Black Friday, did you buy any games, accessories?

Got Witcher 3 on the xbox store. So not much yet.
I am still thinking about getting Forza H2, Telltale series, Shadow of mordor GOTY.

Got yourself anything?

Black Friday is just an excuse to spend money. I saved mine (I didn’t buy anything other than this year’s Christmas tree).

i buy my stuff on online when it comes to black friday cus im not getting my head kicked in from anyone.


me too. I just browse the xbox and psn stores.

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I couldn’t pass up Watch Dogs for $20, but like GG, I saved.

Gaming PC with Streaming Equipment:

You will be mine. :slight_smile:

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I am saving up for that PC too. Streaming equipment? Never thought about that.

I tried. Turns out my family took the money I had to spend and spent it on socks. -_-

I finally bought my own Xbone and now i’m back to playing KI!


I bought a new 50 inch orchid style flatscreen

Forza Horizon 2 is amazing especially when snapping your own music or iheart radio

I want to pick up FH2 too. Just 20 bucks…

I should have went to my local frys electronics and bought a XBOXOne fightstick. I honestly think I could have for dirt cheap and easily since they’re not in demand products but oh well.

At least your feet will be nice and warm. :slight_smile:

They didn’t buy any for me though:( ONORE DIKEIDO! Now I have nothing new.

Must be a wonderful feeling. I know when I bought my xbox one and KI after waiting and contemplating for almost a year. Now it’s my favorite fighter.

I managed to get the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on blu ray, a new usb PC gaming controller, and a few other things for £20. So yeah I’m happy

I picked up Mad Max for $16 new. I picked up a Seagate 2TB external hard drive for my Xbox One.

FYI, Black Friday has found it’s way over to Sweden.
Way back when no one bothered with Halloween either.

Let’s see how long it takes until Thanksgiving comes.


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I spent over 300$! But saved well over 150$ or more!

A lot for myself and some xmas gifts

3TB expansion storage for Xbox one
the Witcher 3
Dishonored definitive
Far cry 4 gold
2 super smash bros wii U
Yoshi wally world
Rise of the Tomb Raider collectors book/guide
Until Dawn
Controller thumb stick rise pads
Tomb Raider temple of Osiris

I think thats everything LOL

I just bought Smash Bros 3DS for someone. Didn’t get any games for myself, though I resisted every possible urge to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider. I want to play that game NOW. :grin: