Well friends I’m totally addicted to Bloodborne and I’m really looking forward to Dark Souls 3 next week! I’ve created this thread for those of us that have been talking about Bloodborne and have helped me in my journey.

I’m currently just entering Old Yharnim and at the Gatling gun dude on the tower.

I’ve leveled up as high as I can get at the moment and have found every secret up to this point.

So welcome Bloodborne fans… let me know what advice you have for me as I will also be getting the DLC Old Hunters once its time to do so.

That gatling gun dude completely ruined the atmosphere.
You descend down a creepy old cathedral, open a door and… RATATATATATA -_-

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Good game. Doesn’t have the replay depth of souls, but great atmosphere and a nice take on the model. Trick weapons were pretty sweet.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

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I don’t have a PS4, otherwise I’d give it a try. It seems like a more horrifying and messy version of Dark Souls, which is definitely awesome! The lack of shields does make me kinda nervous, but it’s still a fun looking game.

But it should make you feel the other way. It speeds things up :slight_smile:
Then again, I never focus on heavy shieldusage in Dark Souls games, I dodge and rull around instead.

edit: rull around? oh my really time for bed. That’s some prime swenglish for you. roll*

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The replacement for the shield is the hand gun… you shoot them in the face to stun them and then get a visceral attack in! The gun is basically the “shields PARRY”.

Its so AWESOME! I dare say its better than Dark Souls! I know for a fact /IMO…its better than Dark Souls 1 and 2. Now DS 3 is basically all built off the Bloodborne engine. Bloodborne is where they “got it all right and hit their stride” so thats good for DS3 as it will incorporate all of those great Bloodborne goodness into the Dark Souls realm!

Bloodborne may just be the BEST game on PS4 IMO!

I corrected this quote.

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Having played them all, Bloodborne is my favourite game in the Souls library. Though I haven’t finished BB yet!

I won’t be picking up Dark Souls III for a while either; I’ve got way too much on my plate as it is.


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BB’s vial grinding is its real flaw. I have no idea why they went with that system.

That and the build viability is extremely limited.

Certainly the best PS4 game out.


Ive decided to get DS3 on PS4 now so I can seamlessly transition from Bloodborne to DS3 without having to adjust to Xbox controller.

Do you think Bloodborne will be better than DS3?

What do you mean by Vial grind and build viability?

Because of the environments I would guess Bloodborne is better than DS3 as DS3 seem to be going for the burned up/withered world. (not played it yet, just based off from the little ive heard)

And another thing. When I play on pc I use the 360 controller, I think it’s better than the PS4 controller for these games. It makes it a tad bit easier to change the inventory on the fly. You can easier reach the D-pad with your thumb moving your thumb down rather than moving it up which you have to do on the PS4controller.

When you die a lot & run out of blood vials you need to grind them up again to get a decent chance at what killed you. A good place to grind is early on in the game around the first boss area - and you will die lots and lots of times from some bosses unless you are overleveled, and because of this you need to return to grind these again & again. Buying vials with blood echoes can be done as well but it’s a bit on the expensive side.

And about builds, you don’t really need that many statpoints into maxing out a specific stat for what you can use, + many stats are only used to get a specific weapon to work (no one goes for bloodtinge or arcane unless they want to use a specfic weapon)

I rarely run out of blood vials because it has the “bank” system. When you pick up vials while you have 20 on hand…the overage goes to your storage. when you die, those in storage automatically fill up your on hand up to max?

SO why would you need to farm them? Ive never had to farm them…Im currently at blood starved beast.

Now I do need to farm some B-echoes so I can buy some more Blood stained pungent or whatever its called that attracts the beasts. Those are 2000 each in the store.

Ive leveled up my Arcane a few times so I have more “luck” and i get better “discovery” for items dropped.

I have so many blood gems right now and blood stone shards I cant use them all!!! lol

Because you die and waste those in storage too :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, bloodstarved beast, you’re not on Ludwig or martyr logarius ^^

It gets that hard yeah?? lol… so far just about every boss has a weakness.

Father Gasgoine was the music box

Blood starved beast is the Pungent blood cocktail

Cleric beast Im not sure…his might have been oil urn and Molotov cocktails …I just kicked his assss with my blade lol

You’re not reading up on the game before you play I hope? -_-

I had no idea about the musicbox when I first fought Gasgoigne.

No…I got the music box from the kid when i was searching the sewers…I like to search every area and kill every one in area before i enter any boss fight…that way I can explore with out being ambushed and find the short cut gate ways in case I die at the boss fight so i have a quick er path to get back to the boss.
The kid says her father loves music and that it calms him down… so it pretty obvious who its for. Now it took me 10 tries to beat Father Gas…and I didnt use the music box until the 5-6th try…so… yeah.


A friend of mine basically had a guide glued before his eyes when he played it. I told him he ruined stuff but alas…

Now I did do that for Lords of the Fallen becasue I didnt like this type of game at first…it was too hard and I dont have a lot of patience…but Ive grown to understand it and how I need to go about playing it.

I have used the guide in a few spots to ensure i didnt miss anything after I cleared the area out completely…but usually I like to read it while Im at work… and then remember it later that night when playing.

Im slowly starting to not read anything as Im getting better and further int o the games. Matter of fact I went through all of Old Yharnim last night all the way to Blood starved beast without reading any clue or tips. No online grave stone tips either. (my PS plus ran out)