Better cinder designs


This topic needs to die, I swear. It’s just a bunch of people whining over something that isn’t going to change and is something that isn’t unanimously agreed on.

This is just annoying to read.


Then go away and don’t read it


IMO, they did a GREAT job on Cinder, both new and Retro designs. I wouldn’t change anything on either of them if I could. The Retro is spot on, and the new design is crazy in all the right ways. Love it.


Cinder new design is GOOOOOD!! deal with it :sunglasses:


This is a less rude way to say what I was saying. :slightly_smiling:





I like the new design it looks great, only thing I would change would be the mouth on the mask though.


The only change I would make is to kill the mask. Like literally everytime his intro starts and I see how awesome the melty fiery mouth moves I wish I could see it more instead of just during instinct. Other than that I think it’s the only change that’s needed


At one time they said there would be an option to have his mask off. …that never happened


But I always want play Cinder without mask… Not instinct mode!


As a Cinder Fan I think his new design is great, and if I get tired of looking at it, I just fire up the Retro is already pretty darn close in my opinion.


This is how i see the new Cinder by default. But i hate that mask. It has a stupid mouth and covers Cinder’s face which is awesome. Would be fantastic if they removed that mask forever.


Cinder’s retro is very good! I don’t care about his claws in retro. But Cinder default is still not good.


Tis all just a simple matter of taste. The claws I can kinda understand since we’re talking about rigging and to keep things reasonably smooth the mesh has to be fairly similar.


it’s my opinion. If Cinder with four eyes like concept art in game, I would very hate Cinder with four eyes. But Cinder’s new design is not really bad. it’s “OKAY”


that was certainly one thing I will agree on, the 4 eyed Cinder was a bit much but they went all out there to begin with before slowly pulling back a bit.


i disagree. cinder looks thinner


look better than new cinder thinner


That would have been a lot better.


Hey! Good to see you still around. BEHOLD