All defense rune. Im very frustrated!

I just started bloodborne, my first FromSoftware game. It is hard, but I’m sure I can improve with time.

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Dude!!! Its the best game out of the series! trust me…dont give up! If you have any questions let me know…Im damn near a blood borne expert right now. there is nothing I dont know or know were to find.

IM currently right at the end boss and starting the DLC. Im also half way through DS1 and DS 3.


welcome to die! lmao

i LOVE bloodborne, but i havent had the time for it lately. i have another project going with gaming side of things. i do want to continue with BB as soon as i am able. advice to you is to continously farm farm and farm some more in areas you can handle to grow stronger. then start progressing steadily. btw, goodluck when you fight the priest. you’ll know him when you see him lmao

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Finally beat the Cleric Beast, I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited in a video game.


Good job! Make sure you search the sewers well…there are several good items up above and down below!

I would get Bloodborne if I had a PS4, since it looks really good. Unfortunately, if I’m going to invest in another gaming platform it’d be a nice beefy PC rather than a console.

I remember Sony did some flexing a fee months back when Microsoft revealed their plans for PC crossplay, saying something along the lines of “we’ve already had games with crossplay for a long time now.” Maybe that means they’ll pull their heads out of their bums and release Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls on PC.