Beware of Falling Rocks - Aganos Tech Thread

How about on 2 frame dps?

Nope. Strictly for 5+ frame wakeups. I tried looking for one where I hit with jump MP or HP and stay out of DP range when I land, but I couldn’t get the spacing right.

Here you go. Timing is kinda tough, since you have to wait a frame after the MP.

Also if they block it, you’re really not that plus and you’re not in range for a mixup.

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Good work. Here’s a setup for 1 Chunk.

Level 1 Lariat Ender xx F.Roundhouse xx Cl.Fierce

Beats all attacking wake up options, even grab.

I’m having trouble translating what you mean. The lvl. 1 lariat ender is obviously the pulverize ender, but what the heck is F.Roundhouse? Last I checked, the golem doesn’t have a roundhouse. Furthermore, close fierce what? Punch? Kick? Please clarify in a way that I can understand. Thanks!

F.Roundhouse = Forward Roundhouse (i.e.Forward Fierce Kick).

The marching stomp? Why not just use the actual names to the moves? Also, you still haven’t answered my question about the final portion - is it close fierce punch, close fierce kick, or does it not matter?

I just say what I’m used too, is all.

Cl.Fierce = Close Fierce Punch.

I found something that everyone probably knows about, but I’m a complete noob and thought it was cool:

If you land right next to them after jumping HP, you can close MK the ground bounce and cancel into Shadow Natural Disaster to recapture into a combo.

You can hit with just about everything on that bounce. You can also ruin them through walls. :wink:

Well yeah, but nothing else combos that I could find (admittedly I only spent like 30 minutes dicking around with it), except medium Natural Disaster if they’re in the corner.

Cool! Thanks! I’m sure this could come in handy. I’ll try it out!

Q: If you perform a shadow payload assault when your opponent’s lifebar is really, really low - say at 1%, and chip them out with the initial slam attack of the move, could you theoretically start the next round with the chunks still raining down on your opponent like meteors from the sky? I ask, because during a really intense 1st-to-10 set against @DarkLrdChuckles, this very thing ALMOST happened at least once.

Do you think it’s possible? Why or why not? If it is, I’d like to see proof. :slight_smile:

Not really particularly useful, I know, but still quite fun to think about - if it works, he might be the only character to be able to do something like this, since the move itself lasts for so long…

Hmm… Looks like rain. :comet:

You can use multiple light and/or medium payload assault chunks (up to a maximum of 4) all together as a single opener after a hit-confirmed normal manual attack such as the far s.HP (hard = 25% damage) or close s.MP (easy = 22% damage), all of which is completely unbreakable - and that’s if you don’t take advantage of a free manual opportunity after that to continue your combo and do even more damage! The best part? It still leaves you plenty of KV meter after the initial 4-chunk opener to do any number of mixups in your combo.

Here’s an optimal punish combo for whiffed reversals/unsafe moves that only requires 1 chunk and 1 shadow bar. 1 chance break on these; L Payload into Shadow Natural Disaster is all considered an opener:

Here’s a mixup that either crosses-under and hit’s the opponent low or stays in front and hits overhead. Unsafe against fast reversals though. This can be reversaled out of though but opponent needs to know which side you’re going to go on:

I do the mixup in the 2nd video all of the time. :slight_smile:

Here’s some terminology that’ll help you talk to people that have been playing fighting games for a while:


Jab Strong Fierce
Short Forward Roundhouse

So if a person says fierce they just mean heavy punch. Roundhouse is heavy kick, etc etc. That’s how the buttons were labelled on old street fighter cabs, so it stuck for pretty much all 6 button fighters.

Does it reach level 3 if you don’t use doubles, though? I’d rather not use reactable moves if I’m going for a 1-chance.

You can only make it up to L2 Ender.

Why are you telling me something I already know?

EDIT: Oh, I see it. In retrospect I knew it even back then, but I didn’t get the context because at the time I was thinking you meant a literal roundhouse kick. Still don’t know why people use those terms when they’re no longer relevant in many cases.