Beware of Falling Rocks - Aganos Tech Thread

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They’re still used because street fighter’s still the biggest game, and when speaking out loud it’s a lot less awkward to use words than abbreviations, and shorter to use the slang than the actual words heavy punch, heavy kick, etc. There’s maybe an argument to be made that they shouldn’t be used in text but they’re not around for no reason.


People have a problem with saying light punch? Heavy punch? Really!? That’s 2 and 3 syllables respectively! The longest 1 is only 4 (medium punch) - if you’re that impatient, maybe you shouldn’t be the 1 talking (please note that this is not directed specifically at you ;))…

…and I thought I was lazy.

Oh well, old habits die hard, I guess. :rolling_eyes:


Well, especially when it comes to something like commentary/talking while watching, saving syllables matters. You want to be able to keep up with what’s going on. 1 syllable (strong) vs 4 syllables (medium punch) is a noticeable difference.


I commentate during fights all of the time and have never had issue keeping up with the extra syllables…

Then again, I do love to talk. :grin:


Hello everyone, I’m relatively new to KI and I’ve been using Aganos a lot. I’ve been trying this setups you guys have shown above and I got this question… the whiffs you guys do at some of then are used solely for timing? Or is there another reason for that? Thanks in advance!


Mostly timing. It takes a certain number of frames to get up and so in order to time an attack to hit once the get up but before they can attack themselves you’ll wiff a move. The idea is that the frames of the wiffed move plus the frames of the follow up = landing the attack at the right time.

Of course if your opponent sees the wiff they can expect a follow up and may block or do a reversal, but you can still try to mixup of they block (or go for a grab) or block the reversal and then punish.


Before the change to F+HK was made, I had found a built-in option select that would be good for whiff punishes. Now that it can actually whiff punish lows, I can already tell that it’s going to be useful.

F+HK xx Pulverize, HK

On hit, you get a Pulverize opener (might as well do heavy every time) and the HK is ignored.

On whiff, you get a second stomp that will push your opponent back and keep you safe.


I often see the situation where Aganos has the opponent in the corner but the walls are behind him. I’m wondering if the following can get them behind you and through the wall (let’s say after a grab and then bait another grab attempt).

J.HK, Cr.HP, Instinct Cancel, Shadow Pulverise, MK, L.Ruin

Would someone be able to see if this works? (I don’t have KI)
I’m not sure if Shadow Pulverise would pull them back far enough to cross over, but maybe after the Instinct Cancel you could probably squeeze in a step forward?

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It does work (I do it all of the time). Get your opponent into the air, hit them with pulverize or s. pulverize up close and while they are high so it carries them behind you, and then wall-smash them (you don’t even need to do the other stuff - although some of it, like the instinct cancel, may make it easier). :grin:

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Yeah this does work. Does a decent cash out and has turned more than a few matches in my favor


*Edit: Uploaded a new video to include TJ Combo and extra Glacius examples. Any option not included means that Aganos beats it clean.

Here’s an idea I came up with the other day. Aganos can get a safe chip setup off of forward throw with Heavy Payload Assault. This setup can’t be backdashed out of. They have to either sit there and eat the chip (turning an 11% throw into 14%) or try to waste a bar of meter which Aganos can punish their attempt with Shadow Natural Disaster/Ruin. This is best used at the end of a round to guarantee a kill but you can use this earlier if you want to try to score free damage and make the opponent waste meter. This same setup works with 1 and 2 chunks and with 3 or 4 chunks, after forward throw just do the Heavy Payload Assault raw.


First of all, I really like the setup. Nice finding!

Some doubts:
-Can Glacius use homing puddle punch during instinct as punish?
-Can TJ wake up roll into regular throw range?
-Technically, Kilgore’s shadow qcf P is projectile invulnerable (although it seems to NOT being currently, but it probably will be in its final version), but since is both an opener and multi projectile attack, it may overcome this punish, even when Aganos has 3 chunks. But I’m on theory territory


It’s virtually the same as fulgore’s shadow cyber dash yet that wasn’t a punish.

Homing puddle punch doesn’t work since it’s not invincible in any way.

Tj’s roll is also 25 frames long. Long enough that he can dodge the payload but not quick enough to punish anything. And it’s punishable anyway by aganos anyway so yeah.


It’s not. It advances but also shoots bullets, so it hits from fullscreen, although it doesn’t lead into combo at that range.

I believe that the projectiles could hit Aganos before recovering, and reach Aganos with the last hit, leading into combo. But it doesn’t work because it’s not projectile invul ingame (may be a bug since movelist states the opposite, but who knows)

Are you sure about it NOT being projectile invulnerable?


Well if you don’t believe me…go into training mode.


Oh whoops, I knew I forgot some options, let me edit that and upload it really quick


It’s an honest question, if you are sure, I believe you. Can’t test it right now.


Here’s video proof of what Glacius and TJ can do against this setup. This will be edited and then re-uploaded for better accuracy!

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Also, TJ is too far away to roll into throw range, he’s right outside of that range but Aganos can throw him as a punish since he rolls perfectly into Aganos’ grab range!

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Good to know!

If Kilgore gets projectile invulnerability on shadow Qcf P(as the moveset says), then he and Aganos are the only ones who can punish this.

Also Kilgore can use his teleport to dodge the projectile without punish opportunity

-Can Kim-Wu parry the projetile?

-I may be wrong, but doesn’t Tusk regular spirit step avoids projectiles? Could he use l and m follow ups to open a combo?

-What’s the outcome of Raam using shadow krill rush?