Beware of Falling Rocks - Aganos Tech Thread

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Depends on how long Kilgore’s projectile lasts or when it even starts but then yes, only him and Aganos can punish this setup!

Kim Wu cannot parry this setup as it’s a multi hitting projectile. She absorbs the first hit but then takes 4% damage and white life on top of that.

All of Tusk’s options out of Spirit Step completely whiff in front of Aganos’ face. He can Spirit Step on wakeup and then throw but Aganos punishes that for free with just about everything in his arsenal.

Aganos recovers fast enough to jump and avoid the Shadow Kryll rush or can do a Shadow Pulverizer to start a combo.

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I don’t know about this particular setup, but Kim Wu is damn near free to Payload Assault. The parry will start, but the next hits go through immediately after. She doesn’t even get a dragon out of it for her trouble.

She can’t Firecracker it (both shadow and normal) because of the multihit nature.

I highly doubt even dragon cancel off of Shadow Dragon Dance will work, since i feel like Aganos could see the cancel and reaction mash grab and be punished.


Yessir! There’s nothing that Kim can do in this setup other than hold it. The best thing to do against this setup for a lot of the cast is to crouch block the projectile as that means less projectiles hit you. Tall characters are SOL.


I don’t know if he can reach Aganos while heated, but he can while not heated or during instinct. He gets lots of PD on that situation.

Anyway, I’m just rambling since I can’t test Kilgore options.

I love hearing that Aganos wins in all the situations I said! The setup gets better for moments!!


I updated the original post with the new video! Any option not included there means that Aganos beats it clean!


In some cases like Kan-Ra or Maya, I think there’s actually enough time to place a wall and then Ruin them through it but it’s extremely hard to get those options recorded in Training Mode. If someone has a 2nd person willing to test this setup with, I’d love to hear the results!


Anti-Fulgore Tech:

I’m sure some people know about this to some extent, but I thought I’d fully flesh out this bit of tech I’ve found. Fulgore has two common anti-armor block strings: Overhead xx laser and F+HP xx laser. These are block strings, but since the laser is low, Aganos can release guard, absorb the laser with armor, and punish. It depends on chunk level and still has some punishes at 3-4 chunks, but I’ll just do 2 chunks, since you shouldn’t be higher than that. The possible punishes are as follows:

F+HP xx light laser

  1. Throw : will also OS a throw tech for F+HP, throw.
  2. LP/LK: will get a counter hit, will also catch backdash.
  3. Shadow Pulverize: Will catch backdash, will beat throw. This is not advisable, as I’m pretty sure Fulgore can react to the freeze frame and DP.

Overhead xx light laser
You can actually get a very optimal Cl.HP xx Shadow Pulverize punish for this one, which is pretty nice, because most Fulgores seem to use light laser after overhead for some reason.

You can pretty much get anything else for this one.

Medium laser
Medium laser is harder to deal with, for either heavy button. If you release block like you would for the light laser, you can get the optimal heavy xx Shadow punish, but it’ll cost you two chunks. What’s nice though, is that with any strength of manual you get a one-chance level 2 ender to regain the chunks, along with guaranteed >20% damage.

Otherwise, you can choose to block the first hit, but not the second. In this case, the best thing you can hope for is just an LK. It’ll be counter hit though, so you can link another LK off of it.

Just about every one of these has a specific counter that Fulgore can do, but they’re either risky or force Fulgore to give up his plus frames. It’s a 5-5 matchup now.


This is a general rule of thumb, right? I never really thought of this before (probably should’ve considering the added hit-stun), but then again I don’t look for counter-hits (or the side pop-up) because they look the same as normal hits to me (also, absorbing hits as Aganos has become the norm for me) most of the time.


At 0-1 chunks, a counter hit isn’t even required to link two LKs. A counter hit makes it a lot easier though.


Does anyone feel that c.MK is a dang good tool vs Jago? I tend to have success using it against Jago’s that spam f+HK when I’m out of meter. You’d think s. or c. LK LP would be the go to footsie tool on Jago, but I think something about the way c.MK advances forward allows Aggy’s hit to stuff that pesky f+HK more than the other normals. Although his other normals are great for general pressure and getting space.


Cr.MK is a pretty good button, 8f startup with 5 active frames makes for a pretty good (if generally underused) normal. It has some good applications to it and it’s something I really need to use more in my arsenal!

St.LP is also an extremely good normal to stuff/whiff punish Jago’s F+HK. Definitely try testing that one out and getting used to the ranges at which you can hit him with it!


I’m on it! :slight_smile:


Anybody know offhand if Aganos can flick destroy Mayas unblockable daggers?

Tried to test this is practice, but it’s pretty tough to simulate that in practice mode. Thx!


Yes, the dagger will fall to the ground.

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Aganos v Cinder